Deaf Community in Indonesia

Deaf Community in Indonesia

(trying to sign “thank you” in BISINDO) fu*k! eh, eh! cut, cut, cut! you have to understand that I’m new with Apple just 2 months ago Hello, I’m Stacey Guess where I am now? I’m still in Bali, and I met him! Ade: I’m happy to meet you! yay! Stacey: yeah, yay! Ade: Welcome to Bali! Enjoy here in Bali! Stacey: Thank you, thank you! Hello, my name is Ade, and my sign name is (shown as he grabbed his wrist & twisted his other hand) I am from Bali. I work in freelance and I am still a student at the university to get BA degree in IT I’m also the chair of Bali Deaf Community for Deaf youths. wow! I’m impressed with this guy. He has a lot of network and know a lot – wow, he knows a lot about Bali too! He’s good So the reason for this video is that I want to share how we all share same Deaf culture around the world, but they have their differences. So, Ade is from Indonesia and he’ll explain about his community. And I’m from America, and I’ll explain about my community. So, #1 is USA have Social Security Income (SSI) which means the government gives you money. And you, Ade? In Indonesia, the government does not give any financial support for disability. There are none. wow! That’s different between us! wow – Ade: yeah… so, how do you (Deaf community) earn money? we, disabled community, have to work. We have to work and earn to live our life. They have none – ooo. I’ve learned something new Ade: USA’s good! We, the disabled community, will try to get together and discuss how to persuade our government. Hopefully! #2 is USA have their own “villages” in the cities like in Texas, D.C., but everyone understands each other in ASL. And Ade, what about in Bali? In northern Bali (showing where it is) there is a Deaf village where they sign SO DIFFERENT! They have their own culture and family. They sign really different from Bali. Stacey: Do you guys understand each other? Ade: No, I don’t understand them. I was shocked and can’t understand them. It is because they live in rural area, like in the jungle? yeah, the Deaf village is in a rural area with their families. They have their own sign language. What is it called? It is called, “Kolok.” And the sign for that is (shown) (Stacey’s attempting to sign “Kolok”) Interesting, that’s different! They have different signs, but in USA, we have the same sign language and we can understand each other. But in Indonesia, they’re different. Very interesting. Ade: In Indonesia, we have a lot of different sign languages in different islands. Indonesia is big. #3 is USA have ASL for many, many, many years. But that’s a different case for Indonesia – Ade? Long time ago, we have old sign language, BISINDO, but there was no official name back then. We did have our own sign language. As time passed, the government made a new law where Deaf Indonesian must learn SIBI – which came from Hearing people who analyzed and developed from ASL yeah. Now, we Deaf people, got together to discuss and persuade our government. Later, a new law passed in 2016 for a new sign language. Stacey: Is it B-I-S-I ?? Ade: Our new official sign language is BISINDO. Is this how you sign it? Ade: Yes, BISINDO. BISINDO! Wow, they have several changes! Wow, they’ve been persuading their government – As for SIBI, I don’t understand it. I could not gain further knowledge. I had several miscommunication. But with BISINDO, I can understand it. The Deaf community can be involved and we can communicate effectively. With BISINDO, we gain more knowledge. Yeah. #4 is USA – we Deaf Americans, we can stand up for ourselves and try to persuade our government. Maybe it is different long time ago. But as today, we can do that. But it is different for Deaf Indonesians. Ade? Before, noone knows what to do. We had Deaf people from other countries to come and support us. They taught us, and we learned a lot! We, Deaf Indonesians, started to advocate for ourselves and discuss about it. We had workshops and presentations. We, Deaf, will present ourselves while the supporters helped and managed. We started to present ourselves after we learned from them. We advocated ourselves to confront our government to make new laws and become responsible for us for our society. That’s important! wow, that’s different. The reason is because of the education problems while growing up? Ade: mmm, yes! Because of that, how can they advocate for themselves? right? So, other Deaf people from different countries came to support Yes, I think there was a problem with our curriculum. Because of it, we were behind comparing to Hearings wow! Now you’ve learned the differences between us. Yeah, we share Deaf culture around the world but our community is different. It is because their country have their own impacts on the Deaf community. So.. Ade: yeah! that’s right. So we have a different lifestyle. We share similar experiences, but sometimes we have our differences. We learn from each other. That’s important for you to know. I’m happy that you’ve learned the difference between his Deaf community in Indonesia and my community in USA. So, I want to say thank you! (signing “thank you” in BISINDO) for teaching me and the viewers! Ade: same here, thank you!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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    Hello, how are you!? My name is Nathália My age 13 years I am deaf and not mute I live SJC / SP my signal is … I was born May 4, 2004 I was not born to be deaf I lost my hearing when I was 8 months old Because I was very sick The doctor asked to take a medicine but the medicine was very strong Tomei, I lost my hearing my type of deafness and profound hearing loss and sensorineural deafness,at school it was very difficult because he did not have a very difficult interpreter! But how did I get through the year? I studied so much until my mother and my family helped me a lot It was very difficult communicate with people listener Because people do not know they spoke in pounds only a few know they spoke in pounds now yes, I have an interpreter Thank God. (I.e.

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  3. Great video, interesting facts to learn about the deaf community of Indonesia. Thanks for doing the video, keep on doing more videos, I enjoy watching your videos about your travels.

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