7 thoughts on “Community rallying behind homeless man who had dog stolen

  1. I hate to be that guy but at least the dog gets a warm home and food and a little child to play with. I dont understand how homeless have pets and cant even take care of themselves?

  2. Why couldn't the lazy bum get a job to pay for a house for the dog to live in so the dog wouldn't be so easily stealable?

  3. did the thief use his credit or debit card while inside the Gas Mart? Something tells me that there is some form of surveillance that could identify the thief. but because the thief is a middle-class privileged white man and he stole from a homeless man then it seems like a great effort is being made to protect the middle class Thief from prosecution. one can't help but Wonder would such effort have been made for poor Sean if he had been caught shoplifting at the store or would his face and name been plastered all over the news?

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