100 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Look at these buffoons. Close ups of Jews make it impossible to believe these guys at the CNN, Communist News Nutwork, as anything but the criminals they are! Trump2020.

  2. Since we the "people" supposedly elected Donald Trump, reckon it'd be alright if some "people" showed up and carted him out of the White House!?

  3. Such a sensational headline. Calm down MSNBC. Putting lipstick on a pig doesnt make it beautiful. Your Trump fake news is the pig.

  4. the only ones dealing with russia is the evil media and the evil demonrats,, they are the ones dealing with the communist,, its them, look how much they say it,

  5. Imagine how fake news MSNBC is that they only show Trump smiling next to Putin. Any other time they will put photos of him without a smile. What a bunch of manipulators.

  6. These are the same "intelligence officials" who said there were weapons of mad destruction in Iraq and got it's into the longest way we've ever had for nothing.

  7. So are we going too vote for Putin's puppet rump or are we going too remain free from Russian over through of our country. I hope we choose freedom. Trump is a wannabe dictator

  8. russia is trying to deivid you, you all seem pretty divided when the GOP wont pass your election safety bills, seriously you americans blame everyone but yourselves, have another mass shooting, fake news, DOJ is corrupt, trump is corrupt, try respecting people other then yourself

  9. It takes a sick person to believe a country that has always wanted to control America and believe them before they believe our on intelligent agency.Trump wants to be a dictator he wants to control all the money and power, for all of you all that don't believe this vote him in again and you'll see.The Constitution is at stake with this mad man in office so is America.

  10. Why does St. Basil's Cathedral always become the scapegoat for Russia's image when talking about politics?… It would be like showing the San Miguel Mission when talking about impeachment… America just can't get any dumber, really! SMDH

  11. Trump will soon tell Republicans let's share America with Putin, what will you say about that Cowards Republicans? You are pathetic.

  12. is anyone understanding what we look like as a Nation Under God, no matter who is right. this can cause Death. Ours.

  13. This is the dumbest fake story I ever heard. YOU'RE UPSET THAT THEY DARED TO ASK THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY FOR PROOF OF THEIR CLAIMS?? (They are self professed liars, and proud of it – see how Pompeo proudly describes his CIA training)

  14. Here people. I thought Trish Regan from fox news brought out some amazing news perspectives. Come on people, watch some adults in action.

  15. I love the title, Donald Trump's decapitation! Stop getting our hopes up, I thought maybe the helicopter finally got him!

  16. (face palm) – I'm a HOUSEWIFE and I knew that Russia was grooming tRump as an "asset". Want to get up to MY level of knowledge? Read one of Malcom Nance's books or watch one of the many Malcom Nance videos on youtube. It's easy. tRump may be an unwitting asset or he may know "all about" the Russian plan. I leave YOU to judge whether tRump is lying (this time), or not. It is "unprecedented" to indict a sitting President – by the same token, tRump's level of criminal corruption is ALSO unprecedented. It is WAY past time to indict so that we can ensure that there will BE an election in 2020.

  17. Dang, Russia helping Trump was supposed to be a secret. The Dems were not supposed to know and he let the cat out of the bag. Let's see, Trump intelligence, I've got it, it's an oxymoron.

  18. Putin's water boy GOP'S King Trump are breaking the law of America on a daily basis and nobody's stopping him Why not America we are American's

  19. Why wouldn’t Putin want his asset to win again? He needs another few years to wipe the US democracy and swap it over for a dictatorship which he can then better control. Dah.

  20. Trump is envious of putin simple because he's rich. Putin knows this and uses it to his advantage like controlling a puppet through envy.

  21. Ha ha ha, oh yes, the Russian story, how I missed that, it was so entertaining, you should add the Chinese to it, have a photo of the 3 leaders having coffee, then really
    milk guys, this time, look a little bit more convincing when you tell the story..

  22. It's been proven time and again that Democrats are the liars.
    Russia supports the democrats because they won't support America.

  23. After awhile you just have to look an MSNBC and laugh. No credibility whatsoever, proven lying media, ridiculous stories.

  24. The conspiracy theorists would have you believe the left is ushering in some kind of new world order when the right is truly ushering in a new world disorder kind of fruedian utopian.

  25. These people have any real information. Signals data, first-hand Witnesses, no I guess not. I like what they do is just make this stuff up as they go so they can feel time on air. Again, great news MSNBC

  26. Word has it that he even dismissed some of the cartoonists.
    There's job security for you. Hired to make intelligence understandable for a moron, then fired because he kept looking for Waldo.

  27. I don't remember social media (which I m not fan of, hypocritical because HERE I am) being so divided as it is now for 2020.

  28. I remember reading of a very similar type of leader elected in Germany back in the 1930’s. Really hope the fake patriots wake up.

  29. Trump has destroyed America. He's fired everybody who could handle the coronavirus. He's dividing Israel. Now God is dividing and ending America. John 3:16 everyone. Time is up!!!

  30. I can see Joyce Vance point in Russia wanting to devide her country & sow chaos in American elections & politics.She is totally livered about the situation- & ofcourse rightfully so-but Joyce & the American people,can't you see & understand how other countries feel when America does EXACTLY the same ,if not worse ,when they interfere in the elections,remove ligitamate leaders & place them with puppet leaders so that America can control the Oil & other resources for American interest- & this has been going on for decades .Can't you see Joyce that your America has been waging Fake wars with HUMUNGUS lies,killing millions of innocent lives,all in the name of American interest?So why are you calling the kettle black when America are MASTERS at destroying the infra structure of other countries becz they want to take out ONE LEADER who don't conform to American norms- & what are those norms- making sure that the control & power ONLY lies in America & NO WHERE ELSE- So now when the chickens are coming home to roost in your own backyard ,America is Shocked???What goes around comes around Joyce Vance.Its time the ordinary American masses start thinking deeply what their leaders are doing,not for THEIR benifit-,but the benifit of the FAT CATS

  31. What is wrong with our media? It is Trump right to remove leaders that have there subdorinates leak classified intel when it has not been ditscussed and fully verified!

    Now we see they doing the same with Sanders.

    This is same gameplan as 2016, Russia hysteria for DNC to influence an election.

    Obama admin did nothing in 2015 to stop Russia.

    These claims are completely bat wing politics from DNC.

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