Community Season 3 Opening Song

Community Season 3 Opening Song

We’re gonna fly to school each morning
We’re gonna smile the entire time We’re gonna be more happy
We’re gonna finally be fine We’re gonna get more calm and normal
We’re gonna fix our state of mind We’re gonna be less crazy
We’re gonna finally be fine We’re gonna stand holding hands in a brand
new line far away from the borderline We’re gonna seem like a mainstream dream
And be appealing to all mankind We’re gonna have more fun and be less weird
than the first 2 years combined And we’re gonna live forever
And we’re gonna sleep together And we’re gonna finally be sunny and shinily
We’re gonna finally be fine.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

50 thoughts on “Community Season 3 Opening Song

  1. They were more calm and less weird than the first two years combined…

    For those last couple seconds at the end of the clip at least…

  2. Great to see this again, but you didn't show the punchline. Annie's question is what makes this whole scene extra funny.

  3. And no they didn't ofc ! But I love how Dan Harmon team react to reaction. I think it's also why Community didn't work on yahoo, the scenarists of the show need rules to play with. To much freedom destroy them.

  4. i loved community but i look at some parts of this show as a product of dan harmons arrogance, and i worry he will sink rick and morty in the same way

  5. I hated this cringy intro. If this intro were in season 4, then EVERYONE would hate it. Since this intro is in s3, everyone is fine with it.

  6. LIARS
    They didn't sleep together! They didn't live forever! And they weren't finally fine! ; __ ;

    This better be fixed in the movie! 😉

  7. They say they aren’t gonna be weird that year then takes part in a dictatorship of Chang, create multiple timelines, get expelled, gets Pierces Dad killed, start a pillow and blanket war

  8. I remember seeing somewhere that this little 1 minute opening cost like $100,000 to film. Not sure how credible that is but it’s hilarious when you really think about how much Dan Harmon probably hated those executives lol.

  9. I will never get tired of this.
    I'm not sure what is more my favorite – Jeff Winger being so over the top or Shirley's reaction to Dean Pelton's entrance (which, if I didn't know better, I'd say was genuine).

  10. Season 1 was funny but pretty network-y and safe
    Season 2 took more risks, very funny, but was basically just an improved version of season 1
    Season 3 was the show in it's peak form. The show's voice had never been clearer. The characters were the most developed. They took crazy creative-leaps and they all landed.

    Too bad Chevy Chase had to fuck up the show RIGHT as it would have gone on to be as universally recognized as The Office or 30 Rock

  11. Later in this scene, the whiteboard behind Shirley and Annie reads “Trannies, Monkeys, and Toys! Oh my! What current actor does this refer to?” Does anybody know?

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