100 thoughts on “Culture Shock in Malaysia?!

  1. I was shocked when she said Malaysia was cold for me Malaysia is so hot every time I come back from school I need to at least open the air conditioner for 3 hours lol

  2. Aside from that, putrajaya, stadium bukit jalil, always flooded with people at night (especially saturday night) who jog and cycling.
    Also, most malaysians are into hiking nowadays. You might want to try it (there are many hiking spots in peninsular malaysia that are suitable for beginner, and some places have waterfall where you can camp/take a dive) as the trail is different from korea's 🙂

  3. Jay i think you should colabrate with another korean youtuber name blimey, they also famous with malaysian people & they also always talk about malaysian…😉

  4. In malaysia, prayer rooms are everywhere.Every place must have prayer room (shopping mall, petrol station, recreational place, restaurant (halal), school) bzoc majority Malaysian are muslim and as a Muslim prayer is important to show that we are not forget our god (Allah) in our daily life and as a way to say thanks to Allah for everything He gives to us (food, health, and anything that good for us) and to give us another day to live everyday.That's why we pray 5 times a day, everyday.

  5. i really cant stop smiling watching your vid…………THANK YOU SO MUCH…….I REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEO…LOVE FROM MALAYSIA(❁´◡`❁)💕💕

  6. Kuala Lumpur city's name come from the location where 2 rivers meet. When the 2 rivers join together, it's create a muddy confluence along the way.

  7. Hi Jay Kim, welcome to Malaysia!
    If you came here to Kuala Lumpur, I feel free can bring you to visit interesting place there.
    For example KLCC, KL Tower, Aquaria, shopping center (mall & street), national mosque, trying the delicious food there and more.

  8. The aircond part is so true😂 in our exam hall, seriously i cant even write an essay properly bcs my hand so cold and froze. Dgn otak sekali beku lol.

  9. As an Australian who has been living in Malaysia for just over 10 years, I can confirm everything in this video. The food is delicious and cheap, and you will gain weight. In fact, a common Malaysian greeting is "Suda makan?", which is a rhetorical questioning meaning, "Have you eaten yet?". When Malaysian plan their holidays for domestic travel, they chose their destinations based on food because every state has its own dishes, laksa recipes, etc. And, yes, the air conditioning in most buildings is way too cold.

  10. Traffic jammed is only at certain places and at certain time so don’t worry.. besides, u can always use subway to avoid it 😅

  11. Haha. Malaysia is food.paradise. very cheap.unless u go eat at branded restaurant😂 if cook at home soo much cheaper😜😝 traffic jam is bad in KL and selangor.better go by public trnsport.😆 the aircond is true story… Actually there many koreans here.. Esp in Ampang. There r also like a huge korean convinient store there😂😂

  12. I suggest you to visit Indonesia, brother. Indonesia is near with Malaysia. I believe you will find so much interesting here.

  13. Well in Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur is the very busy place than the other place in Malaysia😂😂 Kuala Lumpur traffic jam is really bad that's true ! 😂

  14. If you are coming to Malaysia, come to the towns for vacation instead of cities. I am living in Perak for my studies, lived in Kedah for my internship and from Terengganu. All 3 states are a more rural area, less city lifestyle which I love the most. I always go Kuala Lumpur (KL) for work. YES, KL is convenient, but I still love the less hectic lifestyle. But to be saying this at the age of 23, I must have an old soul.🤦‍♀️🤔

  15. I agreed when you guys said that malaysia’s air conditioner are cold….i got fever when i stay in air conditioner in the bus for 6 hours and more

  16. sebagai rakyat malaysia kalau jumpa pelancong jaga prangai ya jangan carut2 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  17. Other people who lives in Malaysia peninsula: omg 7am already started school so early

    Me who lives in sabah: starts school at 6am and didnt complain anything

  18. Yes in Malaysia the offices always put their air-con full blast❄⛄❄ so if you work in the office you need to wear a jacket😅. As for food you should really go to Penang. The best food there seriously. Food haven😍 I'm from Penang but live in KL and it's so hard to find good food like the ones in Penang😉 To be honest everyone I know will ask me for places to eat if they're going to Penang. If I go there I always have a long list of things I must eat there before I leave😅 So if you're visiting Malaysia please don't forget to go to Penang😉

  19. assalamualaikum Daud……I think you will find Malaysia more interesting if you come in Ramadhan and experince fasting here. Also many mosques have special programs (Guidance for Mualaf) to help newly converts/reverts to practice Islam the right way. if you are interested please also check out ABIM Outreach or PERKIM…..these are associations that caters to new Muslims

  20. You should come to Turkey too and eat kebap! Also mantı, kuru fasülye, karnı yarık, künefe, baklava… Turkey is a food paradise too!

  21. Malaysia is a beautiful country.. many race, state, religion,food, culture, language can explore in malaysia. Malaysian welcome visitor and like to helping and smiling. I miss malaysia. And i hope can go to terengganu,sabah and penang 1 day. #prayforhave manymoney..hehe

  22. Me and my friends walking outside in hot weather to find food…

    "Eh there's post office!! Let's go there for a bit!!"

    Yeah goverment office is the best place to go when you're hot…. Cause of the air-conditioner…
    Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Kuala Lumpur is a very old name for our capital. It was coined during a time when it literally was a mud valley.. the reason we don't have underground subways is because of difficulties in implementing a subway system on an existing densely populated infrastructure without causing massive mayhem to daily activities. And the costs. Just repairing our roads causes huge traffic jams. Not because the ground is so muddy you can't build tunnels… The smart tunnel exists for a reason.

  24. Do come and visit Sarawak and Sabah some other times, here are more lenient and very suitable for getaway if you need to travel but still in Malaysia ♥️ And it is safe to say that we have beautiful beaches and less conservative and clean environments as well ✌🏻😊

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