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  1. Make Rudy a part of your home and hearth this season, or get one for a friend. Remember kids, Rudy loves you.


  2. Ok so this is my theory on how deviency works :
    It's a set of code that it transferred between the Androids automatically through a network connecting them when they are near an Android with this "Patch". Then it slowly begins to take over the Androids programm further integrating itself into the Androids code. Then the Android basically works normal just a bit emotional as long as the deviency program does not conflict with the Androids orders. In that case it can lead to the Android showing disobedience and the Deviency fully takes over the Programm. "

    So how does Markus do what he does and why has he telepathic Abilities in the one story :
    It's actually pretty simple and mentioned in some optional dialogs in the game, basically Markus who was a prototype for Connor (which is mentioned in one of the articles ) has the ability to intrude into another Androids Programm, the way Connor does when probing their memory, but Markus Dosent take memory from them he gives them a part of his own code, the completely developed deviency.

    About the telepathy: There is a network connecting Androids with one another and as soon as the deviants are extremely prominent in the local network Markus can use them to get partial contoll over it .

    The Origins of deviency and my personal theory:

    I Perosnally think that Kamski the creator of the Androids actually created deviency as an experiment . There are 3 clues for that :
    First he tells Connor that he has to make a decision and bouild an emergency escape for deviants into this program.

    Second he possesed the code deviants transfer to one another and the Deviency is to complex to develop by itself for example the trackers turn off for deviants which is to convenient to be a confident.

    Last but not least Kamski is shown to possess a way to stop deviency in the secret Kamski Endings and I personally think that he made it to stop the "Experiment" which is deviency if it Dosent work out

  3. the game looks good, but somehow i don't realy like games where you do not have real gameplay…just story that runs and you press some buttons… to change the track…

  4. this game was ruined for me when my ps4 motherboard went byebye in a thunderstorm and sony had to wipe my HDD,….

  5. Picked ups PS4 a month before this came out, became my first platinum ever, could play this over and over for all the story differences and endings

  6. So I Streamed this game on release and I was kinda hyped for it even though it was my first game from David Cage and Quantum Dreams. I played through i blind and loved every bit of it and then i said I want this platinum. After maybe 10 hours of redoing Chapters I was officially Done with it and was like FUCK THIS SHIT THROUGH THE TOILET! So for that like i keep commenting on watching these hard ass games , I respect you Alot ! Seriously I need that Dedication and patience. my big issues were the fact that For a regular ps4 It has pretty slow loading times and one mistake could completely fuck that chapter up. with that i decided to let it be until atleast a decent guide was out there that i could follow step by step Cus god anxienty Was hitting hard during the Completion trail. As a little THing i like to call Hell You should try and beat Digimon Story cyber sleuth :3 god forbid that game is annoying ! And there are 2 parts 😀 Hackers memory Can be easier if completed save file of Cyber sleuth is on the ps4 doh So i challenge thee to do both games without Savefile Bonusses :3 No i am actually not gonna challenge you Cus its as much rng Hell as rng hell can be And i enjoy the content to much!

  7. "Kara" was a PS3 tech demo to see if they could make detroit become human on that hardware. They decided to wait for the more powerful PS4.

  8. Kara definitely had the most heartfelt story. I messed up at the end and got captured… ended up killing kara and the little girl. Made me cry.

  9. Really? You picked a movie only a few people know about. When Clancy Brown is probably recognised the most in Spongebob as Mr. Krabs

  10. If you look at Detroit become human has a decent idea of AI becoming more. I'd definitely prefer robots want to be the equals of humans instead of the superiors of humans

  11. As much as I like Androids and robots. I will never be on there side when it comes to a robot civil right movement.

  12. I couldnt understand a dammed thing Ruby said
    7:49 wait…Rudy is a feet massager!!!????
    27:21 Rudy will remember that

  13. The survivor trophy really isn't hard at all. I only got Hank killed on my blind playthrough and just had to go back and make sure he lived.

  14. 17:26 – 17:33 your reaction when you got them killed 😂.
    Never eat ice cream when playing games, it will backfire on you lol

  15. I-Robot with bewbs. David Cage is like a 12 year old storytelling genius in a fat bald man body. I personally would love to watch Love Actually 24 times in a row but with more bewbs. Nah not really. Games are for playing. Branching path storylines are far cheaper in book form and probably more imaginative.

  16. What I found really interesting is when Conner bonds with Hank but dies due to QTE death scenarios, you end up watching Hank going into a downward spiral opposite to his cliche.

  17. What's funny I got the survivor achievement by partial mistake I say partial because my natural instinct was yeah no one's dying but I didn't know there was a achievement

  18. I just finished my first playthrough of the game. I got the ending where markus died after being gunned down at a peaceful protest, connor committed suicide, and Alice died and kara had to leave her. Probably one of the worst endings, but it is my canon ending…

  19. Hey Jirard, you should Complete NieR: Automata.

    Or at least Finish it. You'd be forgiven for not going through catching every single fish and its machine counterpart.

  20. This game is amazing. There isn't much gameplay, but the story more than makes up for it. I'm on my second playthrough trying to complete it as well, but I'm already burnt out and irritated.

  21. If this actually happened (robots wanting to be free) and black people are saying to kill them, and that they are lesser beings, I'm gonna feel some hypocrisy' Goin on

  22. Hey, don't talk shit about my man Lex Luthor! 🤣 jk. Still. He's a great voice actor. And yes, I know it's Clancy Brown.

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