Construction Week: Community Plumbing Challenge 2017

Construction Week: Community Plumbing Challenge 2017

Organized by The International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation, Community Plumbing Challenge 2017 has brought together an International Team of Architects, Designers Plumbers and Engineers to work alongside local Indonesian vocational training Students and Teachers. CPC2017 Design Week, hosted at SDN Cicau 02 from 31 July to 4 August, delivered a design brief for improved toilet and handwashing facilities which included the installation of a reliable water supply and a new waste water system in the school grounds. The school is situated in Cicau Village in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. It is a school of just over 300 students, that share two toilets: one for female students, and one for male students… with no handwashing facilities. The International Team design brief and workplan was completed in full consultation with the school community and local residents, and with the input and expertise of IAPMO, the World Plumbing Council Membership, and Healthabitat. In the period between Design Week and Construction Week, from August to November 2017, preparatory groundwork was carried out. Between the Design Week and Construction Week, we hired local persons in Indonesia, from the village. The first thing, for the new water pipe connection… also clean [water]. The second thing, to dig the ground for the new septic tank. The last thing was the concrete for the hand-washing [new facilities]. CPC2017 Construction Week, hosted at SDN Cicau 02 from 8 to 15 Nov, is the realization of the detailed workplan delivered from CPC2017 Design Week. An extended team from Australia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Singapore and USA came together during the CPC2017 Construction Week (Phase 1) to work on different areas of the construction plan. The biggest challenge, that I felt, was the jargon between other plumbing countries so we had to find a way to communicate so we could get to a finished goal. I think my main challenge is the time-management and reaching the goal of the task I have been given… making sure that we can reach that on time, so it doesn’t affect the next task. The construction workplan used Critical Path Management to ensure the construction ran to schedule, and would be delivered within a seven-day window. One of the aims of CPC2017 has been to involve education and training on multiple levels. During Construction Week, students from SDN Cicau 02 were involved in presentations of handwashing activities and demonstrations of the new facilities built. From the SMK colleges 01 and 26 in Jakarta, and SMKN 02 in Bandung, Plumbing Teachers and student Plumbers, Welders, Bricklayers and Carpenters volunteered to work on this hands-on project alongside international peers. In exchange, the International Team members learned more about local conditions, customs and culture. I gained a lot from this program, from experiencing new environments, new experiences, to new ways of working. There are so many benefits I’ve gained. Lecturers from several SMK Colleges spent time at an Indonesian Plumbing Standard Awareness training session. The school management at SDN Cicau O2 were provided with further plumbing maintenance training, so that they became equipped with the skills and knowledge required to care for and maintain the new installations into the future. The mentors on this program provide a very important role for the younger members of the team. The younger members of the team can learn a lot from the experienced people, so the mentors — people like myself and others on this particular program — play a very important role in helping the young people overcome adversity, thinking creatively, and deploying their skills in ways they may not have thought of before. As part of this educational outreach, a Media Team made up of student alumni, plus current and former staff from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, worked with our local hosts to document the event, produce educational videos and create further advocacy projects. CPC2017 also featured a Public Health Awareness showcase in Cicau Village Square, further highlighting the sanitation improvements being made in the host school, and the critical issues surrounding health, safety and hygiene practices. By washing hands especially with soap in the right sequence, we clean our hands better. This helps prevent the occurrence of diseases. [My highlights were] the [Welcome] Ceremony, the kids in the school, and making friends, and helping the CPC out for mixing concrete, bricklaying and carpentry. After getting help from The IAPMO Group, I feel very happy and proud because in the whole of this country, SDN Cicau 02 are the first school to receive this assistance. The help we’ve got is toilet, septic tank, and water tank. The results of this Construction Week were improvement of existing toilets and increasing the number of toilets. Addition of a hand washing area, extension of the building roof, new doors, new tiles, a new water supply, and a new waste water system. CPC2017 Construction Week (Phase 2) will commence in early 2018, when lecturers and students from the SMK schools return to complete the renovation and build-out of the remaining toilets. Today’s project that is regarding the Community Plumbing Challenge 2017 could be this one part of the pilot project that we could conduct as a benchmark to other areas and other regions in order to increase the awareness of the community in water systems and hygiene, to increase the public health system. This is part of activities that could trigger the stakeholders to implement standards: SNI 8153 [Standar Nasional Indonesia, Plumbing System For Building].

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