Cultural Anthropolgy MA – ELTE University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Cultural Anthropolgy MA – ELTE University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Budapest is full of life more and more people come here to work study or just to be amazed. The student life is vibrant What’s there to know about our two years Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology? These classes are complemented by region-specific courses focusing on the anthropology of the continents we also offer courses that cover more specialized fields such as political social and economic anthropology But it’s not all just theory we consider practical training just as important. We prepare our students for field work by training them in methodology and field work techniques and we also encourage them to do field work during their university years. When I applied I also knew that I wanted to spend sometime abroad … and so next year I will go to Barcelona to study there and also to do my thesis research on movement there so I’m pretty excited. In order to help our students to cope with the difficulties they might encounter during field work we facilitate regular consultations with the supervisor. As you can see our faculty quite a small one. The atmosphere which catches me the most. It’s helpful and friendly and inspiring. The courses are very varied and we talk about literally everything. It’s a friendly community with plenty activities’ organized by both teachers and students. A few examples include film clubs and workshops based on our students interests ranging from Roma research to migration studies. What anthropology gave me is basically a way of looking at the world to see the differences within the similarities and the similarities within the differences It gave me a sense of criticism not only from professional aspect but also from but also for personal one which I really need. Another inspiring example of student-teacher cooperation is our online anthropological journal serving as a sounding board for publications from both students and teachers. We also maintain international relations with universities all over Europe and our students often conduct their fieldwork within exchange framework the Erasmus programme. If you plan on joining our lively community you’ve been greeted not only by high academic standards but also very warm welcome.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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