65 thoughts on “CULTURE SHOCK IN MALAYSIA?! |ORANG JEPUN| 日本語字幕あり ちかとも留学生活

  1. I'm from west Malaysia & I've only been to Sarawak once recently! Never been to Sabah. Always wanted to go, heard that's a nice place.

  2. こんにちは。チカ友のVIDEOから来ました。私のパートナーはKota Kinabalu出身なのですごく共感します 🙂

  3. マレーシアの寮生活ってどうですか?いまマレーシアのインターナショナルスクールに行こうかどうか迷っています。

  4. 年を取るとカルチャーショックとかなくなりますね。というか日本に帰った時に「ああ、日本はこうだよな…」って感じになります。旅行で行くならいいけど、住むには気疲れする国という感じになっちゃいましたね。いや、個人的にです。

  5. Welcome to Malaysia. Have a great time here. I see you are learning bahasa melayu. Good luck for that. If you like nature, go for hiking. There are plenty of places worth to see. You also can check out my channel for some interesting places to visit in Malaysia. Hope it is helpful ^^

  6. I'm a hafu and stay & born in borneo east Malaysia n currently studying in peninsular malaysia. its true wht u said. but sometimes also its a bit difficult for me to understand and adapt some cultural & society behavior. like in traditional stuffs like tht. my family is not so traditional oriented and I don't really know about traditional things. sometimes I feel a bit more Japanese than a Malaysian and its a bit difficult for me to understand some people thinking. But also luckily me, I can speak their language many languages.

  7. i wish my gf is japanese. have a good time in malaysia. dont worry most malaysian not arrogant. if u need help just tell them, and im pretty sure they'll help u out.

  8. Interesting point of view from a Japanese itself. As a Msian we always look towards Japan for their discipline shyness and never thought It would be another way around for Japanese. Japanese always think of about others contribute to the high respect of culture where everyone respect everyone which is really good, but never thought it would be abit hard for them to accept new people.

    Generally West Msian and East Msian attitude towards a tourist or friend is the same as we are open to accept them or befriends with them.The difference between east and west is more on culture and religion as Malaysia is a multicultural country.

    Welcome to Malaysia, Hi from Sarawak. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Subcribed!

  9. to be honest, Western & Eastern Malaysia have different culture. Western, Peninsular Malaysia, they are more Islamic in term of social & other stuff compared to Borneon. Us Borneon are more open because we have different races & religion yet we know our boundaries in term of religion & social. We mingle around with each other since we're kid thus we live in harmony and more understanding towards each other. 🙂

  10. Sabah is a very nice place and friendly adventurous state. Tbh the society in sabah is alot different, very chill, friendly and bonded together than in peninsula.. Tht got me wondered how.. Lol..

  11. マレーシアへようこそ!こっちのことが好いてくれてありがとう!


    Learn English properly & DON'T bring Manglish back to Japan.

    マレーシア人とシンガポール人にしか通じないものからさ。。。Manglish の癖が普通の英語に付いちゃったら、取るのは大変だよ。

  12. Saya tak sangka awak boleh bercakap dalam Bahasa Melayu cubaan yang bagus.Saya juga menyukai budaya Jepun.Filem Jepun menunjukkan banyak perkara baik kepada saya.

  13. Hello Tomoka. Glad to know that you enjoy K.K. so much. Are you currently a student there? If you are, what are you studying now? Any food you like in K.K.?

  14. Hi mokadventure! I am born and raised in Sabah.. You mentioned that you are currently studying here and I'm curious to know where are you studying right now?? Which college or university??

  15. Randomly stumble upon your video =D I love your hair here XD I'm from Penang but I have never been to Sabah yet (hopefully soon). Do visit Penang if you have time =D It's actually 5 hours drive from KL. We have lots of yummy food here as well and you can go for sight seeing in our heritage site. I notice there are Japanese tourist here as well walking around the town area. Traffic are quite bad in few places especially peak hour. I think you will enjoy Penang if you come here =)
    And I do agree that you have a little bit of Filipina accent =D

  16. I have friends from japan and she is a actor i know her from her boyfriend… and her boyfriend is my college friend and i'm shock when she messange me in japan and i don't understand what she say so i translate she ask me "kingu no tomodachi?" she notice me that her boyfriend always comment on my facebook post… and after that we become friends but she always busy with her shooting for new japanese movie…

  17. Tomoka san, while malaysia is very lax, so is our discipline. And in some situation it can be bad. But i hope you have a great time in Malaysia

  18. マレーシアへようこそマレーシアの島々の美しさをお楽しみください。マレーシアのユニークな文化とおいしい料理を体験してください。

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