Creating Community at LUNG FORCE Expos

Creating Community at LUNG FORCE Expos

Expos are so important because it gives an opportunity to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers, to learn. And we want to make sure that patients feel empowered, that they feel like they’re not alone, that they know where they can turn, and all of those things are achieved at the Expos. LUNG FORCE is an initiative that was started by the American Lung Association to really create awareness around lung cancer as the number one cancer killer of men and women. and it was to give them the most up to date trends, resources, and research on a variety of lung diseases, including lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and many other lung diseases. It’s been a really wonderful opportunity, especially for the patients to come out and sort of hear about the disease processes, the things that are out there, the things that are available to them treatment perspective from an emotional support perspective, and one of the really remarkable things to me is actually just the number of people who are here. Most of the conferences that I go to are medical conferences, but they’re not really patient-specific. The fact that this is really focused toward patients, is, I think, a really wonderful opportunity. I’ve been a long-time volunteer–local level, regional level, and ultimately at the national level as well, and what I learned right away was that being an advocate for the Lung Association, I could help many more patients than I could every 20 minutes in my office. so by helping to educate physicians and patients, helping to advocate for smokefree laws, access laws, helped a lot more patients. Also helping raise funds for research, went a long way to helping patients who currently didn’t have cures. and hopefully we would find more by research dollars. It can be kind of lonely without the Association, so with the Association, now there’s this whole army of people out there who are experiencing the same physical as well as emotional issues. I am an advocate, and I find that to be a really great sense of focus for me to kind of put my lung cancer as the back burner, and be able to share my story and how it can benefit not just me but other people dealing with any kind of lung disease.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Why doesn't the Lung assoc. actually do something to help people with lung problems. Instead of holding these stupid expos!!!!

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