Định mệnh Đôi Ta Gặp Nhau | Destiny Love in Vietnam [Eng Sub] Social Experiment

Định mệnh Đôi Ta Gặp Nhau | Destiny Love in Vietnam [Eng Sub] Social Experiment

Hello It’s me again, Viet CG And today I will do: Destiny love in Vietnam See how people react? Let’s start the situation with me now! Sh*t Oh shit! Oh! Here you are! What’s your name? Me? Yes I’m Ngoc Anh Where do you live? Thank you ♪ Where are you at? ♪You go forward to my heart making me not to remember the way back! Oh Damn it! Ehh Do you have a boyfriend? My name is Viet! OMG ♪ Do you have a lover? ♪ Please don’t be infatuated ♪ Should be honest ♪ I don’t want to be fooled Oh Damn it! Pls hold it! *her legs are so pale, there are no acne spots* Bright legs! Ah What’s your name? My name is Viet! * Was embarrassed, so she ran away * Oh Oh my God! Really! Hey, what’s the next exercise * The girl asks her friends* Time is running out * The girl talks to her friends* Bro, do you know how to do Microeconomics exercises? * girl asks * Bro, do you know how to do Microeconomics exercises? What’s your name? Bro, do you know how to do Microeconomics exercises? * girl asks 3rd time * Do you have a boyfriend? Bro, you do it pls! Do it for me! Could You do microeconomics exercises Please! You are holding the Microeconomics documents! I’m relearning that subject though ! My name is Viet! ♪ Why are you loveless to me, dear ♪ Ui Oh, thank you What are you doing? What’s your name Vân! Do you have a lover? Not yet! Do you go to this school? I’m stutying here! yes I am Viet! “He’s Viet isn’t he?” ♪ My Soul falls in your eyes ♪ Damn! ah What’s your name My name is Mai! No Problem! we just would like helping you pick it up! Do you have any boyfriend? Yes? I have ! Well its okay my name is Viet! ♪ Seems like the sun making your cheeks more pinky ♪ ♪ The flying clouds begin loving your hair ♪ Oh my God! Thank you You think he’s Korean * the girl says to her friend* Why are you looking at me? What is your name? Me? Yes Why? Do you have any boyfriends? Do you have a boyfriend? I have a lover yet? I don’t know what to do? Do not understand what happened! I am Viet! ♪ Beg your bewildments to stay ♪ ♪ Please let my heart turn every minute to choke ♪ Oh my God Oh thank you! What’s wrong? What is your name? Do you study here? um What’s your name Lan Vy I am Viet! ♪ Now I have affection with you ♪ ♪ It’s so close to miss ♪ ♪ Can’t say miss each other ♪ Oh my God! Thank you, thank you very much! Are you OK? Take it! What’s your name? My name is Linh Do you have a lover? I have not! I’m Viet, I study Tourism! ah I forgot this! Do not tell me you wanna my Facebook ! What are you doing? Phone number! What? Please write it down quickly, because I don’t have much time to say! Here it is! Oh, I like you! ♪ Because I’ve fallen in love with you, didn’t dare to promise further Oh It’s abit of broken What is your name? My name is Minh Do you have any girlfriend? Not yet? I like you! ♪ Only close to each other ♪ ♪ One more second ♪ Oh Oh my God Yes? Yes? What’s your name? What’s your name? Why do you ask my name? Do you have a boyfriend? I’m Viet, I study tourism and I don’t have a lover! I do not have a lover as well! Huh What did you say? Here is my Facebook! she study economics ! I’m Senior! Senior again! Please read the numbers for me quickly! Because I have business! Pls don’t! Alright, I’m Viet * second time * My dear Yes! I’m making a video Oh yes! Actually, I felt it so weird! Destiny love prank to see how people react! Oh yes sir! Pls allow me to use this part on my video! Yes! Do you go this school? I graduated already! Yes! Thank you! Wish you 2 go to class happily! Yes, bye! Goodbye! Dear, I’m making a video Where is the video gonna post? You don’t know Vietnamese, do you? It’s gonna be posted on 7pm Vietnamese news prank in commercial university! When they meet a lame When they meet a lame stumbled Allow me to use your footages on my video! OK! It will be posted on the news? Yes, post it on the news tonight tonight, remember to watch the news! Thanks for watching and if you liked this video please should give me Damn Give me 1 like 1 subscribe Press the bell to notify to get the newest clips from Viet CG If you have any ideas, please comment below Let me select and implement it! See you in the next video clips !!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Nhiều khi ngta tưỡng thiệt mà cuối video ổng chạy lại nói là đang quay cái chắc hụt hẩn vl :))

  2. Kkkk dễ thương quá anh ơi . Em từ kênh 14 qua đây xem mới biết anh . Like và subscribe liền . Hihi

  3. Cười bể bụng 2:45 "anh ơi anh làm đi, anh đang cầm kinh tế vĩ mô mà…" "Môn này anh học lại" *bấm nút biến*, khỏi thả thính mẹ gì nữa 🤣🤣

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