Does Human Civilization Get Reset Every 5,000 Years?

Does Human Civilization Get Reset Every 5,000 Years?

welcome to the 5th kind there have
been many action discoveries around the world that make us question the
historical accuracy of our documented past author and researcher Paul Wallace
probes the world’s ancient mythologies for clues about the origins of the human
race the Greek philosopher Plato believed that human civilization gets
reset to a virtual zero every five thousand years or so and he believed
that this happened due to the movement of objects in space and the word he uses
for those objects could be a planet could be a moon could be an asteroid a growing consensus among experts today
is that the Younger Dryas cold period was triggered by a comet landing on the
Laurentide ice sheet above the Great Lakes just as Earth was emerging from an
ice age a black sedimentary layer all over North
America South America Western Europe but the western part of Asia there’s
dramatic witness to an ensuing conflagration encompassing hundreds of
thousands of square miles followed by catastrophic flooding the
canopy of dust and soot that resulted from the wildfires then blocked out the
sunlight over the northern half of the planet today scientists believe there
may have been a number of impacts at that time but hidden underneath the ice
of Greenland’s ice sheet lie the unmistakable contours of an impact
crater coupled with a cessation of the warming
Atlantic current due to the invasion of meltwater into the ocean the combined
forces plunged the world almost overnight into an ice age even more
severe than before the Younger Dryas cold period today archaeological
evidence suggests that cultures were obliterated off the coast of India Japan
Malta and North America it was a time in the planets history
when the survival of Homo sapiens hung in the balance could Genesis 1 be a
record of an external intervention are we witnessing the arrival of others from
another place doing for us what we do for one another after natural disasters
do our world mythologists hold the memory of such an external intervention
is that the missing piece of the puzzle in the story of humanity’s Great Leap
Forward I would suggest that this Great Leap Forward speaks to our civilization
but not all civilization because just down the road from Crocodoc is gobekli
tepe this twelve thousand year old site can be found in southeast Turkey and has
been dated as the oldest temple ever discovered it is 7,000 years older than
Stonehenge in the UK and 7,500 years older than the pyramids of Egypt a
discovery shaking the foundations of known history a site that was already in
existence at that time and it is a massive archaeological site perhaps 50
times the size of Stonehenge when it’s fully excavated and it is an advanced
megalithic representing an earlier civilization if
you go to India and look in the Gulf of Cambay if you look off the shores of
Japan and Malta you can find the remnants of cities that would have been
above sea level most recently ten thousand years ago
just before this lesson in agronomy at core occured AG so I think we’re seeing
there the the passing away of an old civilization
and the emergence of a new one in the story of Karaka dag one of the lushest
s– most fertile regions of the planet is Amazonia and what has made it so is
the artificial soil that resides there the black Terra Preta
it is still a richest kind of soil on planet Earth it’s bioengineered with
such a beautiful balance that it’s self renewing and it enabled Amazonia in the
medieval period to sustain cities on a par with the size of London at that time
and when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 1400s they reported
seeing cities that were 14 miles long on either side of the Amazon with buildings
touching one another and as they crossed the continent they found cities on that
scale all across the continent from shore to shore all built on this
incredible leap forward in farming made possible by the invention of this
artificial soil this beautiful black Terra Preta and it’s a type of soil that
we would do well to employ all around the world today in soil poor conditions
the miracle of Terra Preta is that it is not a naturally occurring
soil it is an artificial soil bioengineered with such a beautiful
balance that it is self renewing and the evidence is that it was bio engineered
by man thousands of years ago now where did that technology come from
this goes to the question of how we read our mythologies because some like to
read them in a fundamentalist way where they read it almost as if they are diary
entries its science its history letter by letter that’s what happened others
like to try and read them as if they were fables or moral tales but there are
very few of the ancient mythologies that can possibly work that way you end up
with a pretty strange morality if you read them that way my reading of the
world’s mythologies tells me that they are vehicles of ancient memory that’s
how I see them that they are carefully crafted vehicles to carry a cultures
memory well what if we read the Genesis creation account that way what if it is
a report of something remembered many action stories have been considered
mythological deemed folklore and tales consisting of narratives to inlay
immoral message could many of these mythologies be true accounts that have
been mistranslated through the ages it is writings Plato pulled together what
he believed to be the best of the wisdom of the world a collection of ancestral
memory of information and he spoke about entities that were not human who had
been involved in the nurturing of Homo sapiens and he called them children of
God and he didn’t say what they were or where they were from but that they had
intervened in some way in the human story particularly with an interest in
human consciousness and human intelligence and human technology in the
Popol Vuh which contains the creation narrative of the Mayan tradition we hear
of those who engineer arriving on planet earth and they’re described as hovering
over the dark planet and they’re discussing how to nurture an ecosystem
and how to nurture sentient life and in the genesis sequence I would argue that
if if Jenna sees one is really an expression of memory what’s being
described is a planetary recovery the planet is shrouded in darkness and
flooded and those who arrive the powerful ones as the text says the
Elohim arrive they hover over the waters of the flooded planet and they clear the
atmosphere of this shroud of ash and dust and soot just as there would be
after an impact from something like the Clovis comet
and then they separate the waters so there’s saltwater and freshwater and
incidentally that’s how the Sumerian narrative begins the separation of fresh
and salt waters then they nurture life in the oceans and then vegetation and
then animals and then sentient life could it be that the powerful ones
arrive on planet earth to help us in exactly the same way that we help one
another when we go into countries after natural disasters could it be that the
powerful ones came to help us recover from the world’s most recent Cataclysm a
near extinction level event you can find Paul on the Paul Wallace channel on
YouTube also linked below you

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

70 thoughts on “Does Human Civilization Get Reset Every 5,000 Years?

  1. The stupid thing is just the question of who has put the clock. That's a pretty weak-minded theory. If so, we had found technology on this planet of higher civilizations and living beings than the dinosaurs were.

    It is possible that we have been discovered for a long time by higher intelligence, who only think let the hydrocarbon units develop once more for 100,000 years. If they do not wipe themselves out.

  2. If such beings have the technology , know how / foresight to be able to do these things surely they must have known about the "clovis comet" prior?? It could also be true that mankind and the abundance of life here is essentially a dna bank to them , and once sentience reaches a certain point it is reset on purpose.

  3. Good video, but according to the sacred ancient book of Adam and Eve, the age of humanity is 6000 years, and we are due to it 2400 AD.

  4. Today I read that some biologists just found evidence of the 6th extinction, so we are not headed to the 6th but the 7th great extinction.
    That is from " real " academia.
    I say that because I don't usually believe anything that academia has to say about anything.
    Brien Foerester will be at gobekli tepi today or sometime this week.
    Look for video…

  5. Love this guy's voice! History repeats itself, cause we never learn from our past, probably due to the Deep State, and their "One World Order"! The TRUTH will reveal itself, as we learn more about disclosure, as I speak! This is extremely amazing times we're living in folks, peace out!🙏👣🌎💫✌👍👌

  6. could this reset be from planet Nibiru? orbiting every so many thousands of years ?
    also the Mayan calendar ended 3600 years may have been an indication of this event
    what do you think???

  7. there are thousands and thousands of ships outside of planet waiting for the internet of the reset for the catechism that will in mankind. Over the dash by 6 in the yearsthe new humans are taken up and going to their home the way their souls come from. You can only go with the ship that is from your civilizationhowever there are two choices but for the main part it is a rescue mission and the relocation and then a reset happens and some people come back to help with the reset but that process got corruptedand now the families of the reset are trying to do their best to bring peace and make things right with a few stragglers still hanging around

  8. In what way do you mean that more wealthy Civilizations help the less fortunate because the way I see it that doesn't happen.
    Do you really think there would be any such thing as a third world civilization if that was the case. If the more privileged helped those less fortunate the third world countries we see today would be thriving just like every other country there's enough money in the world to do just that. If you really knew what was going on then you would know the rich get richer by taking from those less fortunate and then every now and then give to charity and they only do that to make themselves feel better so if another race behaved like us they wouldn't be helping much at all would they?

    I'm not saying the human race is bad but the rich are evil and they're your so-called Heroes. And i feel sorry for you if that's the way you think.

  9. I like your videos but you're doing the exact same thing mainstream scientists do. You are proliferating a myth that the pyramids are only 5,000 years old, or less, that is absolutely absurd. The Egyptians did not freaking build the Great Pyramid. Please stop saying that Khufu had nothing to do with a freaking pyramid. It was there long before Khufu got there. He simply could not have built the pyramids he did not have the knowledge he did not have the technological know-how. That is fact. How can you carve granite as some of the Interior pyramidal stones are made of with copper? It is just not possible. So until you change your Wicked Ways, LOL, I am not going to subscribe even though I want to! I just can't morally and good conscience subscribe to a channel that is holding on to outdated paradigm's

  10. The constant sound of impact /explosion in the background !
    Not cool , I'd like to hear the lecture but that background noise was bullshit .

  11. I believe we're still being helped. There are those that know this to be,but do not allow us to know. There's always a secret for many things. I wonder why. 😟

  12. If we get rid of the fucken liberal democrats new world order, there will be no need of any reset. 😄🥂🥂🥂🥂🥩🥩🥩🥩🌎

  13. Sure terra preta isn't how the crops were rotated and left to rot. A process more than a soil itself. Since by definition there should still be identifiable plots if its little more than a soil.

  14. Sounds about right about a reset but I think it's more like 2800 years. Oh and YES we need one we've really screwed the planet over!

  15. Love and harmony will save you,you don't need money dor that, its free for us all, so we gife it to you all❤️😘❤️😘❤️🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺

  16. Why would they care enough to come. And help… ???? Unless we were just some experiment that they couldn't help themselves wanting us to succeed …. seems like that's the case. Like were just some experiment. That's probably been done on countless planets countless times. But to what avail ? For what reason ?? There has got to b a reason ! I'm understanding were not really what's special it's where we are that is the special thing in this experiment. Why else would so many races have inyerviened or tried to ? I think were part of a special experiment and where we are is the key ingredient. We just need to find out the particulars and stand on our own and then ans only then move forward becoming closer to an equal to others who watch us like were in an aquarium

  17. The evidence for this is just all around us to see. How old is this planet and solar system. And within the tiny dot of human existence that is the past 200 years (at most) the progression of technological advancement has been drastic to say the least. And "they" strive to suppress the technological evidences of past advanced civilisations as they indicate the cyclical devastation that come about ☄ with Revolutions and we get Reloaded to begin again after the apocalypse. There is a planet wide cataclysm extinction that out current existence is ticking down to by the stroke of midnight 00:00 and 2019 could very well be 23:45. If there are inner earth dwellers they are bidding their time until the surface dwellers are wiped clean resetting earth for the 5th 10th 100th 1000th or 1 billionth time. Who knows?… It. Is. Coming.

  18. i really like the idea with aliens, but i think evidence points more to a lost civilization that had more advanced technoligies than we have today, tried to recover what was lost after that horrible global event..
    but maybe there both have been aliens and a lost civilization? 🙂

  19. This is an interesting theory. There's a theory about extraterrestrials that at least some of them are humans from the future who have mastered time travel and are studying ancient humans.

  20. The missing piece isnt external at all. Its internal. The very first cataclysmic event WAS helped externally by th Annunaki, but every one since has been internal. Every time there is a cataclysm about to happen, a certain amount of the population is saved and taken to hollow earth. The reason we mistake them for ETs is because they have evolved and advanced over millions of uninterrupted years.

  21. I believe that it's possible there are people that know the truth yet they keep the truth a secret due to the fact that the world would become completely chaotic in the days leading up to the event!!!

  22. That could be a possibility if an ancient civilizations existed before and then it disappeared, and now we're the ones living on this planet and after we are gone, another human race will inhabit the planet..
    Amazing video and storyline..
    Thank you for sharing..💖

  23. This channel is amazing….I wish the world knew about me…..I'm 34 and 7 years ago I found out I'm not normal but in a special kind of way….I want to know if there are others out there like me….a lady scientist from Sweden told me to be hush hush about myself, the world isn't ready for me yet.

  24. Scarabs dung beetles must be fucking rockhard tell the big dude to fuck off I'm staying dinosaurscarabsunasaurusbeetel lol 😂

  25. The solar nova cycle is the only event that has been confirmed by NASA and many other researchers. Solar nova cycle happens every 12,068 years and the next one will be the end of the human race if we do not shut down all nuclear reactors by 2046.

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