100 thoughts on “Defying Society’s Rules and Expectations: Interview With Bobbi Brown

  1. What's scary as fuck, is that we have the ability to live 500 years, and we aren't even close to acting like it.

  2. Everyone who lives life as a positive person will experience a new view on everything and will influence the people around in a great way! What do you think?

  3. I think I am the feminine personality version of Gary sometimes when he says something I got chills… I feel that 😀

  4. With the water–I can relate 100%. I am NEVER THIRSTY. People around me can't understand it. I swear my kidneys will probably give out on me when I'm 70.

  5. I love me some Gary BUT just Like Bobbi said here, what Gary did is NOT going to work for all the kids listening.

    Not everyone was fortunate enough to begin RUNNING a multimillion dollar business as a kid – he may not need books but he’s the exception to the rule that says reading is essential for business growth.

    There’s nothing cool or cute about not reading and if you guys really think running blind into business without context earned from experience (like Gary had thanks to his immigrant father who insisted he begin working in elementary school) OR the knowledge gained from the experience of others – WHICH YOU ONLY GET FROM BOOKS or buying consultants with the experience – you’re screwed.

    Again. There’s nothing cute or aspirational about not reading if you haven’t earned that experience otherwise.

    Rant over. Love you guys. Another great one #teamgaryvee

  6. Easy to say you never regretted having a kid, when you’re a multimillionaire. I’m sure people regret kids all the time.

  7. 26:55 Makes a reference to radical candor and I love how smart this guy is! Gary you are teaching me more about myself everyday and we've never met, THATS power.

  8. Dang halfway into it I realize that it wasn't with Bobby Brown. I was waiting on them to bring him on and the thing i I scanned through it so I thought they would have him phone in.lol.

  9. Gary – My quote is: "I KNOW WHO I AM AND I KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE AND THAT'S ALL I NEED TO KNOW. THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE AND I'M WILLING TO DIE FOR IT. PERIOD." I've invented a product that is changing the Martial Arts world and I won't stop till it's in every Martial Arts gym in the world. To get kids into Martial Arts. I listen to you almost every day to get the inspiration to keep going and persevere, not just for my own Martial Arts training and being World Champion, (I am 4X masters World Champion Judo and BJJ) but to spread martial arts through the world… I WILL make this happen… thanks for the constant push Gary! So much appreciated!<3 (and if anyone wants to know the product or would like to follow my journey, please Subscribe to me and I would love to follow your journey also!)

  10. Is it just me or is gary’s content getting better and more valuable? Ive noticed a complete switch on how hes introducing new topics with these new videos. Proud of you, Gary. After most people hit success on youtube, they usually start running out of ideas, but youre actually coming up with even better ideas. Much respect

  11. One thing I've done some research on is ADHD in Entrepreneurship. Roughly, 80% of entrepreneurs have ADHD and so many kids with it do terrible in school and certain types of employment and are told they will never amount to anything. It would be pretty awesome if you'd research it and put out some content on it, not enough successful entrepreneurs talk about it. I think you have it, Richard Branson has it, David Neeleman has it, people believe Steve Jobs and Elon Musk has it. It's a pretty interesting dynamic.

  12. Mr gary,,,totally agreed with the statement dat college is a waste of time unless its top 3,,,my question- i am from india,people like me who want education but cannot access top 3 schools bcz of my remote location where should they educate themselves?

  13. I wish I would have heard the first 5 seconds of this video before I got trapped in 60K of student loans – its definitely holding me back. I graduated while working full time, managing married life, kids, and still graduated with a 4.0, Suma Cum Laud, Golden Key Honors Society, and a degree I'm not even using.

  14. One of the best interviews so far since I am following GV. Love the optimism!
    I discovered Gary during my time I was most depressed and worried about my future…it was a great restart listening to him at that time…since I’m crushing my own thing, don’t even have time to listen GV anymore even I wished.

  15. Thanks Gary once again for a great video. Your videos have always fired me up. Hopefully, I can do something with this channel of mine. Would always love some support. But anyways, thanks again

  16. I’m fascinated by the way Gary thinks! I find phycology very interesting with most people, but Gary is on a whole new level!

  17. Hey Gary
    How do you recommend people to deal with Entrepreneurship depression? I feel like this is extremely difficult to deal with especially if you're in the younger age range. I'd love to elaborate more on this topic but I'm not exactly sure how to contact you.

  18. When I work really hard and progress in life even if its more hours than most, the time I spend with my kids is much better. I'm really present. I'm happier and I can play 7 games of soccer that my kids expect of me. 🙂

  19. @garyvee long time fine. Everything you mentioned in this video echoed what i wish to accomplish in my hometown. We're one square mile, less than 2k citizens. Everything in the shitter.

    I could really use your ideas and help. Minds not money. All areas.


  20. This is one of the deepest I feel like Gary has gone in a while. I really really like this interview

  21. LOL, my first time in the US was a language travel in Boston and I did stay in Mount Ida College. 1994. Now hearing what Gary had to say about it I understand why people gave me a strange look when I told them I'd stay there

  22. When you hear Gary say "You've got your perspective." and you're waiting for him at some point in the intro to follow it up with "And I've got mine"……

  23. Gary my fav thing you said was "I'm a tortis in a hair costume" literally I am learning a lot about you that I previously did not know thanks to this video with this epic badass Lady by the way. You made a very smart move by doing this video with her because now I'm interested on what she's about and she seems epic

  24. When Gary Vee says about all people do now is judge other people's life. I find when people judge on people's life are nothing more then shallow low life people. When someone judge's my life my reaction is 'dumbfounded'.

  25. Dont get me wrong i LOVE that gary is so optimistic and i respect him for being such a succesful entrepreneur. But he's always optimistic. You never see his dark side and thats something that frightens me because everyone has one because were all human. And i think he could reach even more people if he showed us behind the curtains a bit more often:) i love ur work, ur grind and ur videos garyvee keep it up! #teamgaryvee

  26. Right on about young people and college today. Avoid debt at all cost.If you rack up the debt you are only enslaved.I am debt FREE.

  27. There are no more rules. Rules are done. This generation is learning on their own way, working when they want, doing what they want, how they want. Hustling non stop, enjoying freedom and happiness.

  28. I am so insanely similar to Gary in the way he thinks and perceived things. Hell, all the way down to always staying dehydrated and keeping drinks around me as a comfort even when I don’t drink them and not eating every day of the week. I’ve never related so much to a person that has found success and he makes me really feel like I actually have a chance because I have the work ethic, ambition, optimism, and extremely practical mind set that seems to be the “key”.

  29. The one thing I don’t exactly agree with is where he talks about the fat kid who shouldn’t be in sports because he didn’t place well. The woman who has #1 in the world triathlon SUCKED at all three of the things but she wanted it so bad she had the ambition to practice hard enough that she did better than literally anyone else ever did.

  30. Thanks for this talk Gary this inspired me to find something valuable within to change, Grow and help someone to believe himself. I got these from the story of the prostitute who decided to do drop shipping.

  31. Really awesome men you and Tai Lopez are different especially on the book and inspires and sparks something in my mind is all about self-awareness and doing and executing.

  32. commute is the best time to write! I had a boyfriend who insisted on going to and from work with me. that year was my least effective writing year ever LOL #saycontalks

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