100 thoughts on “Community vs Competition: A Chat. (Whilst Carving a Turnip.)

  1. In addition to enjoying your carving and rambling abilities, I am wonderfully distracted by your dried carnations and roses, especially that the roses embellish your IV pole…

  2. I’m happy to watch all of you from afar. ^_^
    All of you radiate kindness and extremely passionate about your craft. This in itself is a delightful thing to watch.

  3. This video was a perfect post as today I hosted a Victorian Mystery party, and a lot of the Costubing community was a huge inspiration for it! And for me to host a party with so many other people who have the same appreciation for history brought me the biggest joy! So thank you Bernadette for the wonderful person you are and thank you for this inspiration!

  4. You are a delight, and you made my unpleasant day that much brighter. Thank you. And may I say that carving a turnip looks so much more enjoyable than carving a pumpkin and having to deal with all of the strings and goop that goes with it. I can't wait to see your pertinent Halloween related video next week 🙂

  5. The world of sleeves… actually for me the most horrible thing in the universe are zippers. That's one more reason why I love period accuracy, not a single one of them will have to be installed!

  6. I'm not a costumer and yet I love listening and watching you all do your stuff. Btw, Mrs. Crocombe is back with a new video. ❤❤❤

  7. I was here when that older video came out, I loved it! It was that video that started me down my historical sewing rabbit hole. I’m now trying to hand sew a pair of stays and chemise. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. First off, your new turnup friend is very adorable! Second you brought up very good points especially about how community works and the way that Americans in particular seem to have an overriding urge to compete for no reason whatsoever. I also have to say, that for the moment, I’m definitely using all of your (the CosTubers community) videos as inspiration for when I finally have the time to do some sewing of my own! You also helped me figure out a way to have a sewing machine that doesn’t need electricity and isn’t a huge treadle machine! So thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Hey there! Love love love your videos!! I am a beginner in the historical sewing area, and i had a question i was hoping you could answer. I was wondering if you could point me to some good/arrordable online fabric sources? All we have local is a quilt shop, so patterned cotton and blends only.

  10. Request: please do a video about cross-dressing, especially men cross-dressing as women. For example, if a man wanted to look like a 19th centry lady, what steps can he take. I'm really counting on you here.

  11. What a cute little turnip guy. I get the feeling that the people I have met, online so far, are very interested in what they do and that they can share it with other is community building. There's a wealth of knowledge available. It makes me think back to the 7 Sisters quilt group I once belonged to. There were far more than 7 people in it. It seemed that 12-18 was the best because trying to Round Robin in each other's homes on Wednesday night, well, how to say this? When 28 people show up at the front door and we are all going to be spending the nest 4 or so hours sitting on the floor sewing quilt pieces together it does get a bit uncomfortable, or it did in my small apartment. Now though, I miss each one of those sisters and the hours we shared.

  12. Now there's a flashback! I remember carving turnips (or beets, whatever we could get our hands on) as a child – and no, I'm not over a century old, this was in the 60's.

  13. I feel like that's literally what's missing from my life and stopping me from being happy, or as happy and free as I could be whilst being 100% my weird self: a community. I'm happy you found yours, and I truly hope I'll find mine some day.

  14. I found you thanks to a youtube recommendation. After watching 2 or 3 video's I had to go back and watch All of your video's from the beginning. Your speech as well as your knowledge I find inspiring.
    I'm old enough to be your mom but could see myself as a friend to you. I'm not much of a historical costumer but I have learned so much from you and find I do tend to take styles that are historically inspired and make them my own. I enjoy making more of a fantasy type of projects and usually do more of housewares than clothing. I spend most of my time in the kitchen cooking from scratch with homegrown or organic foods. If you ever have a question about food send me a message and I'll try to help.

  15. Your offerings insult His Majesty! But we had the chance to see his tiny feet😍. Now in the community subject, I have taken the task to be that random stranger who coment+like other photos in the fallforcostume challenge, I still adore to see the leading ladies pics, but the unknown faces work so hard to; I feel humbled by their pieces. If I have something nice to say I write it in the comments! I know it feels nice, I think I have been noticed by one leading lady and every time she likes my pictures I smile 😄

  16. You reminded me about a chat I had with some friends about this kind of cultural thing the americans have of making anything a competition. It's funny specially when we (as in Brazilians) watch the silly competition shows (that slither their way in our cable tv) and it sometimes becomes a hit, but sometimes people just ask why they even thought of that being something you can compete at. I agree with you that having a community that supports you can do wonders to our self-esteem and that it sometimes can be overwhelming. That's better than having to keep your guard up anytime anyone makes a comment about anything you're doing or wearing or making, and it applies to a lot of things in our lives, not only when you're making a garment. I think it takes a lot of stress out of our shoulders when we want to do something not to be the bestest best thing ever, but just the best you could do at that time, with the knowledge and the skills you have. I'm sorry i'm rambling, but you got me to think about a lot of stuff not only sewing related, thanks for that.

  17. I have taught my nieces and nephews that being normal is an insult. Being weird is a goal. And being who you are meant to be is the definition of beauty.

  18. Thank you, through your lovely videos I’ve discovered some other marvelous costumers and I find myself down a most delightful rabbit hole of sewing vids

  19. I wonder if you now make money on your YouTube channel or if you just figure it's your job in life to entertain us all.
    You also appear to be single, can't imagine why you're still single, that is unless that's what you choose.
    I love your videos. I watch them trying to learn from the past. I'm trying to figure out the best possible clothing and methods for the potential post-apocalyptic future. I don't think enough people have given real thought to exactly what clothing and fashion should be like after some giant economic collapse or other disaster, natural or unnatural. I figure that I have to contribute by offering up the best versions of that reality if it happens to occur sometime in the rest of my lifetime. Thank you for your inspiring videos and fantastic ideas

  20. Bernadette im just glad you exist when i found your channel i felt like i found a kindred spirit..just keep being you

  21. This talk was nice. I liked hearing your thoughts about community. As someone who as extream social anxiety, I've always been on the edge of social circles, even in school, I purposely excluded myself from yearbook photos , group photos, never participated in group activities, and nobody ever made any effort to including me (not blaming them, I was a surly teenager). It just made my teenage years very lonely , and even now I'm a few years older, I still barely talk to people, even as I try to build my own following as an artist. It's all very difficult, and although people talk about the importance of community I never understood what it meant.
    Anyways enough rambling, I mean to say that this lovely little chat helped me understand a bit more and I appreciate Bernadette talking about it. Even if it did make me feel incredibly lonely. I'm going to go carve a turnup now.

  22. Thank you for the turnip carving. I have been following you for awhile. I want to say Thank You so much for what you do. I really went fangirl over Lady Sherlock.
    Hugs, please keep posting videos.

  23. I always appreciate reminders that I'm not in competition with other creatives. I really struggle with self esteem when I see people my age or younger succeeding in what I love. Others people successes aren't my failures.

  24. I'm so happy you started YouTube and are finding so much happiness here. My partner has a concussion and is at his mom's cause she can offer better help than I can, and so I'm at home and alone and your video is exactly what I wanted to feel less alone. You are a beautiful soul and I'm so happy you are realizing that :3

  25. I’ve just barely gotten into historical costuming, and it’s been intimidating from a work perspective because I do have a tendency, when I’m passionate about something, to just absolutely throw myself in the deep end with reckless abandon (I, with limited sewing knowledge, decided one of my first big projects should be a c.1890’s cosplay… oh boy) but the community has been so amazingly supportive and comfortable that it almost shocked me.

    I’ve always struggled with perfectionism, but to feel that pressure of comparing myself to others at least somewhat lessened, and to have the people I look up to be so accessible and kind; it’s a wonderful gift. I just feel I’ve been in very few communities quite like this one, even when it comes to the more creative ones.

    An example; as a writer, I think the writing community is supportive but it’s also more competitive (in terms of job competition) and it’s, in a way, considered more socially acceptable to be absolutely, terribly hard on yourself.

    So, in coming from that place, the costuming community feels entirely strange and new but in the best way.

  26. Okay, I'm within the 48 hours so you'll hear this (well, read this since it'sa written comment and not an audio thing).

    I love you videos and they have inspired me to get back into sewing. And I also think that the costuming community is one of the best ones out there. So thank you for introducing me to this amazing weird world!💕

  27. Thank you for this. It is such a good — and needed — reminder.

    Also, you are such an inspiration to my own sewing adventures (I was once afraid to even attempt), an inspiration also to embrace my own weirdness as God intended. Thank you for your candor.

  28. One thing I find hard about getting into the costuing community is… finding it difficult to START with actually putting things on my social media. THe only pictures I have of my walking skirt are actual trash, and haven't found the balance of posting progress photos or filming sewing…. I really want to be in this community more, and show up to it and show my work and my struggles.

  29. It’s such a joy to be a tiny, tiny part of your community! Thank you for being so encouraging and gifting us with such delightful content—turnip and otherwise!

  30. I did some hand sewing on my daughter's "Victorian ghost" Halloween costume this week and I credit you 100% for giving me the confidence to try it — thank you for the inspiration!

  31. If indeed that is an intravenous fluid stand behind you (where your roses hang to dry), then Lady, I shall proudly raise and let my Weird Freak Flag fly with yours. 😅

  32. Time turning to the 10th C, could this be an allusion to Historical Hogwarts? As a member of the SCA and a lover of HP, making a historically appropriate garb of the founders and specifically Rowen Ravenclaw seemed like a fun project to challenge. It surprised me when I heard Noelle mention in a video that a group of you were all going to make Historical Hogwarts. This will be so fun to see everyone’s view on the garb and how they approached the research. I hope you all will consider wearing your costumes at CoCo. This next one will be my first and I plan on bringing the garb.

  33. Hold on!? You're reading this? Cool. Hi. Fellow creative here. I'm in the group that doesn't like sharing online. You're inspiring. Thanks for sharing all your lovely insights with your audience.

  34. This is such a beautiful and wholesome video and so true! The bit about American culture is true as well, having lived there and in other countries, the sense of competition and general mistrust of others is so prevalent there compared to some others. I am so happy you have found a community that you can relate with, and so many of us who appreciate you!

    Also wanted to point out the obvious, that back in the periods you are recreating, you of course worked alongside and learned from others. Mothers taught their daughters, sisters or friends worked together on these things. The community, the village, is as engrained in historical garments as the patterns and materials themselves. Rock on <3

  35. I will not be offended if you can't read all of the comments. I'm just glad you do these videos since they are inspiring. You, along with Morgan Donner (who I actually found you because of her) have actually inspired me to do a dress for my niece, who is the age of loving princess dresses. Your historical sewing video tutorial is definitely going to be top on my list of references since I can't machine sew to save my life, where I do not know how to use one all that well. ><

  36. Bernadette, Thank you for this lovely video. My experience in the vintage and historical costume communities of instagram has been incredible. Unfortunately I don’t interact nearly as much as I would like as I struggle with Dyslexia and severe Dysgraphia, but with perseverance I have met many wonderful people and I’ve even made a “sewing buddy” or two.

  37. This video wasn't a mess. It was quite lovely. I was wondering if you had any advise for someone with mathmatical dyslexia? I'd like to start sewing but numbers terrify me.

  38. Miss Banner, as someone who is incredibly self-aware and knows the extent of their own weirdness, I feel as though you have read my mind. I’m currently going for my PhD and I often find (though this has been happening since I was very young) that people treat me like I am “too smart” to talk to. I’m also very imaginative/artistic and say things others, oftentimes, genuinely hadn’t thought of. But it wasn’t until my late teens, when I started talking to other people that liked to read, that I understood what being around other weird people felt like. And I love it. For this reason, I also love your videos. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t ashamed of, nor tries to mask, their weirdness. 🙂

    (Also, pumpkin carving is totally overrated!!)

  39. Love this years turnip, and your community vs competition chat, I agree that we tend to consider everything a competition, even though it should be more a community, I'm going to try in future to consider community rather than competition. especially in my sewing, I am (with my daughter) trying to start my own sewing business, and would love to learn from other sewers. Looking forward to the sewing room video. And I don't care what your videos are about, they are always interesting. Love the new turnip. I see Cesario is as interested in eating turnip as much as I am, not at all lol.

  40. It’s good to know that you know that reading comments after 48 hours tends to get dicey and that you don’t put your mental health at risk. I love watching you work to see all the beautiful projects. Love to the turnip friend 🥰

  41. Let’s talk about being weird…. maybe we are not different, perhaps we are normal and the rest are off their rocker. Bernadette you are a wonderful person.

  42. I had to pause this video several times to take notes. Now I must implement this knowledge to level up. Thank you for spilling your tea. :3

  43. You didnt sound unapproachable when you started talking about your limits on when and how you communicate, your boundaries are both very reasonable, and you talking about them lets us know what to expect and that's fantastic! plus this video been up, a day? and already theres over a thousand comments! youre doing great!

    (also, its not dressmaking but have you heard of english paper piecing? its a form of hand quilting, but it might be something you'd like?)

  44. I love your channel. I have been watching you since the red medieval dress. You are the reason I got into hand sewing. I do not think you are weird in anyway. I love your personality because I relate to you so well. I don't have a very big community of historical costumers where I live and I love that there are more and more of you guys on YouTube. I enjoyed seeing all of you at costume college and really inspired me to go one day.

  45. I really needed this.
    I'm in the cosplay community, which I know is an entirely different beast, but I've had to step away for months because of the competition and other complicated emotions.
    This was such a refreshing perspective, and was incredibly uplifting, and makes me want to go back, and make a better environment.

  46. I love everything you had to say in this video! Personally I'm a bit more towards the lurking side of what you mentioned, as I'm very irregular about posting my work on instagram, but being part of the community is always inspiring to me, and drives me to want to work on more projects! Watching videos from the costubing community always pushes me to try something new, to keep going, or to not give up on a challenging project. My historical sewing has seriously improved so much since being a part of the community, and it is seriously so much better than feeling that we must constantly be competing.

    Also I was so excited to see the return of turnip carving!! Your video last year was the first I'd ever heard of the practice, and so I was so excited to see you do another video this year for it!!

  47. Two things. Lots and LOTS of new people forsaking canned mass market media and discovering really interesting niche media. The flood is rising all the boats. And you have shown yourself, and all the wizards can finally find each other.

  48. There are a number of books and research articles that talk about the importance and influence of loose ties that after watching this video I thought you may enjoy reading. They generally fall under social science and/or business in terms of category, but discuss how having relationships with people who serve as "hubs" within a community allows people who are not directly connected to be introduced to each other, promoting social learning among other benefits. You've mentioned your voracious reading habits in the past. I am not sure if this is the type of content you usually go for, but wanted to share in case the topic was something you wished to delve into.



  49. I know this is random, but all I can think of is WHAT IS THAT POLE WITH FLOWERS ON THE LEFT FOR. Thank you for your time. 🙂

  50. This talk about community, I whole heartedly understand where you were before injecting yourself purposefully into the costuming community. I am a crafter myself and find it so difficult as on one hand I like my space and have a "social-o-meter" which runs out quite fast but at the same time I crave having others to discuss my crafts with. I have spent many a year attempting to get my sister to crochet, knit, or sew just to be reminded she has the attention span of a fly..

    P.S. Your sewing machine brings me back to "Call the Midwife" on Netflix (I'm sorry if I fudged the title at all!), and it gives me so much joy when I rewatch it.. for the 300th time haha.
    Blessed be <3

  51. I love watching your videos. I cant stop wanting your mask of the red death dress especially with Halloween around the corner! Your work is always so wonderous!!!

  52. I don’t recall how I happened across the first video of yours that I watched, you were a delightful surprise though. The video of you downsizing your sewing supplies had me in tears I was laughing so hard. You see, my best friend is a fabric artist and his studio is always rather mind boggling…he has over 500 (not a typo) huge cones of thread! My brain just short circuits over his fabric collection. My greatest fun is raiding his “scrap” pile for things to use in designing costumes for teddy bears 🤩 Tonight I mostly wanted to say thank you, you’ve become a moment I really look forward to and that is deeply appreciated.

  53. You're not weird at all, Bernadette, you're a unique young woman with a wonderful personality. I always enjoy your videos. You are quite observant and perceptive and you have such a fresh perspective on life and its little nuances. I find it refreshing to listen to your "natterings" about random things. It makes me feel like I'm sitting at the table with you talking over tea and I feel it brings you closer to your community of followers. You have so much to say and share with the world. I applaud you for being yourself. Keep up the great work you're doing. Oh, and Mr. Turnip looks fantastic. You should make this an annual thing. Love and blessings.

  54. Yeah! Can hardly wait to see your new sewing room. Loved this 2nd annual turnip carving video. My husband and I, many moons ago, used to farm and we raised turnips. I never thought to carve them! I might give it a try this year. Don't overdo. Have fun. God bless.

  55. I've been interested in getting into historical fashion (specifically late 1800's Victorian England as it's my special interest) for years, but sadly my visual snow syndrome/vision in general got worse this year and so being able to see enough to learn to sew is pretty difficult and disheartening, but nonetheless these videos are very inspiring.

  56. That is an adorable turnip sculpture which I did not even notice until @20.00 had occurred! Good talk. I am one who finds inspiration to alter garments and jewelry by adding lace or removing things like tiny pompoms. I am not an artist or craftsperson, but I do enjoy these videos. Thank you.

  57. I really appreciate this video. I'm delving into historical sewing for the first time (trying to make an 1880s corset for grad school) and am definitely realizing that reaching out is KEY.

  58. I wish I had something meaningful to say especially with theme of the video, but I don't. Just be aware that thanks to you and Miss Cathy Hay I have descended down a Mrs Crocombe videos rabbit hole and it is glorious!

  59. Cooperation is always better. But, I watch you because of the absolutely wonderful videos you make. The filming, editing, pace, and a real and interesting commitment to creating a work of art.

  60. +bernadettebanner Stayed to the end, can vouch the miniature Jack 'o lantern as sized for a tealight. I've segregated Emails as well, keep a Gmail address for priority message traffic on the road.

  61. What a great vlog today, I love weirdness… weird people (like all of us here) are the interesting people! To not be weird, imaginative & creative is soooooo boring. I really couldn't live a boring, 'normal' life, I've been the weird one or the odd one out, in every walk of my life & wouldn't want to live any other way. Please keep sharing your weirdness with us because we love it & it's so much fun to learn from you & see the amazing things you create.

  62. I want to start a historical project but I’m a little worried about if I will fit them when the actual dress is done as I’m fairly young and may grow out of them. Is there anything you could recommend on helping them fit for longer? I have had problems with outgrowing things before or soon after they’re finished and it is super discouraging when it happens.

  63. (I totally had a moment of “oh wow Scribble & Stitch is a great name for a channel 😅) but anyway yes, this is something I find myself struggling with a lot. I think you beautifully articulated the stuff I’ve been trying to remind myself. We all benefit from each other, we’re not actually competing for anything. And every time I see you and other cosTubers interacting, I am reminded of how beautifully supportive this community is. Now I just gotta actually work on my stays for my Zelda costume so I actually have some content to upload 😉

  64. I know you're talking about historical costuming, but that's what happened with my cosplay friends, we know have a group chat (cheesily called the queen squad) and we just share anything and everything to just keep supporting each other.

  65. I fell down the rabbit hole of sewing videos one evening because one of your videos had been suggested to me. After watching it and finding you so Charming and quirky and your work was beautiful I ended up falling down the rabbit hole was several of these other people that you've been talking about about and I love the fact that it is more about Community than competition. You all seem like such genuine wonderful people and I find a lot of days if I'm sitting here just doing things myself whether that's cleaning or what have you I will put on a video of yours or of Morgan's or of Cathy's and it's almost like having a friend sit and chat to you while you're working so thank you for this window into your life.

  66. Did I make it in the first 48 hours? Just saying hello as one of your silent viewers who isn't a crafter but likes to see cool stuff. 🙂

  67. Re: community vs. competition, it's very much the same in the writing community, particularly among independent author-publishers. Sometimes you'll get speakers at conferences telling you that you're wasting time cultivating relationships with your fellow authors, because that won't sell your books. You should be focussing on readers instead. But being in fellowship with fellow writers will make your writing better, and after all, writers are readers first. So increasingly, that competition model is going by the wayside.

  68. I too watched most of the old videos before commenting on the newer ones. I thought I would sound silly or that I would sound goofy in some manner. I noticed that on the channels of the historical dress sewing, you are all mentioning each other… I was happy to hear you all comment on what the other is doing or has/had done. I really like Karolina Zebrowska as well. She isn't doing exactly the same thing, but has the same vibe of being brave enough to do her own thing and really enjoying it. I've learned so much from all of you. One question: The tools you used on the turnip…a spoon, an exacto knife? and what is the picking instrument called? It looks suspiciously like what my dentist uses on me during cleanings. LOL. Thanks!

  69. The opposit to competition is worldcommunism, that will not be good for anyone. But its impossible to avoid now. You speak with canadian accent, Nobody expect you to accept the "culture" in USA, ausländer.

  70. You, your content, your projects, etc. have opened up an entirely new world for me this last year. I have watched as your subscribers have grown from a few thousand to this explosive community, which makes me smile. Thank you for this wonderfully kind, gentle haven!

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