Community Guidelines Deep Dive: Challenges, Pranks and Drugs on YT

Community Guidelines Deep Dive: Challenges, Pranks and Drugs on YT

What’s up insiders we are back with another policy video for you to make it clear from the start Nothing is changing in terms of our policies You guys have let us know loud and clear on all of my monetization policy videos how much you’ve appreciated getting more information? So we’re gonna break down one topic today. Please do let us know if you like this type of content because if so, We will break down more articles and more categories of topics for Community Guidelines in future videos There are three categories that we are going to deep dive into Today and they generally fall under an umbrella of harmful and dangerous content now keep in mind This is how we’re currently thinking about these policy areas in terms of you know today This list is not exhaustive and things can change over time. So our three categories for today are extremely dangerous challenges dangerous or threatening pranks and drug use Okay, first topic Extremely dangerous challenges, so I have all the information right here on my laptop So once again, this is not a complete list But this list really goes into detail About think about the types of challenges that you’ve seen on YouTube such as detergent eating challenges or other types of bodily harm there are some top-level buckets such as asphyxiation misuse of weapons ingesting harmful substances Burning freezing electrocution mutilation blunt-force trauma and challenges heating children. These are Large sort of buckets where we’ve noticed Unsafe and we’ll say dangerous challenges that fall under these categories and so this gives you a good breakdown of the types of challenges that If content were to be uploaded featuring those it would not be allowed and would be violating policies Alright moving on to pranks particularly dangerous or threatening pranks This is a really really nuanced category So the deep dive areas here are around inflicting physical harm And this can be things like shock pranks or drugging somebody’s food The other big category is making people feel so they are in immediate danger Example there would be swatting. So those are first two buckets. The other one is emotional distress This is a really nuanced topic where context matters so much Especially when we consider the target of this prank, so is it a minor? Is that somebody who is particularly vulnerable? Moving on to drug use once again. This is not a complete list, but at a high level Don’t do hard drugs on YouTube Don’t make hard drugs on YouTube don’t sell hard or soft drugs on YouTube Also, please keep minors in mind about this – so minors using alcohol or hard or soft drugs Please do not Here’s why this policy category is so difficult. It is extremely nuanced and context can matter so much for example Content where the primary purpose falls under a lens that we call EDSA that is educational documentary scientific or artistic and where the content is not gratuitously graphic that content might be allowed on YouTube and we should note that this policy applies to Videos the description comments live streams live chat and all other YouTube products and features Once again this we’re just gonna triple-triple make this clear. No policies are changing We’re simply giving you more information. If you like this type of a video, please hit that like button Give us a signal that you want more and I can use that to go to these policy teams and dig into more topics Please drop comments down below if there are particular Areas that you would like some more clarity about and I will see what I can do As always this is crater insider We are your in formal source for behind the scenes information from the tech teams, and I guess the policy teams So, please do subscribe if you want to get more information like this terrell delivered straight to you. We’ll see you next video

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Community Guidelines Deep Dive: Challenges, Pranks and Drugs on YT

  1. pranks are ok but harmfull pranks are not i like the old prank calls to hotels and waking people up that is funny but not harming any one. their is a fine line in the sand on this one

  2. I want to know how, in the new studio, to go to a video of mine, and see just the comments for that video, then only see comments that I have not commented too! It's PAPA, PAPA Texas!

  3. Knowing the guidelines definitely helps. I have recently begun making videos about psilocybin mushroom use specifically for people with bipolar disorder. I have been diagnosed with the disorder, and I noticed that information online is rather scarce on people with the disorder talking about the firsthand effects that using this psychedelic drug has. I believe my videos comply with the current guidelines, but I now know what to keep out of my videos to make sure nothing deemed harmful by the guidelines is coming from them.

  4. I don't have a reason to watch this cuz I don't like drugs, challenges or pranks, but if the pranks are more lighthearted then they're ok

  5. This is the kind of transparency that I appreciate. Please let us know more about the inner workings of the system.

  6. Do you know how many movie's and shows people are doing hard drugs in ?? so how would youtube know the difference of someone really doing hard drugs vs someone acting like they do in movies and also tv?

  7. please can you do a topic review on health, nutrition and medical advice. I see A LOT of damaging 'advice' from health channels that is straight up dangerous both physically and for those struggling with eating disorders or other mental health conditions. It can encourage harmful behaviours and there is no way to flag this content and enter in context as to why you are flagging it.

  8. I love how you always kinda ignore the obvious question that you could be really clear about if you wanted to be. What about all these channels selling pot smoking supplies and consuming the drug in their videos? You really need to give people a straight answer on that.

  9. Can you please clarify what educational use? You said educational use associated with drugs is fine. (I intend to talk about FDA issues where drugs, devices, cannabis etc may show up, but as it relates to education and regulations etc). Is this correct?

  10. So where does LEGAL CANNABIS fall into? Is that a "soft" drug? I appreciate the effort to provide more information, and I understand your lawyers limit what you say, but you aren't, "clearing things up" for us.. In fact this just muddies the water even more… Why are some cannabis channels getting turned back on randomly and others, like my previous channel, which is educational by the way, remain shut down with over 16k subs, a monthly watch time of almost 2 million minutes and over 1,000 concurrent viewers every Friday night when I live stream?? Can I request to have my old channel re-instated with these new clarifications regarding cannabis education on YouTube?

  11. we want our cannabis videos plz. with ofcourse age restriction should be first in mind. and is cannabis a hard drug? not to me. its a medicine thank you

  12. 2:11 Hey Barbara, getting swatted DOES put you in immediate danger, it's not just a feeling of danger. In 2017, this prank resulted in someone's death. It's definitely a serious crime and not just some prank. Just saying…

  13. Moça você é uma excelente pessoa para explicar amei seu canal pra mim que estou iniciando agora uma dicas dessas não posso perder obrigada.

  14. Okay, I just had a video treating the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings, using footage from the Department of Defense, and done in a very respectful and appropriate way, marked as "not suitable for most advertisers", and that was even with a manual review. Yet other combat footage elsewhere on other channels is fine. Hey, I think most uploaders are trying to do right in the YouTube universe, but there seems to be a disconnect on how things are demonetized by YT. At least in my situation, and probably for many other uploaders, the most important thing YouTube could do would be to provide actual feedback on why a specific video is demonetized. I cannot reconcile this action with YT's standards. Trying to do right here… but confused. Thanks for thinking about it.

  15. At first I wondered what was wrong with your mouth, then I realized YouTube paid for you to have surgery so you could talk out of both sides of it.

  16. Reviewing cigars was fine for the past decade now suddenly we've all been demonetized. YouTube's policies are completely subjective and vague. Human review was fine with some of my cigar reviews and not for others so obviously the reviewers don't even know what's allowed.

  17. Can you please focus a segment on Challenges with kids, or Pranks/Jokes with kids? There are thousands upon thousands of videos like this on Youtube right now, but if you read the rules… its seems to just be a hard "NO" for anything with the word "Prank" or "Challenge". I dont think thats true, but it makes it hard to decide what's ok. Let's do a real deep dive on the subject! Please and Thank you!

  18. they literally said nothing in this video, we might maybe could possibly occasionally selectively single out your video if "we decide" based on vague general language that defines nothing…. so helpful!!!!

  19. On Build an/your audience I have 159 unique viewers so why are these people not turned into subscribers? I've been on 18 subscribers for ages and i know that i am getting unique viewers in other videos too so why isn't the number of my subscribers not increasing?

  20. Does this mean that ads will be restricted, too? My kid (5 at the time) walked in and said, "It's miller time". I hate alcohol and my kid is exposed while watching DanTDM play Minecraft. Just stating that the content he sees is my issue, but when it's riddled with drugs, and stuff I don't want him to see. I have now started restricting him and I'm trying to be all YouTuber over here.

  21. COSTCO has a better "Policy Team" for hosting user content…and they don't host any content from users…

  22. I would like you to clearly clarify YouTube policy on marijuana. To me I feel as if you are avoiding the subject and its what we all really want to know. Instead of banning without reason lets talk and figure out a way both sides can be happy.

  23. Free Speach??? The more you regulate, the more people want them. Youtube is losing creators every day.

  24. How about those videos that kids are watching and spreading at school that are causing many things even up to suicides and crimes….. and not just the ones in english? I hope these are considered under dangerous challenges and pranks!

  25. The drugs I talk about are psychiatric drugs prescribed by a doctor. All of a sudden some of my vids aren't doing as well as the old ones.

  26. Where does "true crime" fall? Such as covering current news events of missing and/or murdered persons? And what is one of those persons is a child? Some of these crimes are particularly heinous.

  27. I am a state licensed medical patient/grower and have been a content creator on youtube for over 6 years. I do not sell anything but my channel generates a lot of views and interest from advertisers. Youtube refuses to let me monetize my channel for the last 2 years+ and demonetized all 300+ of my videos all at once. There is a CLEAR market for home growing advertisers that you refuse to acknowledge. You won't let anybody monetize their videos unless it's basically kid friendly. That's ridiculous. You will only run ads on videos kids can watch?? That's sounds like some shady practices. Adults are the ones who have the buying power. Adults watch youtube. Adults watch my channel. Let me monetize it and let's make some money. I'm not selling drugs or doing anything harmful. I'm farming a plant. A plant I am legally licensed to farm.

  28. Why are you guys slamming Psyched Substances if hes an educational channel about harm reduction with drugs

  29. I think we really need a complete clarification on what you as a company define certain things. Like, what do you, the YouTube team define as hard/soft drugs, things that are very open to interpretation. It's the lack of clarification and the ambiguity of what you define certain things, only to have videos removed for things you define as excessive etc. Please, do a whole series of videos like this or even one long one, I don't care how long I have to watch. Just tell us what you define and what you mean YouTube!

  30. I suggest your back YouTube,
    You should create a button for Youtuber/NonYouTube can promote their website easier like FaceBook, Nod Need to use Google Ads It is sooooooooooo complicated
    Very complicated if we compare to Facebook.
    Thank I believe YouTube will consider with this new UI. I have ore suggestion but I don’t know where can I send my idea to youTube Sorry .

  31. Playback the video of you telling the world you plan to target creators and manipulate US politics. I don't even support our administration and it disgusts me. You have zero credulity.

  32. Yes, please. I have a very young channel, and this is going to help me to walk the line. I wish I could like this video a thousand times.

  33. If people call for the genocide, violence or murder of an individual or a larger group identity. THEN step in. BAN Etc. Otherwise… humans are human and when things get stifled in one place, they come up in really messed up ways in future. Just because they don't post bad stuff doesn't mean it's not happening. I would rather have a window into what humans are doing and thinking than have no idea and then be Blindsided by all the things I've been insulated against for "xyz" years. There is always an Off button on the internet. At what point should people be responsible for their feelings is an ongoing debate that ought to happen more. But this "everyone else is responsible for how I feel" is some seriously corrosive ideology for the individuals in question as well as the greater society.

  34. so, am I allowed to smoke when it's legal in my state in my videos? It's soft drugs and not the focus of my video, but say im playing a game, smoking, is that allowed? I understand it may be age restricted, but it's not against policy, correct?

  35. 3:28 What do you mean comments and live chat? If some one posts a comment violating one of these rules do they get punished, or does the creator of the video its on get punished.

  36. YouTube is violating constitutional rights, the First Amendment on a platform created by taxpayers! You people are contributing to censorship & civil rights violations leading to censorship! Why don't you quit & go get a real job like cleaning a hotel or mowing lawns!

  37. How about a film that these policies will apply too? and how about a comedy act does the policy like drinking a liquid soap will

  38. One of my videos was demonetize and it wasn't even political or inappropriate for kids. Does that mean that kid friendly content is not advertiser friendly?

  39. What a joke! She repeats "It's extremely nuance" for every category. That's code for: The guidelines don't matter. It's completely subjective. if YouTube doesn't like it, they ban it, period.

  40. Are YouTube Creator tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ safe to use on YouTube or can they get your account suspended under ToS section 4H?

  41. My channel was demonetized for no reason saying invalid click activity when adsense account connected, was only connected to my youtube channel and nothing else and i havent been accepted to youtube partner program so dont know how it was disabled for invalid activity…which is not possible felt so painful …my two channels demonetized first channel smileliveserve and second channel euphoria 2019

  42. This clears up nothing. What we need to know is EXACTLY how YouTube defines this content, what will YouTube do about it, what can creators do to appeal YouTube's decisions regarding unsafe content, and and how long such a process will take.

    CREATORS should not be responsible for others' comments. You've got to have a way to hold those commenting instead. Seriously. This is gonna kill YouTube.

  43. I'm a trained and licensed medical physician providing info based on research in peer-reviewed medical journals and yet my content is being removed. What gives?

  44. Let's call a spade a spade. The behaviors / activities you listed (most of which) are ILLEGAL.
    There is no 'gray area'. This is NOT rocket science. Barbara, it's shameful that you should even have to make a video about this sort of a topic. It SHOULD BE COMMON SENSE.

    Yes…..oop, my bad. Some people either don't have or choose not to use their common sense filter. Guess some folks missed a few lessons back in school.

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