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  1. In America in the south states the purse one isnt that uncommon. I've found a lot of african americans in particular do this.

  2. I had a friend from Puerto Rico who grabbed my purse off the floor & told me about that cultural superstition– "never do that!" (put your purse on the floor) because "your money runs away!" she said. 😉. I have not done that since. I also think it's a small way to show respect for the resources you've been blessed with. Keep that purse off the ground lol.

  3. Lol my mom and grandma always told me never put your purse on the floor because i want get money or keep money good video

  4. I like all your videos! Haven't watched any in a while because no time to do it. Starting out the new year right by seeing your face and positivity today. Happy New Year, Dorothea! My grandmother used to carry this neat hook thing that fit on the edge of a table when we went to eat out and she hung her purse from it. I usually hang my purse over my knees.

  5. I really don't understand why..why…why people think dental hygiene, take a shower everyday strange!! They prefer smell…and have bad breath! ?!?!?!?

  6. The purse on the floor is also an American superstition. People are always moving my purse too when I put it on the floor.

  7. I like this so much 🤗💜 Girl, DON'T GOOOO 😭 I need more videos about Brazil 🤘

    I hope you be ok 😉 Greetings from 🇲🇽

  8. How you get to stay in a favela ? Which one , more exactly!? I'm living in Brazil but never spend time there.

  9. How did you choose the location that you’re looking in. Did you have a point of reference, or contacts prior to moving to Brazil?

  10. Brazil is a junk, a puteiro with open sky, land without law, country of prostuition, political corruption, organized crime etc, I advise no one to come here, you can be robbed may be murdered for such little value.

  11. I'm definitely OK with good hygiene. I especially find the ideal of 2 showers a day interesting.I'm guessing that folks in Brazil probably have a less hectic lifestyle than we do in the USA? Although from what I understand most of us here in Kentucky USA probably have it less hectic than folks up North. Or maybe its a small town vs big city thing.As for drinks,Usually I like my drink's fairly cold.But they don't have to be freezing cold.As for beer,well I don't drink it or other alcoholic drinks.But from what I have seen and heard most drinkers seem to like it cold.

  12. All these make sense! I must have some Brazilian tendencies because definitely in the summer I take 2 showers a day lol I love the idea of sharing the beer and their method to keep it cold TOTALLY makes sense! Lol And I've heard that phrase "purse on the floor, money out the door" lol must be where it came from 💞

  13. Awesome vid, I will use it in one of my classes about culture. I am South African and I have been living in Brazil for 4 years. Even though I took good care of my hygiene and showered twice a day I have become use to taking up to 5 showers a day sometimes. I have also improved my dental care even more than before as this was one of the first differences I noticed here.

  14. Oh my gosh! Black folks around the world are very similar. Many African American women are taught never to place their purse on the floor for the same reason. In general, we have so many superstitions.

  15. One of the best friends I ever had was Brazilian! She moved to the Netherlands bc her husband is a genius lol but we worked together and every day she would brush her teeth after coffee and lunch and I thought that was strange but awesome I wish I had that dedication! I understand her better bc of this video, wasn’t expecting that! 😄

  16. passei uma temporada numa favela carioca, mas o Brasil é muito grande e rica em cultura, tem muitas coisas interessantes pra se ver nesse país lindo. gosto dos seus videos, te acho muito gata, belíssima

  17. The purse thing is culturally an ethnic superstition… My Latino, African American, and west Indian family believe that.

  18. Olá Dorothea , em 2016 vc estava um pouco diferente com o rosto mais cheio , mesmo recém chegada no país vc ja gostava daqui , vc tem alma brasileira rsrsrs. E eu a cada vídeo que vejo fico ainda mais seu fã.

  19. Você pode deixar sua bolsa em qualquer lugar, não é problema. Mas existe um ganchinho que você compra e leva dentro da bolsa, pra pendura-la na beira da mesa perto da sua cadeira, alguns são muito bonitos e decorados como joias. Aqui em Brasília as garotas usam muito. Outra coisa: o motivo do copinho pra tomar a cerveja não é pra manter cerveja gelada, pois o efeito é o contrário: maior massa = mais conservação de temperatura. O motivo é o preço do copo, pois se quebram muito facilmente e também alguns clientes furtam a taças nos bares. O copo pequeno se chama "copo americano" e é bem baratinho, mas não é elegante.

  20. The usual explanation as to why brazilians take so many showers a day is the heat here, but there's another more historical explanation. It's said that after the portuguese arrived in Brazil they noticed the natives bathed several times a day to stay clean. Later this habit would take roots among brazilians and we stiil do it to this day.

  21. O último fato que fala da superstição eu NUNCA OUVI FALAR. E olha que sou brasileira, nunca sai do Brasil.

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