100 thoughts on “Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea) | Clay Shirky

  1. "Time Warner called and they want you back on the couch consuming not producing and sharing." WOW I just LOVE that!! That was BRILLIANT dude!!

  2. Go to avaaz.org to sign a petition to stop this guys. it seriously takes 30 seconds. im sure we can all take 30 seconds to save our freedom

  3. @SWECKHOFF If that doesn't go, we can go VICTORIAN on their asses and do it like they did on the history channel.

    Guillotine like in the French revolution, to be precise.

  4. @Jotto999
    I'm not sure that's what it means. I think 34 out of 34 + 9386 (=9420) – i.e. 0.3% – might be a correct representation of the share of people who might actually benefit from SOPA/PIPA. It's interesting to see how many politicians these 0.3% have representing them…

  5. @ilsennodipoi I think it's much smaller than that, though it is speculative to be fair. Are we including anyone who owns stock in a media company, or just the execs? Or is there someone else I'm not factoring?

  6. SOPA & PIPA are not the end to the fight against freedom on the interent.. an agreement called ACTA has been made, and could very soon be implemented. ACTA is GLOBAL and has been signed by many countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia, and most EU countries.
    Please watch this video, thumbs up this comment so people can see, and paste it to other videos to spread awareness of ACTA. /watch?v=citzRjwk-sQ Thank you.

  7. @Jotto999
    It is speculative indeed. I'm really guessing here (the number 0.3% came sort of out of the air put when I think about it I imagine that might be about right). I think there will be a few people who have portfolios biased towards the media industries who will benefit. This will make up the lion part of the 0.3%.

  8. @AbuseDaForce
    That doesn't sound right. Would you care to elaborate? Do you mean that SOPA/PIPA-adverse clips in general are censored from Stumble Upon. (Not that you said so, but I'm concerned that this might be the case.)

  9. The greed of the corporate world is sickening.Our elected officials are downright criminals.Bought out by the lobbists.They go to work with 10 lobbists on either side of the door stuffing money,dinners,vacations in the officials pockets,by the time they get to the door to go to work they forgot why they even came! VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE.– AND IF YOU DONT VOTE DONT BITCH-YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE

  10. @ilsennodipoi no, i thought that was the case, but turns out i just had to reload the page. still entirley accessable. excuse me for the false alarm

  11. 35 people down voting are working as law firm vultures that bully the fans, but doesn't forward their court winning to the artists.

  12. I hope they change it so then maybe we will get mad enough and actually do something to change all the bullshit.

  13. Probably one of the greatest informative speeches I've heard. Great stuff Clay, or Tom. I'm confused by which one to choose.

  14. Excellent! Right on the nail! The small profit big media can reap from this draconian act is nothing compared to the censorship, control and surveillance ACTA will bring.

  15. Great talk. I think the most important message in this now is that we should be 'ready' for more assaults on our internet freedoms. (ACTA is already on its last dying breaths) Its sad to see that greed and fear can so easily manipulate human minds. It is, however, empowering to see enlightened minds speaking out against injustices to the human race. We are poised on the edge of a knife right now, which way will you chose to sway. We the people, united, forever.

  16. For those of you in Canada, Stephen Harper is trying to pass SOPA under a disguise name (which is known as "Bill C-11"). It will take away Canadian rights and freedoms of the Internet. Canadians, search "Open Media Internet Lockdown" and sign the petition to prevent the passing of the Canadian SOPA in Canada.

  17. How funny is it? we preach freedoms to other countries, to the point we invade them (lets forget about the oil for a second), so they can share and bask in our way of life!

    and yet….. we live in one of the most restrictive societies on the planet. every thing we do is monitored. we have freedom of speech…. as long as we don't offend other or the institutions. if you think we are free, you are very much deluded. i am not a conspiracy theorist btw. just call it like i see

  18. I agree with drew2pac… Look what is happening to the G8 summit, the protest that will take place will have thousands of police officers, and EVEN SNIPERS. What happen to the freedom of speech and assemble? Is this a truly democratic country?

  19. Can any1 tell me who the fucking idiot was that came up with these "ideas"?

    I wanna bang some shit in him.
    Im sorry for my language, but "they" want to end our freedom

  20. Defend our freedom(desire) to share(steal other people's idea's, time and work) (or why SOPA(would penalize our theft) is a bad idea)

  21. Theft means that someone takes someone else's property without their consent. It means that the owner doesn't have it anymore. Sharing, copying, pirating, whatever you want to call it, means that he still owns it. There is no such thing as intellectual property.

  22. I am a firm believer in the non-aggression principle. I think theft is so immoral that I even reject the state on that basis. But copying is not theft!

  23. By your logic, if YOU spent $10 million developing a piece of useful software and then sold 1 copy for $100, then that person made it freely available for everyone on the internet to copy, then no one ever needs to pay for your work because copying is not theft. Remember, this is YOUR $10 million investment that just went poof into the wind not some anonymous corporation that you think doesn't consist of real people who want to feed their kids. You're cool with this?

  24. Yes. If I don't want others to copy it, I can either not sell it or put some kind of programm on it that makes it harder or impossible to copy it. Also, most people want to support inventors of something and want to encourage more of it so they buy the actual product.

  25. Other things that are legit by your logic:
    Buy a hybrid car, duplicate exactly, sell as many copies as you wish. Result, car manufacturers no longer invest in developing green technology, millions unemployed.
    Buy an Iphone, duplicate exactly, sell as many copies as you wish. Result, Apple no longer invests in developing or producing new products. Result, millions unemployed.
    Buy 1 of any conceivable product, duplicate exactly, sell as many copies as you wish. Result, no one bothers to invent.

  26. That is literally what happened to cars. Is no one producing cars anymore? There's still an interest in producing higher quality products and it still happens without "IP laws".

  27. No it hasn't. That would be a result of copyright and patent laws that protect people's work.
    So how do you morally/legally get beyond the agreement you make when you install software or use any other digital product that you will not copy or distribute it? Does your word mean nothing as long as free stuff is available, even if it hurts the people that invested in and created the product?

  28. Henry Ford, the first mass producer of cars, was sued for patent infringement. Thanks to patent laws mass production of cars was only really possible after Selden's patent ran out. And it still happened.
    If you install a software and agree not to share it, you enter a contract. If you do share it, that is a breach of contract and should have consequences. The bad thing that was done in this scenario is however not the sharing but the breach of contract.

  29. As vezes eu fico triste com o meu despreparo técnico,mas eu sou professora de História eu preciso provocar o debate com pessoas especializadas no tema que foi proposto.Volto a dizer um ditado bem gauchesco "Cada macaco no seu galho",mas eu continuo com uma dúvida aonde tem maldade nessa proposta ?Eu só quero entender.

  30. Megaupload got taken down right after SOPA failed. It was the media giving a big "fuck you" to consumers. So yeah, it did get taken down because of sopa.

  31. Megaupload, bitjunkie, PirateBay have become martyrs because of these bills. The internet needs to exercise its power again.

  32. The point of the vid is not just to inform the laymen about these two bills and why theyre bad, but that new iterations will be introduced, and that it is important to stay vigilant and informed about such bills that have not yet come to pass.

  33. They are still being attempted to be shut down, just recently they switched their servers to the cloud to prevent risk of being shut down. Sure, they are still operating just fine, but they are now viewed as "felons" and "rebels," and are becoming immortalized for it.

  34. PIPA/SOPA are a means of insane control this is insane I normally never get angry but
    this this gets me very angry DAMN OUR GOVERNMENT.

  35. Great TEDTalk. He avoids the trap of dullness that so many technical talks fall into and managed to make the issue of human concern without being overly-sappy or appealing too much to emotion. Well done.

  36. They weren't just preventing the risk of being shut down, they were making it near impossible. TPB is a completely self-sufficient system that does not exist in our physical world. You can't shut it down, haha.

  37. This comment was posted a long time ago, 3 months to be exact, the news had just come out so I hadn't quite looked into it the finite details yet, and no one even knew how successful that decision would be.

  38. I totally agree, "we have freedom of speech…. as long as we don't offend other or the institutions" <== that's already NOT free speech. lol at our system, lol at people that strongly believe in it

  39. Hard to believe you with that creepy avatar lol, but you're right we are not free. Freedom is when you don't have to be paranoid about downloading a song. Freedom is when you don't have to be scared to put a song into your video because comcast might cut your internet or the cops might knock down your door.

    We seem to be slowly becoming a policed state.

  40. totally agree with you! thats why i love the joker from the dark knight so much (sorry for being a little bit off topic) he says, that freedom can only be achieved through chaos, and the the one thing about chaos -> it's fair (this is not a direct quote, i'm just interpretating his thoughts)

  41. Right on the mark. When people say we go to war to "defend our freedom" I wonder, what freedom do we have now that we would NOT have had we not invaded Iraq? I can't think of any.
    One thing that bugs me is freedom of consciousness. I'm "allowed" to ingest alcohol, a poison. I'm allowed to smoke cigarettes that do nothing but addict and kill. Yet, if I chose to use marijuana to aid my creative pursuits, I'll be locked in a cage. Without freedom over your OWN consciousness, what good is freedom?

  42. oh harper and his thugs are quickly bringing in changes that will destroy our freedoms as well. did you just see the two most recent pieces of legislation… one of them will allow the government to seize bank savings from citizens ala Cypress… the other is an "anti-terrorism" bill which will allow for the detainment of citizens without charges nor trial, similar to the US NDAA.

  43. yeah that pisses me off too

    here's the two references:



  44. It amazes me why politicians keep trying to hinder the growth of the internet with these new variations of SOPA/PIPA.

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  46. TIPP has a lot of PIPA/SOPA stuff in it.

    When will people realize the governments do not care about what the people want thus showing the failure that is our democratic system?

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