Cosmetology at Honolulu Community College

Cosmetology at Honolulu Community College

My name is Holly Demantle, I
graduated last year in 2010 at Mount Edgecumbe High School
in Southeast Alaska and I’m majoring in Cosmetology I chose to come to Honolulu
Community College because it had
the best program for Cosmetology on the West
Coast that I researched for. My overall student experience
would be pretty, pretty knowledgeable,
educational. So far I really enjoy it like the teachers are so willing to
help you and the procedures that we do
are all step-by-step. We don’t like jump into one
thing and the like try to get it
all done, we do it like one day at a time
and it’s really good and so that
helps me understand it better because I’m a hands-on kinda
learner I can’t just watch it and do the
same exact step that just was
done. Honolulu Community College is
efficient and affordable.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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