Do aliens exist? If they did, would we know? | NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller

Do aliens exist? If they did, would we know? | NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller

One of the biggest questions is, could there
be other life besides us out there in the universe? And I think pretty much every scientist I
know feels that there must be. I mean, just simply the numbers– in our galaxy
alone, there are half a trillion stars. And we’re now beginning to realize that nearly
every star has its own solar system. So at the very least, our single galaxy has
hundreds of billions of planets. And some of the stars out there are even older
than our sun. There may have been a chance for a civilization
to start billions of years before life began on earth. And if that’s true, could there be alien civilizations
out there that are far more advanced, technologically, than we are? The unfortunate thing, of course, is we have
no evidence of this. They’re not making it very obvious. So is there a way that we might be able to
see some of, at least, the artifacts of one of these super-civilizations around a distant
star? And one of the people who thought about this
in a really wonderfully scientific way was a man named Freeman Dyson. And his name got lent to something called
a Dyson sphere. And what a Dyson sphere is– the idea is that
a very advanced civilization would probably need a lot of energy. And one of the best sources of energy is solar
energy, the energy of their star that they orbit around. But instead of waiting for that starlight
to come all the way to a planet, and to get put into little detectors and solar cells,
what if civilization was a little bit more assertive about that, and actually went to
the star and built giant collectors around that star? The idea of a Dyson sphere is probably a bit
extreme, because some people wondered if a civilization could build an entire shell around
a star. And that shell would collect all of the radiation
available from that star that they could use for whatever alien purposes in their super-advanced
civilization. A lot of people have suggested that maybe
a shell wouldn’t be stable. It would be very hard to keep that actually
working and orbiting around a star. So maybe you could make a giant grid of huge
collectors that would orbit around the star and pick up as much radiation as possible. So a Dyson sphere, or sort of the equivalent
of that, there being many, many orbiting detectors around a star, is a wonderful idea in science
fiction. The question is, is there a way you could
detect one of these? And for some time, actually, people have wondered,
what if you saw a lot of infrared radiation, heat radiation, coming from a star-like object,
but you didn’t see any visible light? Is it possible that there was a shell of material
around that star used to collect all of its energy, and that shell was getting warm because
it’s around the star, but it wasn’t letting any light through? There are very serious scientists who proposed
looking for star-like objects that just have heat, but no light associated with them. Unfortunately, we never found any of those
either. A couple years ago, however, something very
dramatic happened. And it happened as part of the Kepler mission. This was a mission that was looking for planets
around other stars. And the way Kepler looked for planets is it
basically looked at a part of the sky where you could see a couple hundred thousand stars
all at once, and it just stared at that for years. The telescope never moved. It looked at the same part of the sky for
a very, very long time. And then over time, scientists looked to see
if the starlight varied. Over all of these stars, could each star be
varying as a planet went around and made a little eclipse so that the planet has to be
lined up perfectly along our line of view– but that can happen, there’s a lot of planets
in many different orientations around the stars in the sky. So if what’s lined up perfectly, you would
see a little eclipse. The planet would go in front of a star. You wouldn’t see the planet itself, but you
would notice the starlight drop. The star would get a little dimmer. So what happens if you notice that a single
star in that field gets a little dimmer every three days? Every three days, there’s the same little
dimming that comes back around, again and again. You realize you have a planet there, a planet,
in this case, that’s orbiting every three days, and blocking out light. Some of the planets we found have larger orbits. We’ve even found planets in earth-like orbits
that go around about once a year. So Kepler found thousands of planets just
by looking at this one part of the sky. Now, normally, when a planet goes in front
of a star, the dip in brightness is very small, less than 1%. If you have a big planet, a planet the size
of Jupiter, and maybe that planet is even very close to the star, it can go down maybe
a couple percent. The actual effect is relatively small. Stars are much larger and much brighter than
any planet going around them. So the dip is just a little dip. And so imagine people’s surprise a couple
of years ago when one of the stars seemed to be going through very dramatic dips in
brightness, as much as 25%. Now, the only thing that could block out 25%
of the light of a star is something as big as another star, and then we would see another
star going around, and that wasn’t there. We’d never seen anything like that before. And interestingly enough, this was something
done by what we call a citizen scientist. There are people in the public who are not
trained scientists who actually help NASA. They kind of comb through our data. And they have no training. It’s almost kind of like a video game format. They actually help us go through the data,
and then they sort of flag things that are interesting. We obviously have computer programs that look
for these variations in starlight. And the computer programs find 99% of everything
that we’re looking for. But sometimes there’s a weird result, something
that doesn’t match the computer algorithm, and the computer throws it out. And that’s what happened with this star. It was such a dramatic dip that it couldn’t
have been real. And not only that, the dip was not symmetric. When you have a little ball, a little planet
go in front of a star, the dip is nice and symmetric. It’s a nice, even, circular shape that goes
in front of the star. This was very weirdly shaped, almost as if
giant triangles were moving across the surface of the star. So scientists did not immediately jump to
the conclusion that, hey, maybe these are giant alien solar collectors. But in the paper that was actually published–
the first author was it was Tabetha Boyajian– they noted that if there were something like
a Dyson sphere, it might look something like this. And of course the press grabbed that, and
it exploded, and people wondered, could we really have found evidence of a super-civilization
around the star. And actually, even myself– this star is about
60 light years away, and is visible through a small telescope. It’s not a particularly bright star, but you
can see it through a small telescope. And I wondered if we could actually prove
that this was artificial. You could go out in your backyard at night,
put a telescope in the sky, and see this little point of light, and know that there was something
wonderful, amazing, a super-civilization around that star. It gave me goosebumps. Of course we wanted to follow up and find
out what this really was. Could this really be giant solar collectors
orbiting around a star? Well, the unfortunate thing is, after a lot
of follow-up and looking at it in many different wavelengths of light, there was a relatively
simple finding that whatever this was made out of dust. It actually bends different wavelengths of
light, different colors, differently, very much the same way that sunlight is reddened
in a sunset. As it actually goes down through the air,
blue light is scattered away, the red light is left, and you have a beautiful orange or
red sunset. And so whatever this is is made out of dust. Unless aliens are particularly good at making
giant solar collectors out of particles that are less than a millionth of a meter across,
that’s not an alien civilization. Instead, we have a new mystery– what is this? There’s a giant, opaque, thick dust cloud
around this star, and it’s very uneven. And people wonder if maybe two planets have
recently collided. Maybe two planets collided and threw up this
giant cloud of dust that’s still kind of settling down. Maybe that’s what we’re looking at. We’re not really sure. But one of the things that I think is really
telling about this is I often get the question, would you hide evidence of a civilization? Say that we had alien bodies or a UFO, or
we’d found signals from space, would scientists hide that from the public? And instead, I think what you saw were scientists
jumping up and down, saying, oh my God, what if this is really something very interesting? We even called our colleagues at SETI, the
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which is an organization that actually looks
for radio signals around the sky that could be artificially produced. And we asked them to look at the star. They didn’t see anything. So while this one did not turn out to be an
alien civilization, and in fact, we don’t have any evidence of aliens yet, we love the
idea that there could be life out there. As scientists, this excites us. It inspires us. And immediately, even before we knew whether
it was true or not, we were wondering if it could be a possibility. There is no way we would ever hide it. And not only that, but the sky is open to
everyone. There’s no single country that can actually
just– you’re the only people that get to point a telescope up at the sky. There’s no way people could ever be organized
enough to actually hide something like this. And as soon as we thought something unusual
was happening, we followed up. We wanted to know more about it. So OK, no super-civilizations yet, but maybe,
someday, we will really get a signal or see something up there that has to be artificial. And then I will be in my backyard with that
telescope, looking up with goosebumps.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Do aliens exist? If they did, would we know? | NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller

  1. If You Ignore All the Crop Circles around the World Including – Oregon = U.S.A. Than You are in for A Surprise !

  2. You start the Video with the phase that “there is no evidence that that there is extraterestrial life, but you talk about evidence of extraterrestrial life. I find the argument contradictory.

  3. Never understood why an advanced alien civilization would think like humans & erect a Dyson sphere/swarm. I guess it's possible but I believe it's more likely their technology would be something we probably wouldn't immediately understand.

  4. Good to see and hear a familiar, bona fide NASA astronomer speaking reason on YouTube. It's a relief from all the hype.

  5. "There is no evidence of this (ETs)"… When I hear this, this makes me believe that the cover-up has been working well enough… It does not matter all the whistleblowers, the radars recordings of UFOs with credible witnesses… All this evidence is pushed away because that knowledge does not come from the astronomers themselves and this ego trip makes them fall very easy in the cover-up trap. They want to believe there is no cover-up because they want to be the ones who will reveal it all. Too late mate! Because of their blind spot, they will be the last to accept the evidence that they refused to analyses for so many decades… Fermi was right after all, and there is no paradox associated with his name but mainstream try to make it so because it is an inconvenient idea… In brief, it looks like the universe, earth included, has been seeded with life as planet seeding is the most efficient way to propagate life in the universe. The religions (people from space seeding life on earth) and the UFOs phenomenon (the seeders observing our development and studying our reactions to their ships carefully displayed to us from time to time) supports that idea. But our current mainstream theories of life and space are so far from this idea that there is an automatic rejection of it. It would be great to get a Message from the ET seeders (not given exclusively to the "white lab vest" astro priests but to all humanity). As a matter of fact, there was a message from the ET seeders given in 1973 (ref: rael org)…

  6. This is so dumb, obviously there is other beings, us being here is enough, they have already found earth like planets, they're not gonna make Dyson spheres, they would probably go microscopic or something to be more efficient, or just take energy from space, there is energy all around us. They are so advanced that obviously they know we are here, lol were not going to find them before they find us. They know were here and can probably hide from us pretty easily

  7. No evidence??? Think in different dimensions girl, look on youtube tons of ghost vids, poltergeists etc… think big, big-think 🙄😉

  8. “No evidence for alien life yet, but most believe it exists. We have a yearning to find other intelligent life.”

    Feel like I’ve heard this sentiment before…oh that’s right. It’s called religion.

  9. People have trouble finding something in Walmart and your surprised it’s difficult to find life in a universe that essentially goes on forever…

  10. Tired of scientist guessing …………say something now and later another shit . Just shut up and look . When u find something 100% sure maybe say something . This video is about giant dust

  11. Everybody thinks there is, until they find out about the unfathomable small chance of life arising by itself here on this ideal planet for life.

    Watch this, and then think of this hypothetical again.

  12. Yes they exist!!!! Yes they are here.!!! I had the words best ufo sighting. A craft at clise range that lasted several minutes. Then they came inside my house oresumibly ti check my computer and phone.Then they followed me to starbucks where i had a freind who worked there witness this and he completely freaked out. I had to tell him " ya i saw a ufo a couple days ago and following me around ever since". Though that was the end of it as far as I know. They fixed my tooth though.

  13. I really hope that the alien doesn't exist or we won't encounter them in the near future. This is super scary shit, people can’t even live peacefully together on one planet, we don't need an extraterrestrial civilization.

  14. There are definitely aliens, but they are not extra-terrestrial but instead inter-dimensional.
    Those inter-dimensional entities are called the מלאכים mal'akhim – those are angelic beings described in the Bible.
    Nevertheless, could there be other 3rd dimensional extra-terrestrials?
    I wouldn't rule it out but only the LORD God the Creator of the heavens and the earth knows! Regardless, we humans are NOT ALONE!

  15. Personally, she reminds me of why we should all stay interested in our natural world. Sparks the joy I had as a child, and made me want to go to space camp.
    While reaffirming the realist in me that led me to be a damn good nuclear electrician.
    I think it's awesome that these videos are produced, and shown in public schools. Plus uploaded here for everyone.

  16. with soooo much footage from pilots of unbelieveable objects moving at crazy speeds, the question 'Do Aliens Exist' is all but oxymoronic today…

  17. Lot of people in shock it seems unable to get a grip on reality… it was already released they are here on Dec 16th 2017,

    Your talking like you didnt get the memo, and you have a PHD?

    Wakey wakey eggs and bacie?

  18. “We have no evidence of this…” It’s odd that even after the government released ufo footage and other disclosure information, that line is still being said. It’s time for the mainstream scientists to start to acknowledge it.

  19. Hi Michelle,
    Is it possible to see traces of big bang if build a telescope enough to get light from 13 billions light-years?

  20. Hi Michelle,
    Is it possible to see traces of big bang if build a telescope enough to get light from 13 billions light-years?

  21. Listen to "Tony Rodrigues"
    Space Nazi's occupy Asteroid Ceres Colony.

    Reptilian Overlords have base in Jupiter. Venus is off limites to all humans, and most species of aliens too.

    Solar system is FULL of aliens, so is entire Milkyway and all other galaxies in the universe.

  22. I have a feeling that there is life elsewhere in the universe they would be far far away from us as we humans on this planet earth are very violent and we are probably quarantined from any body else out there

  23. The sky is a computer screen . I’m sorry most of you are sleeping and can’t see it for what it is . Yes we are living in a hologram computer simulation game. But it still feels amazingly awesome 💎

  24. ALIENS exist there are a vieuw alien sprecies on earth Government's now that but tey tell notting .
    Many scientist mus't lie to the people ,tey want not that you now that aliens exist.
    Nasa and the military are a lie .
    Tey are corrupt and pay by tax money.
    Nasa tels we are surching for life ,but its not tru tey are a instrument of satan like the military.
    Covernment's on the world are corrupt like The Satanic Vatican .
    Therw are a bunch of ritch and Iluminatie rokkefellers and rotchield that control the mos't people in the world tey are working for ther selfs and have sold ther souls for satan power.
    Like kate Perry and beonce there are many more.
    People with to match money do very stupid tings .
    Don't ever sell your soul to satan ,if you do that your soul will be destroyd by god and you can never come back as human you stay in hell forever.
    This world are ruled bay satans people like government's and kings houses on the world.
    There are only whone god for the people jezus christ .he love's us .

  25. Only fucked up/authoritarian countries like Russia/China would strive to hide anything. Of course, as they are far behind anything it wouldn’t be long for things to come to surface.

  26. If this lady is so damn smart telling y’all about basically nothing real.
    Why does she keep looking down like she’s reading a script??

    Yeah keep reading lady.

  27. Michelle is a very gifted teacher. That’s as critical a skill as humanity can muster.

    Sadly, too many people act as if it’s less valuable than hitting a baseball or writing lies to excuse corporations and politicians caught screwing people.

  28. They are making it obvious! Ever hear of abductions? Ufo reports ? Videos? Crop circles? Hollow moon? Underwater alien bases? Astronauts reports? What more obvious you want?

  29. Incredible. The vast majority of comments here are by conspiracy wackos. It's like watching the next dark ages move in.

  30. I often wondered about this….to an alien on a planet, say, 5 billion light years from us, does that mean to that alien we don't yet exist?

  31. As fascinating as it would be to find some shred of alien life elsewhere, we have to realize, it takes millions and billions of years to reach us. So if you are looking at a distant star light today, you're really seeing what it looked like so many millions and/or billions of years ago. At that point, it would just be "There has been other life alien different to our own." as that civilization has either far long died out, or is far long advanced, and if they were billions of years advanced ahead of us (because what we see today is actually in the past and it has already been a very very very long time since that event happened as we see it right now), they would surely have already found us and been here. You could go sit out in your backyard and gaze at this star, let's say it did have life– but you're seeing it millions and billions of years AFTERWARD. Like finding these planets, we have no idea, because its billions of years later, most of the exoplanets we find and see what they look like, they may not look the same anymore.

    Let's say you're on a planet on of those distant stars.. and you discovered Mars from our solar system.. You would probably be seeing it while it was a habitable planet. Had oceans of water, plants, trees, clouds, breathable atmosphere. But having to realize that if you traveled instantly from your planet billions of lightyears away, you'd arrive to the red barren desert of a planet we now see today.

    If we were to find alien life, they may or may not even be there anymore. Looking out into space and seeing the light the stars show us, well, you are literally looking into a time machine, in the very distant past. Light we see right now from other stars is billions of years old. If there was life out there RIGHT now, RIGHT HERE, TODAY, we wouldn't know but for another billions of years ourselves. Unless they magically warpdrive through the universe and visited us tomorrow, explaining their civilization has been around for billions of years.. not just a mere tiny speck of dust 400,000 years as its believed we have been.

    The odds for other life is just too high considering the amount of stars and planets in our galaxy, plus the billions of other galaxies. We are NOT alone. Whether its intelligent life or not is a different story. Whether their civilization is even still there today, it is billions of years old now. It takes us billions of years to see light from other stars.. It's a two way street. It's billions of years before they see light from our star. We would have to be around for billions of years before we are able to detect other life.

    The space time continuum is quite the funny and odd thing. Even looking at the moon, when you look up in the sky, you're already looking into the past. That light is already a second or two old before you see it. In the sense of the universe and time, we're nothing more than not even a blink of an eye, not even a finger twitch, in the grand scheme of the universe. Estimated 13 or 14 billion years old universe and we've only been here for not even half a million. 12 to 13 billion years after "the creation".. And I quote creation and use that word so that it will fit to whatever your belief of the Big Bang, or the beginning of time is. I'd say, with the age of the universe, our time period, we're most likely one of the first intelligent life. The universe is still just a tiny baby.. It still has to grow up.. Technically, if you want to compare the universe age to a human's age, the doc hasn't even cut our umbilical cord off yet. We still have a very very very very very long way to go.

  32. I absolutely HATE when scientists say "There is no evidence". NO you have just chosen to ignore quite a lot of evidence – particularly leaked military evidence. How much can Michelle Thaller honestly say she knows about the UFO phenomenon? Probably not a lot OR not much that she is willing to admit. If you have not personally seen evidence this does NOT mean that it does not exist, so stop saying that. Also why do we need to state that scientist looking for evidence of alien life are "very serious scientists"?

  33. I love how she always exudes such passion and excitement. We will find out soon enough… I still think every day how remarkable it is that we are capable of exploring the stars and think the way we do.

  34. Aliens exist and that’s because according to US Navy officers, they have encountered technology not of this planet. Alien technology = aliens. They’re seen often yet rarely outside their vessel. They are trying to not be seen and they’re trying very hard but not totally succeding.

  35. No one no physical evidence lasts long in public. That’s certainly a fact and remains
    Elusive or completely disappears and is erased. A la sarbacher!! You can just forget a formal govt disclosure and apology it’s Naht gonna happen

  36. There is life beyond this planet. Probability alone proves it. The hundreds of videos online are proof enough. Check out the video on the Brewster, New York UFO.

  37. Thank you, Michelle Thaller. Not just for a fascinating glimpse into the way exciting anomalies are found and tracked down, but for a very cogent reassurance that if aliens are found, there can't be any reasonable way that discovery could be kept secret. I'm becoming paranoid about government interference in just about everything. 🤪. Now I'm reassured that this most important of all discoveries can't be hidden.

  38. My thoughts on aliens are that we cant find aliens because if we see with a telescope years light from our planet we would just see dinosaurs or maybe nothing thats why we never found aliens also aliens might not look how we think they do they might ve the same as us but with some differences like the shape of their legs based on gravity so if aliens existed they would look like us

  39. NASA astronomer : no evidence… please read Cheriots of The Gods by Eric von Daniken we'd love to hear your comments !

  40. What we mean by aliens is any life form outside our earthcentric mentality are we not aliens,we only see things in our earthly world view,is there other life outside our earth,we are here,
    Aren't we!
    It's like standing overlooking a forest from our porch,we are unable to see beyond our world view,we are yet to be modern humans,we barely have advanced past our paleolithic forebears, why do we think were living in an advanced technological age,we are still nascent in our
    Evolutionary thinking

  41. The Pentagon has officially released 3 UFO videos taken by the US Navy's FA18s on patrol in 2004 and 2015. The UFOs defied the laws of physics and out performed anything the US military has – they were not of this world = said Commander Fravor pilot. Alien life is visiting out world – Fact

  42. "would we know"? Probably only by chance with our current technology. With huge astronomical distances separating galaxies it must be like using a simple telescope to find a single ant on the other side of the Earth. Even our own Milky Way is 100,000 light years across & our Sun is located in the spiral arm of the Orion constellation, just one of 88 constellations in our galaxy. The distances are huge & our blue dot is infinitesimally tiny by comparison.

    Whilst we can determine the geography & chemical composition of our companion planets/moons, we still don't know if any life exists there – so it's obviously many orders of magnitude harder to determine this for the planetary bodies outside our solar system, unless we see something looking at us!

  43. The reason they haven’t seen any aliens 👽 or why the cant reach these planets thats million miles away…….. is bc they haven’t built an space shiP 🚀 that runs off straight solar and electric ⚡️ energy that can travel at the speed of light plus it would have to be able to withstand traveling at the speed of light 💡 so they will never get there bc they dont have enough ppl who would take the trip know that they might not make it or ever make it back to talk about it plus they won’t be able to get the funds

  44. Speaking about beautiful healthy hair , I wonder what kinda Shampoo, conditioner, and oil does Michelle Thaller uses on her hair. So gorgeous and healthy hair 😩❤️❤️❤️

  45. logically we should have seen them already if they're alone . .. we're either alone or in a simulation . . there are no aliens

  46. What if the alien species is so advanced they are existing with us simultaneously we just can’t see them and there are also controlling this reality

  47. Faith is a belief in the absence of evidence. I don't intend to tell anyone what to believe but believing in something when there is no compelling evidence is a mistake. The idea is to withhold belief until there is compelling evidence. The most intellectually honest answer to, is abiogenesis unique to just earth in this universe is "I don't know"
    Here's the counter point showing that it is nothing more than a belief without evidence that we are not alone in the universe.

  48. But we're looking back in time when we look out. All we know is that that there weren't any advanced civilizations…a long long time ago.

  49. for me i do think aliens dont exist but other species or other live do exist in the
    universe…cuz of a billion of planets out there, im pretty sure there is a life out there..maybe not alien but yes…theres a life out there and im 80% sure

  50. Don't have to guess. I already know they are real. Cause, the first time I saw the ships. Yeah, they may have been way off. But, at that time we didn't have anything that moved like that. That was a little over twenty years ago. Three dancing white lights in the sky. At first I thought it was spotlights from Ft.Benning. But, it was a clear night, with no moon, and I didn't see any beams from spotlights to suggest that's where it was coming from.

  51. "The unfortunately thing is that we have no evidence of this"

    When the only technology you have to look beyond your planet is the equivalent of a milkshake straw, evidence for this may be hard to come by.

    "; they're not making it very obvious""

    How many ways do you suppose they could they make it obvious, and what would motivate them to do so in the first place?

  52. I do believe in aliens 💯 percent cause why Allah will make those other Planets there must be a reason and I think scientists should search more about this cause we have that much technology to find it out they need to work hard but I think there are more billions of creatures that we didn't know about and I think we will never know about them secret of Allah

  53. This is as far as we are along with this subject in science, another educated astronomer or physicist again. Extraterrestrials are as real as the air you breathe. They are so advanced that it is up to them if they want to be seen and they would know if your looking and have a camera out miles upon miles away, sounds crazy but crazy is really people force feeding you false information just like this person, "she knows it all". There will be in the future evidence and contact which will shock and change the world and all the cataloged people like this will be mauled and chuckled at as closed minded prehistoric fools.

  54. I hate the fact that people still ask why we haven't been contacted properly by aliens yet. We just assume that they have mastered light speed and teleportation and the rest of the stuff Hollywood and the media have imprinted in our heads. Maybe they are still a long way off from any of that. I know we are. Perhaps in another galaxy they have scientists making minor breakthroughs every so often in attempts to contact other life thinking that they are the only ones out there.

  55. Where is Universe actually? if there is multiple Universe, so what is that which holding all universe within?.what will remain, if all universe die?

  56. Wonder if anyone ever thought that it may not be the best idea to send out a box with information about earth and explaining where we are located out into space to hopefully be found by extraterrestrials.. I mean we really don't know anything about them, could either go really good or really really bad. Just a thought.

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