Different paths: The community college transfer experience | Arizona State University

Different paths: The community college transfer experience | Arizona State University

OK, so, I was kind of like a nontraditional
high school student. Didn’t care really about school; I just kind
of did it to keep my parents off my back. I really didn’t feel that I had really high
self-esteem. I just felt that I wasn’t college material
because of my learning disability. I actually dropped out. I was a young mom, and I had to provide for
my child, so I wasn’t able to go back to school. And then when I turned 18, I moved to the
United States: moving to a new country, having to learn a new language. So my journey actually started when I got
out the Marine Corps. When I was in my freshman year of high school,
so it was really weird like being at community college as like a 14-year-old. But those have come to be circumstances that
I realize are the best things that ever happened to me because — I ended up becoming student body president
at Mesa Community College. I ended up applying for the All-Arizona Scholarship,
and I ended up getting it! I am currently very, very proud to say: I
have never paid a dime for school. One of the biggest misconceptions of not being
a traditional freshman, four-year student here at ASU — Is going to be from the actual transfer students
themselves, and I think they’re going to try to feel like a junior when they come to ASU. But you just — are just like one of the
freshmen walking around, not knowing what to do. I signed up for any campus tour. Because it’s massive, and even coming from
a campus at MCC, which was 20,000 people. Finding parking when you are running late
and — You find your group and you fit in. You get used to going to classes and everything. I’ve really come to enjoy, like, all the seminars. Going back and looking back at my life, I
can’t believe I’ve actually made it this far. And I think it’s very important to know that
your foundation will take you so, so far. So you always had it in you. But you have to be resilient, and you have
to continue fighting. And your worth isn’t defined by one test or
one class or even one college experience; it’s defined by how you decide it to be. Wait, it’s making me emotional.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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