Doctors without stethoscope: Sandhu Harprit Singh speaks on effect of civilization on health today

Doctors without stethoscope: Sandhu Harprit Singh speaks on  effect of civilization on health today

hello wonderful viewers this is doctors
without stethoscope I remain my humble self Chinedum Ndefo and today are
we talking on the effects of civilization on health and lifestyle
today, sugar and salt to be or not to be that is the question and today we have a
very important guest from the land of five rivers Punjab India in the person
of Sandhu Harprit Singh, Sandhu Harprit Singh wonderful name
you’re welcome to this show thank you very much oh my God I like this your attire you’re looking nice, thank you probably I should have one of those you
know, Wow so tell us a little bit about yourself
actually as you know that I’m coming from the five rivers land it’s
known as Punjab, yes before the 18th century it was the big dynasty Sikh
Empire and today it’s the small state in the northern states of the India near to
Himalaya, Wow and it’s the productivity field of the India it feeds all of the
parts of the India wonderful wonderful you know I like wonderful I like your
beard Thanks so can you tell me the impact of civilization on lifestyle
today actually as we know today is in this world we all are behind the
fashionable world this is the 21st century the fashionable century okay we
usually go to the restaurants cafe and we usually do not look at the
effect of the food, we do not count carbohydrates, proteins we just look at
the garnishing of the food ,Wow and many kind of things they are
decorated with the plastic sources and many other things
used in the decoration yes so all these effect our health,oh wow
so what kind of effect if I may ask actually if we go in the past like two
or three centuries back in the 18th or 17th century there were no such
broadcast of the diseases, like there were rare cases of cancer of
the diabetes of the protein but today every third person is surviving from
these disease like diabetes 8.8% of the people in this
world are suffering today from the diabetes and nearly about 16 to
30% with the hypertension so all these are effects of
the civilization in our health you can see wow you’ve mentioned a whole lot of
stuff but you know let’s look at the improvement how do we improve lifestyle
you know as the ancestor said that if you want the solution where problems
begin this solution is also there like that yes so we have to go back in the
history okay actually our ancestor they do not have these kind of antibiotics
and these all things they used natural sources so we should adopt these things
from them they use the natural sugar natural salt ,natural things in their
daily life use wonderful so um tell me about these natural things natural
things I tell you the natural sugar we can take sugar the natural sugar it’s
known as jaggery Wow jaggery, yes jaggery and it’s produced simply from
the juice of the sugar cane and boiled and then it’s freezed and your sugar is
ready but today in the industrialization area they use refineries the oil
companies they want to make it shining crystal they want to attract their
customers so what they do they use many kind of substances to clean it so like
the most thing is that it’s every company they are using to refine it they
use bleaching powder they are made of the animal char
wonderful of the animal charge that how this animal char is made this animal
char is made from the bone of the animals, okay and they can be affected
with some of the diseases may be animal is suffering from some kind of the
disease it can come to your body too so so these things affect our health
oh my god do you use this jaggery sugar yes I really
want to have some you know yeah yeah so back in Punjab you make
use of this sugar you don’t use the sugar the conventional sugar we used today
you use jaggery yes we use jaggery at home I have some here also with me I can
show you some I would like to have sugar this is the natural sugar, it’s not shining it’s not crystal, I see
you can see it’s the natural sugar that’s cool wow that’s good this
is it hmm can I taste it yeah sure you can break it and you can taste it I
liked it I think it tastes good yeah probably I should be making use
of this you know yes it would be healthy for you, it will improve your health,wonderful this is I like it you’ve already made me a
believe you know you think this brown sugar is better than the conventional
sugar we use right? Yes because the refinery processes and there are several
processes that use chemicals okay another example I can give you is salt salt we use white salt but our ancestors
before the British colonial in India they were using black salt, black salt
yes from mines oh wait a minute you don’t use the salt from the sea no actually the sea salt was introduced in India
by Mahatma Gandhi really yes but this salt
gives some of the problems because today we polute the sea with a lot of waste we are disposing all of our plastic wastes
every waste we are get from industrialization we channel them to the
sea, Wow so what you will give to the nature nature will get back to you
this is it I love it so black salt again you think you think it’s quite
more natural yes because it’s the inside of the hills
oh it compresses it’s naturally produced I can show you some Wow Wow
you making me a believer today, this is natural salt from mines black yes black salt its more like a rock
yes it comes from the mines mmm nice nice it tastes better than the white salt
really it helps in digestion too it’s a good thing I love that I love that
that’s good so I really want to ask tell me a little
bit about your ancestors actually if we go in the past our ancestors they
used most of the natural things okay like for example they used natural twigs
twigs twigs from the tree they are known as datum, they use this to
brush they chew it and they clean then they make it again they make brush of
this twig and then they again they do brush it was good it takes 20 to
30 minutes for each person but today in our homes we have plastic brushes within
just a 2 minutes we take and I use plastic brush too, no we don’t know actually this
plastic from where it comes it may be coming from the recycling may be from
the rubbish that you throw away, you’re right so it can be a cause several
effects on our health – so we should imply these things in our life natural
things like today we are using several antibiotics ok some of the person I have
infections from these antibiotics if they are taking in the excess of these
they do not react to your body oh but today we are using this old
things but in the past they were using natural
source, if you are having any injuries they were using like turmeric powder
turmeric powder yes if you have cold you should drink turmeric powder with milk
is it from a plant so yes it’s a plant
mmm its plant Wow turmeric plant and turmeric powder it’s made of the Leafs
of the plant and it’s used actually the turmeric powder then if you have any
injuries on your body you can put on it with oil it will help you wow so I
can see your ancestors they really helped themselves with a lot of natural
stuff, yes hmm this is great, wonderful so now do you use this twig or you use brush yes I use this twig at home but in Russia it’s
impossible so I have to use brush too oh man that’s good that’s great Wow
you know I I read a lot about your people and I I love this Punjab people
and the way they to things and the address and yeah I really love the way
thank you by the way I’m very sure that this would fit me probably do
you have a gift I need to have this is the dress we can say simple dress okay
today in the offices what is the code it’s called kurta pyjama Wow actually
you should dress of the things that in which you feel relaxed okay I feel
relaxed in this because they are open but most of the persons I see in India
they are the people who go to work they want to be
gentlemen but they do not understand the weather
it’s too hot and they take black coat black tie and they just, no I do not
want to tell you sorry to offend you but the weather is cold they
want to become…. it’s the effect of the British colonial on Indians because
they suited and booted so because the
weather in England is so cold if I adopt this weather in
India I will feel so warm I will be like suffering from
several diseases oh this is good Wow it’s very very wonderful to have you
know I sure probably next time you’re gonna come back here tell us a whole lot
of things about your attire yes really I’m really loving it I love the swag
sure the long beards and the oh man you’re looking nice this is great so
it’s wonderful to have you in our mist and I want to say a very big thank you to
you and to our viewers you’ve had it from our very distinguished guest on
salt and sugar it’s better to you know to learn a little bit from the past so
that we can live a better future, this is doctors without stethoscope I remain your host Chinedum Ndefo

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