56 thoughts on “CULTURE SHOCK! What surprised foreigners in Japan?

  1. That bike one. I remember walking down the street and hearing a bike sound and just freezing up and THANKFULLY I didn't get hit. Don't get happy yet, I got hit 10 minutes later by another bike XD

  2. Cathy I love your videos but this seems like a rehash of the same sort of questions you have asked over the last few months just worded differently.

    I still enjoy them.

    Good lord that young man in the beginning has some seriously long hair.

  3. the girl right about new zealand , even if you dont wear shoes people wont judge about it !! the people in new zealand are very chill laid back type of people lol

  4. Women at 8 mins need to get real. It's not the amount you can shove into your pig face, but the quality of the food.
    Another hint is to just say "I am American, I need food" and they will 4x the size of the meal for free.

  5. The milk thing is actually an old law since the advent of pasteurization. The United States law says unpasteurized milk can’t enter the country because of bacteria and milk sickness. Our pasteurization process is really quick taking minutes but destroys half the flavor. Foreign milk is a slower pasteurization process but keeps most flavor intact. There is a loophole if you are a French cheese maker of a specific type or is buffalo (real buffalo) cheese.

  6. When i lived in Saitama and commuted to Tokyo each day, there was this guy in his 30 ish dressed in a quite nice business suite, he started to pick his nose (not in that discrete "i got an itch" kind of way), he was digging deep. After a few minutes he pulled out his finger and looked at his "treasure" and popped that finger in to his mouth.
    I quickly got of the next station 😂

  7. Well, to be fair, I am from South America and I have travel to various countries and I get culture shock in USA with the portion size. It’s too big! I think Japan’s portion is fine, they just put everything into many small bowls

  8. Blonde White Girls are really beautiful. I hope many Blonde White Girls marry Japanese Boys. And I want many Blonde White Girls to emigrate to Japan.

  9. 2:42 なるほどと思い帰国すると「だから良いものが手に入らないのだ」と思います

    ってどういう意味ですか( ;´꒳`;)

  10. 11:18 The answer As to why the guy hand over the ero Manga to your friend was not random. Maybe he noticed he was being pointed at or talk about then he was like : Maybe she wants to read it too that is why she is pointing me so much and talk about it ezz as ever not random at all. Not that I agree on Reading hentai on metro but it is what it is

  11. The culture shock that I experienced was actually that there were quite a lot of Japanese people who didn’t follow the rules of walking on the left side, giving up your seat for women with babies/older people on the train or on the train platform, and not jaywalking! I was so surprised because I heard before going to Tokyo that in general, Japanese people follow the rules! A host at one of the Airbnbs that I stayed at told me that she was surprised at how “Japanese” I am, which I took as a compliment. LOL

    I also had a moment of surprise when I was taking the train from Narita airport to Sumida-ku, and I got my first experience with a salary man walking onto the train with his can of beer in hand. We can’t drink in public places like that in the States (I’m American btw), so I was so surprised and kind of delighted to witness this! It actually made my kind of crappy journey a little more pleasant~

    When I go back to Tokyo next year in April, I’ll be flying in on my birthday, so I’m going to take advantage of that interesting law and crack open a beer to celebrate my birthday and that I’m back in Tokyo for a holiday!~

  12. Wouldn't the polite thing to do, be for the bicyclist to avoid the pedestrians in front of them?, instead of expecting the pedestrian who does not have eyes in the back to move. Doesn't Tokyo have designated bike lanes.

  13. I can remember being on vacation with my family when I was little – I want to say it was probably the trip to Orlando, Florida in 1985 – when an adorable elderly Japanese couple crossed paths and entered into a very enthusiastic conversation with my parents. The couple didn't speak a word of English, and my parents didn't speak a word of Japanese, but the consensus that emerged from all the hand gestures was that they wanted to take a picture posing with my baby brother and I. In hindsight, the best guess anyone in our family could come up with was that maybe the couple hadn't seen a lot of blonde children before.

    They seemed incredibly nice, and they did get their picture with us. It might still be in a photo album, somewhere in Japan.

  14. So true about Japanese people and lines, if there's a line it doesn't matter what its for people will want to join the line! (if there's a line for something, its gotta be good!)

  15. girls, i understand your complaints about sizes but Japanese are small and that's chance to diet for you . other hand you can eat alot different foods in small portions. 😏 also in America food portions are very big, this is not normal either.

  16. The answer regarding milk is well intentioned but not accurate. Pasteurization came into use in days when cooling and shipping just weren't as good. People got sick from consuming raw milk constantly and many died. In raw milk without good refrigeration, pathogens com hard and fast. People got sick, and they frequently died. there was no FDA in in these days, but New York implemented pasteurization as the standard of milk in 1910. Though we have refrigeration, the shelf life is much longer and still is overall safer, but there are movements to at least give people the option for raw milk.

  17. 自分が呼んでいたエロ漫画を渡して降りて行った男性は

  18. My husband was shocked when subway trains in Tokyo ran on their schedule😂 The subway in NYC is always delayed.

  19. To the USA people in this video… you need to eat less. Take off your damn shoes and quit acting like everyone owes you something. It’s called RESPECT! Look into it!…not just for others, but for your own damn body! 🤨

  20. Raw milk is not illegal in America but just not served or in grocery stores because of the high potential of getting diseases and sick from it. It's called FDA that regulate our food. So raw things are a thing of the past. You can get raw eggs or raw milk if you are near or around farms. Many suburban areas you can have chickens. Cows can have corn put their is not an over amount of corn grown in America. That's like saying Japan has an over amount of rice grown. City young adults that are clueless about their food sources or farming. Wow. Probably from California…..

  21. I agree with the girl from the US wearing black shirt. I went to Japan this last november for 2 weeks to do full solo traveling first time in my life, I noticed everyone was so polite so helpful everytime I was asking for directions to go but it was hard to making new friends to have casual conversations with people. As a solo traveller I wanted to talk to the locals to get to know them but I didn't get that experience during my 2 weeks there. Everyone was polite and helpful but I think they were not so approachable, everyone was just keep to themselves. I didn't talk Japanese, so maybe that was why it made it a lot harder also. I come from a country when talking to people is easy, everyone can talk to everyone, we will talk to people when we get in lines for coffee shop just like that US girl also mentioned or waiting in hospital or waiting in the airport. So yeah it was my culture shock there. I dont know if I talk Japanese maybe it will be another different story, I don't know for sure.

  22. アメリカで生乳販売が規制されているとは。その背景も知り、勉強になりました。貴重な情報発信、ありがとうございます。

  23. アメリカ国内の生乳と生卵事情が興味深いです。

  24. Approachability was definitely an issue when I traveled there a few years ago. Despite being able to speak some and asking in Japanese, most locals panicked saying they didn't know any English and walking away. Not all of them were like that. Still remember being lost in Tokyo when a businessman saw me, asked if I needed help, and proceeded to walk with me for an hour just to make sure I found the park I was looking for.

  25. Honestly, I don't understand the food aspect of culture shock. I'm from the U.S. and I've lived in many Asian countries but the portion sizes seem to be about the same. The drinks sizes are definitely different but not the food quantity. Oh well! 😅

  26. 日本語字幕?どこ~🐽

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