Create a Positive Restaurant Culture

Create a Positive Restaurant Culture

I got a request a couple of weeks ago from a viewer just like you
that wanted to know, how do I establish the culture
in my restaurant? I’ll talk about that right now,
coming up. The following video
is filmed with a new camera and had a strange
auto zoom feature turned on. So some of the shots are really,
really close to my face. It’s totally awkward and I’m sorry but the content’s worth it. Hey, everybody Ryan Gromfin here, author, speaker, chef, restaurateur and the founder of
as well as The Restaurant Boss, bringing you another
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these amazing free videos every week. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about your culture a little bit. I wish there was a magic pill
I could give you. I wish I could FedEx you a pill and charge you a $1,000 for it.
Right? You’d pay it gladly, where all you had to do is take that pill and all of the problems
in your restaurant would be fixed. I can’t do that. If I could, trust me,
I’d be working on developing it. There’s no red pill and blue pill, like in, what’s the movie? The Matrix, right? There’s no magic bullet. You already know that. So what is the magic bullet? Well, it’s work.
Of course, you got to do work and you’ve heard me say this
a lot of times. The restaurant business isn’t hard. What makes the restaurant business hard is doing a lot of little things really well. One of those little things
that you have to do really well is establish your culture. Culture does not happen by accident. When people look at companies like a Chipotle or In-N-Out or Chick-fil-A as one of the shining examples
of an amazing culture that is not an accident. When Truett Cathy was developing Chick-fil-A
and growing it, it didn’t just so happen
that they built this amazing culture. It’s incredibly intentional and it’s based on one thing at the core, which is your standards. So what are your standards
in certain area? What is acceptable to you
and not acceptable to you? If it’s acceptable to you
that a bartender comes in with a little bit of a buzz? Maybe he puts them in a better mood or you allow them to have two or
three shift drinks, you can’t be surprised
when they come in late, also. You may think one has nothing
to do with the other but of course, it does. If your standards are so lax that you allow your bartenders
to drink on a shift or have a little buzz
or come in with a little buzz, don’t be surprised when they’re late and then vice versa. If you allow your, let’s just use bartenders again. If you allow your bartenders to come in
a few minutes late every day, don’t be surprised when they
no call, no show. See, it’s all about your standards. When you have a zero tolerance standard of absolutely no drinking
at all, period. End of story. Well, a lot of other things follow suit to that. Will you lose some of your current staff? Probably. But you’ve got to get rid of them anyways to establish the culture that you want. So if you’re building a new restaurant and you want to have this great culture, don’t think of it so much, like
culture is this huge thing. Think of it as standards. Establish your standards
for the most important things to you. What is your standard? What is your tolerance on being late? If you have a zero tolerance policy
on being late then you have to enforce that. If someone comes in late,
what’s their punishment? Maybe, they can’t work that shift. Well, it’s gonna be a little painful
for you but eventually,
people are gonna learn, “I can’t come in late” or maybe, they get taken off
of a good shift next week. Well, that could be a fair punishment but if you want to improve your culture or you want to establish a great culture, it starts with your standards and how you hold people accountable
to those standards. I hope you enjoyed this week’s video and I look forward
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Author: Kennedi Daugherty

14 thoughts on “Create a Positive Restaurant Culture

  1. Postmates and Uber is charging 33% commission how I put my price on online menu or count food costs and this is big to bring extra income for small restaurant please advise.Thank you Ryan.

  2. I've seen places that are just the opposite. Where the manager won't say anything. When the manager gets tired or workers getting slower and slower the let them go. I've learned a lot from your videos. Thanks

  3. Hey Ryan. Just found your videos and have found incredible and useful information in so many of them. Q. I plan to meet with each of my employees and ask the 10 questions you suggested in another video. When asking them about their happiness in a scale of 1-10, then asking them what would make them one point happier, how do I steer the conversation away from wage centric answers? I can't throw money at everyone to make them happier but I do want to find other ways to make them happier in their jobs? In my experience, when I have asked questions like this in the past, the answer is often "Pay me more".

  4. Oh man. Ryan, you.are.a.diamond. I honestly appreciate your knowledge and content you put out. I will be contacting you to get coaching soon

  5. Hi Ryan, I’ve working in FS for 17 year, all of which has been in the US Coast Guard or and currently a cool in the federal prison system(which I know is much different then running a restaurant). Before I left the Coast Guard I got my bachelors degree in psychology. I love learning about human behavior, this is way I love FS I love serving people. I ended up with the FS job in the prison system because it was all I could find that would pay well and I like the idea of helping with the rehabilitation process. Long story short, I want to leave this job and follow my dream of opening a restaurant. I full grasp the understanding that this will not be easy, but I really want a part of my culture to be focused on helping people find employment after someone has payed there debt to society. I’ve had some of the hardest working, and productive people working for me in prison, all for $0.12/hr. Do you know anything about the “work opportunity tax credit” and does it come with the burden of a stigma? Can you point me to more information. Or share any advice on this.

  6. Got a bunch of employees that run a register and they r on their phone more then anything and we try setting rules about phone usage but they dont follow it what would u do

  7. Words alone cannot express my sincerest gratitude to you for these videos. I am now gaining the confidence I need to handle the administrative task associated with being a great chef/restaurateur, and not just a really good cook. So, I thank you continually. I will surely need to consult with you in the future.

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