CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW Greetings, dear friends! Today in ALLATRA TV studio
we welcome the esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.
Greetings, Igor Mikhailovich. Greetings. Today, of course, the presence of
Igor Mikhailovich is very inspiring, because the topic
of today’s programme is very serious, very acute – it is
global climate change on the planet. The report “On the Problems and Consequences
of Global Climate Change on Earth” – this is the ultimate
reality of today. We can only state the fact that the events
described in the report are becoming the reality
within the specified timeframe. In fact, humankind has
even less than 50 years! Seismic Activity. Seismic activity is
increasing around the world. The geography of
earthquakes is expanding. Their frequency and magnitude
increase significantly. The unpredictability of earthquakes
causes tremendous damage to the population of
the affected regions. Under extreme conditions, not
the event itself is so terrible, but rather the animal-like behaviour
of people with a consumer world-view. What can we, people, do today in order not to become victims
of egoistic thinking tomorrow? New tectonic continental faults
are forming on the planet. Cracks and faults. A sudden appearance of giant cracks and
gaps is being observed all over the world. A serious deformation of
the Earth is happening. Tornadoes. The merciless force of
nature strikes settlements, destroying everything
in its path. Tornadoes are getting stronger, and today they can already be observed
in regions that are not typical for them. Volcanic activity. Pyroclastic clouds, mud flows. They pose a threat to
nearby settlements, forcing people to
leave their homes and depriving them
of their livelihood. Misfortune never comes alone. Volcanic eruptions are accompanied
by high seismic activity. They provoke formation
of landslides and cracks as well as
development of tsunamis. They lead to crop failure,
hunger, and disease, as well as accelerate global
climate change on the planet. Fires. Abnormal heat. Destructive giant wildfires. Abnormal heat. Hurricane wind. Fires burning down
entire cities. The fiery force of nature, against
which people found themselves helpless despite all their technical
advancements of modern civilisation. Disasters are on the rise, and we are unable
to withstand them. This cannot be avoided. In the face of a global
disaster, the entire civilisation with its vaunted
technical progress is nothing but a
big soap bubble, helpless before nature. Snowfall. Large hail.
Abnormal frosts. Snow falls even in the deserts. Africa, Europe, America… There are sharp temperature
fluctuations on the planet. Record frosts and snowfalls
paralyse the life of entire regions. Hail. Destroyed crops, damaged power
lines, buildings, and cars. Earth’s magnetic field. Anomalously rapid shift
in the North magnetic pole relative to the South
pole of the Earth. These significant changes
cause serious problems not only in the failure
of navigation equipment, but of other
electronics as well. What extreme consequences can
this lead to in the near future? Melting of glaciers. Glaciers are rapidly
melting at the poles. A sharp increase in temperatures has led to prominent reduction
in the size of sea ice extents. This results in the rise of the global
sea level and changes in the ecosystems. Сlimate is changing, and tomorrow your normal life will change beyond recognition. Are you ready for this? Hurricanes. Powerful hurricanes of destructive force
are striking our planet more often now. The force of nature brings huge
masses of sea water onto the land, causing sudden heavy floods, storm
surges, mudflows, and landslides. Natural disasters
overlap one another, causing record damage to people. This affects all aspects of
people’s lives and their safety. There is a threat
to health and life, shortage of food
and fresh water, loss of property
and livelihoods. What is it like for those who have survived
to start their lives all over again? Typhoons. In the consumer society, even
with humanitarian laws on paper, every victim remains facing their
own troubles and problems afterwards. Landslides. Heavy rains and downpours cause terrifying
sudden landslides and mudslides. They take people by surprise. These natural
disasters bury roads, buildings and entire
localities under the ground. Tsunamis. Thousands of tons of ocean water
sweep away everything in their path. As disasters strike, they
result in the death of people, leaving behind
uninhabitable coastal zones. Tsunamis entail a threat of
environmental catastrophe. Floods. Climate is changing. And it will only get
worse in the future. Everyday life will change
beyond recognition. Are you ready for this? To lose your family, your loved
ones, your home, and your belongings? What have you done today to make tomorrow
different for you and your family? Refugees. You are watching just a video, and your consciousness is saying
that “this doesn’t concern you”. While someone is going
through it right now. Can you be sure that tomorrow
this won’t happen to you, and you won’t be a part
of similar disasters? And someone will be watching a
video with your participation and, just like you now, will
doubt that this is happening. Refugees. People without bread, without
a penny in their pockets are forced to illegally migrate to
other countries in order to survive. While you are now being
warm and comfortable. Consciousness is telling
you, “Who needs poor beggars, and, even more so, in my house?!” But the truth is that this
is a common misfortune, and it will affect everyone, including you. And tomorrow you,
together with them, will be looking for a
safe place to survive. Now you are looking at this as at something alien. But tomorrow you’ll be forced
to walk among this crowd. And after tomorrow you’ll be forced to
leave together with those whom you came to and who wasn’t
happy to see you. You wonder why this
is happening now? Where is the civilised
attitude towards people? Where is the help of
international organizations that must take care of people? Where are they? Where
is it all here and now? The truth is that the bureaucrats, to whom the society
entrusted the solution of these problems, are also people of
consumer thinking who sit and watch videos
in their cozy offices, and instead of actually helping
people, they keep writing fakes for the world mass media. But the reality is
that already tomorrow they will be walking alongside
you, among the crowd of refugees, and repent that they did nothing when
they had the opportunity to change a lot. And this is as inevitable
as the sunrise. All you’ve seen is just a part of the
events that took place within one year. And if you don’t
want to notice this, if you turn away from
other people’s misfortunes, then it doesn’t mean at all that
tomorrow this won’t happen to you, your home and your family. As of today,
probably every person understands, looking at what
is happening in the world, looking at what is happening
outside the window, that global climate
change is inevitable, and it is growing at
a tremendous speed. Now scientists are concerned that it’s
necessary to undertake some actions, to do something and do it
urgently, because very soon, after 2030, it will be impossible
to change the situation. And this is exactly the information which
you, Igor Mikhailovich, told people, you said it long before the scientific
world realised it, so to say. You talked about
what awaits humanity, about the fact that there would be
these ever-increasing cataclysms, you talked about
many other things. And you told people what
awaits them in the future. And at that time, of course,
it seemed to be unrealistic, because when 40 years ago you told people
that the Soviet Union would collapse. And, of course, at that time
they couldn’t believe this news – it was completely unrealistic
back then, at the end of the 70s. You also said that TV would
hang on a wall like a picture, you mentioned that every person would
have a telephone in their pocket. But probably the most unique thing was
the knowledge that you conveyed to people, certain individuals, and
scientists 30 years ago. And this knowledge was partially included
in the reports on climatology and physics, the opportunity to publish which
presented itself in 2014 and 2015. People then shared, took notice of, and
observed how the events were developing. And indeed, everything you
talked about came true. At the beginning of 2018, the
programme “It is Coming” was released. People do in fact note the increasing
rate of global climate changes in those regions which you talked
about then, which you mentioned then. We know a lot about what is
so far unknown to the masses. So, a question arises: is it possible to somehow make this
information more available to people? The thing is that people
don’t want to hear. When, let’s say, one’s ears
are covered by the devil and we’ve already discussed many
times what human consciousness is, then the person doesn’t hear. No matter how many
times you tell him, or how many times you explain it to him,
if it doesn’t suit him, he doesn’t hear it. Now, if you and I were talking, say, not about
how a person can come to the Spiritual World, but we were talking about magic,
how a person can become rich, happy, and how he, as an ordinary person,
can learn to possess enormous power but all power comes down to doing
something bad to a neighbour – believe me, that’s what
they would perceive and hear. And now you’ve just mentioned
telling people more. But what for, to spread panic? Let’s recall, here you’ve just given
an example, that 40 years, 30 years ago we talked to people, right? And let’s recall
that seven years ago, when people, guided by altruism, having learned about what’s coming,
hurried to somehow help people. And where did they go?
To mass media, they addressed TV
channels and journalists. Well, everyone of us
remembers how it ended. How many TV channels began to call
them sectarians and schizophrenics, who are “talking about things that wouldn’t
occur to anyone in their right mind”. And so, I wonder: where
are those journalists now when everything that people
said has indeed happened? But it happened afterwards. And what you are talking about now,
do you think people care about it? I’m sure they do care,
Igor Mikhailovich… Very few of them do. While the majority of
them care much more about how to make money, how
to feed themselves, because we are talking
about the future, about what will happen sometime. Even if it happens in a week, but it will happen in a whole
week, while I want to eat now, I’ve got so many problems – at
work, at home, in the family. That’s what people
are concerned about. After all, human
consciousness, say, it keeps him in its grip so much and
creates so many things to worry about, that it’s not the future a person wants
to think about, but just this minute. Well, what can we say, if during
a day in human consciousness, well, let’s say, more than 80%
of thoughts are totally negative. Will a person really
think about anything good, about any kind of future
or something else? Well, I doubt this. Igor Mikhailovich, you’ve
just spoken, of course, about those people,
those journalists. Well, indeed, they do understand now,
seeing how events are developing, seeing what was happening and how quickly
these scenarios started coming true… I’ll tell you something else. When seven years ago it was told about
what was coming, and when it happened, then, trying to help somehow, Anastasia Novykh also announced something. Well, what was the reaction? None. Because people’s thoughts
were about something else. They were directed at
something completely different, although much could
have been changed. But… People didn’t want to. Igor Mikhailovich, it’s just that, well,
a lot of time has passed since then, and it seems to me that the
situation has now changed. And participants of the ALLATRA
International Public Movement are an evidence that people… The movement participants – yes, but
the majority hasn’t changed a bit. But they also felt,
you know, those people… I’ll put it simply, nothing has
changed over a thousand years. But now, it seems to me,
even in the last year people are changing so
much inside themselves, and the environment around
them is changing, and… …those who want to. But there are just a few of them
among billions. Well, isn’t it so? Still, in my opinion
especially now, at such a time, people really need prophecies
of what will happen, what… Hmm, prophecies… Sorry, but I’m not a carpenter or a
shepherd, and I am certainly not a prophet. The last prophet was
Muhammad (peace be upon him). While I’m just a masseur, let’s say,
a masseur-futurologist, if you will. And futurology forecasts,
which, well, somehow came true, could be attributed
to a coincidence. After all, this is what
consciousness will tell people. Well, you know,
Igor Mikhailovich, circumstances are, kind
of, a bit different now. Still, I’m sure that most
people really do feel, and they do trust their feelings
more, so of course, we understand… Well, those who feel and
trust their feelings, they don’t need our forecasts. But still, somehow, it would be great if people in such
a difficult period of life, when… Is it really a difficult
period of life for them now? It’s not an easy one. You
know, people were waiting… Let me put it this way: now
is not an easy period of life for those who understand
what is coming. But for the rest,
life is wonderful – just as it was 20, 30
years ago, so it remains. It’s just that their
Personalities also sort of feel, it’s not
even attitudes here… Everyone feels inside. Yes, to address not so much
their consciousness, but… IM: But consciousness doesn’t let
them understand what they feel. And it prevents them from
making the right decision. Isn’t that so? Well, it’s just that
a little later they… Do you know what
humanity’s problem is? The problem of entire humanity
and of each person individually is that people don’t
understand elementary things. They don’t understand that the
most important and most basic, the most valuable primary
resource they possess is time and their attention. And this is really true. Every wasted second of
life takes their life away. People don’t understand this. And this is true. For them, life is precisely this
world, and whatever will be – will be. After all, they’ve heard enough of
different things for many years, and about those very predictions – how
many times they were mentioned, right?. Yes. What also comes
to mind is that, as people also told, when as far back as
in the 90s concerned people came to you… Back then, there was a
lot of hype in mass media regarding the possible
end of the world, when people were expecting that the
comet would collide with Earth; in particular, the
comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. Back then, people came
to you with these fears and were concerned that the
comet would collide with Earth. You said that it
was “still early”, that it “wouldn’t happen”, and
that we “wouldn’t let it happen”. Indeed, after some time, it was observed that the
comet changed its trajectory, and instead of moving
towards the Earth, it broke into fragments
which collided with Jupiter. Here, also, let’s say, it
was such a mysterious event even for scientists themselves, because at some point, of course, they say that “Jupiter
attracts with its gravitational field, acts as a shield”, so “it protects
Earth”, such a “space safeguard”. But those in scientific
circles who know the specifics, they understand that what happened goes
beyond understanding the laws of physics: when a comet enters
the gravitational field and must get acceleration
and go towards Earth, it immediately
changes this direction and even one person of authority in
scientific circles, an astronomer, said that it was hit
like by a racket, and the comet just crumbles into fragments
which later collide with Jupiter. What struck scientists most of
all at that time was exactly the release of energy that
occurred out of a fragment, it was so large-scale that, according to preliminary data,
it was 600 times greater than the entire nuclear
potential on Earth. And the immensity was enormous. And to this day, in the scientific
community, there is no answer to the question –
how did this happen? Although you had told people beforehand
that there wouldn’t be a collision. Let’s say, that was an accidentally
lucky forecast. Nothing more. Such a topic of the
end of the world in recent decades is, of
course, very frequent… And there were predictions in
1996 from different people, when there were speculations
fueled in the world mass media that the Earth would again collide with a
comet, this time with the Hale-Bopp comet, but it didn’t happen. We remember the year 2000, when people were waiting for what
would happen at the millennium, waiting for the chime of bells, what
would happen, but nothing happened. But, of course, the
biggest hype in mass media was concerning the
date December 21, 2012. This is the time when the Mayan calendar
ended, and there were various predictions: both that this was the
beginning of a new era, and that the Earth would
collide with some planet X, and that some kind of
cataclysm would happen. Everyone was getting
ready for this… Well, in fact, no one
was getting ready. They talked about this
a lot, but in fact no one believed in it. It’s interesting, Igor Mikhailovich,
that it turns out that December 21, 2012 – it was exactly on this date that the
system focused its attention the most. Well… What is this date? What
happened on December 21, 2012? I would put it this way: this
is the beginning of the end or the beginning of beginnings. What really happened? A lot happened: this was the beginning
of the time of the Crossroads. That’s what actually happened. A countdown started. Now, if we take the cycle of human
civilisation: it is 12,000 years. While the small cycle is
the time of the Crossroads. It’s the time of people’s choice,
what they choose: to live or to die. And the twelfth year –
it has defined itself this way. Simply put, December 21, 2012 is the
beginning of the Crossroads which will last this is easy to calculate,
here we are again making futurological forecasts, for 12 years. Whatever humanity attains
during these 12 years, that’s what will be. And what is the period of
implementation afterwards, after the choice? It’s not hard to calculate. But these are definitely not hundreds
or thousands of years, or even decades. Again, how much time is
given for the implementation? The fractally repeating Twelve… small cycle. That is, during this time, and this can happen either
immediately or a little bit later, but not longer than this period. And we must understand that if such
events occur, they don’t occur instantly. This is a slow process, it is spread over several years. But if it begins, it
will be irreversible. That is, in fact, humanity
has a chance to make this Step inner step, this
inner choice now. Yes. But considering
how many people, let’s say, are controlled by… how to say
it politely, well, not by themselves… …but by consciousness. Absolutely right. You’ve also talked
about cyclicity, and there are also a lot…
and scientists confirm what you’ve just said about the
cyclicity of the processes, and… But this was known. Yes. It was known in
ancient times as well. In ancient times as well. Do you think
people don’t know today? They do. It’s just that even, you know… But it’s not talked
about, so that… there would be no panic or something
else, because people will give up. Well, when they give
up, they’ll stop buying. And what is the main thing
for our civilisation? Goods turnover. What should the consumer society
do all the time? It should consume. Shouldn’t it? Everything rests on this, the
whole meaning of human existence. A simple question, what is
the meaning of our humanity? Well, everyone finds some excuse
for himself, why he is here. Right or wrong – well, this is
already the person’s choice. But what is the meaning of
the very existence of people, of humanity as a whole? They miss this point, yes. The point where
everyone should arrive. But indeed, it was also said in religions,
for instance, if we look at eschatology, it talked about the
importance of human choice, especially during these
times, the end of times, when an active position of
people is certainly needed. Well, and again, you are
saying “the end of times”. What do “the end times” mean? And how many
times have these end times been announced? Well, yes, here of course, if we
look at how human consciousness now perceives information of any
kind about the end of the world. Of course. Wasn’t it announced a
thousand years ago about the end times? Well, it’s interesting how the system
has done its job. That is, it’s very… 80 years after Jesus left, the end times were announced. And so it continues to this day. And when mass media
had developed, the Internet appeared and the
like, don’t they talk about this? The end of the world
happens almost every year Well, it’s
interesting that… You’ve just been telling us. Well, it’s interesting that
currently even people themselves in society feel
that it is close… That’s the trouble of
the humankind, you see? The Angel which is
inside a person, the one whom we call a
Personality, he does feel, he does feel the truth,
and he understands. But the dominant consciousness
forbids him to even make a move. And immediately there appear lots of
things to worry about for the person: some problems with health,
or some other ones, well, that are much more
important than survival. Isn’t it so? Yes And if we look at it on
the scale of humanity, then there immediately
arise all sorts of crises, some complications: geopolitical,
macroeconomic issues that come to the forefront, right? At the moment, generally
speaking, the situation is acute, almost up to a nuclear war. It’s interesting how the system, in
general, has been preparing people. It turns out that
any… any mention… And here you’ve brought up the key point:
the system has been preparing people. It was brainwashing them. Of course. After all, it’s been said: no
one knows when it will happen. But in reality, no one knows,
because the choice is up to people. But when the choice is made, well,
then everything will be clear. This just confirms
that such an activation of the system precisely
within these generations, yes, which live now, who come across this
information, this also confirms that the events will actually
occur within the generation that was brainwashed by means of
consciousness, by means of mass media. And, after all, people indeed distrust
this information a bit nowadays. Some think that this is a joke, Of course, they distrust it some think that it’s a lie, that someone
wants to profit on them once again. But isn’t that true? And how much profit was made? Well,
they are constantly profiting. You’ve just mentioned 2012, and how mass
media, let’s say, promoted all this. How many people have
profited from this? Did people believe? No,
they didn’t believe. Consciousness
doesn’t believe it. It doesn’t believe to the point of no return, put it this way. But when an understanding comes that this
is the end, that’s when panic begins. Well, then it is
pointless to do anything. It’s just that this moment, how
important it is for people to be ready and stand together at that point which
people will come to, in order to… Well, I’ll put it this way: no one knows
right now what choice humanity will make. But whatever happens, it’s much
more important to gain life now and to correctly distribute
the main resource which I’ve mentioned –
time and attention. What a person invests it
in is what he becomes. If he invests it in
life, he gains life. And then it doesn’t
matter what will happen. All people who are here are mortal.
Sooner or later everything ends. Nowadays, time is passing much
faster, and everyone feels this. And there’s a process
of time acceleration: recently it was spring,
and it’s already autumn, we’ve just celebrated the New Year, and
it’s already summer. Well, isn’t that so? And everybody notices it, even kids. They say, when a person is
little, time goes more slowly, while for an adult it runs faster,
and now even for kids it runs faster. Well, the question is what
do you spend this time on. And if you waste it
on earthly things, and if you live, let’s say, just for
today, well, in this day you’ll remain. While it’s important
to enter tomorrow which will be endless.
That’s what’s important. Well, such people have
nothing to worry about. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? And
will there actually be this tomorrow? For them, there
definitely will be. That’s what’s important. Igor Mikhailovich, at the end
of the time of the Crossroads, if people make a choice
towards the spiritual, towards attainment of
Life, in favour of… Then they will get twelve thousand years,
as they say, “the golden millennium”. But over time, it
will end again, and we’ll again come to what we have
come to now. This is inevitable. What do people
have to do in order for the “golden millennium”
to come, for this to happen? They have to become
people, free people. Free from the beast’s dictatorship.
That’s what’s important. Do you know what the
other trouble is? I would say that everything negative that
is imposed in our society is done by less than one
percent of the total population. These are the people who are
completely controlled by consciousness as part of the system,
or, to put it simply, these are the ones who are
manipulated by the devil. However, they are very
active and very loud. While more than 99%
of people are passive. And there are a
lot fewer of them, there are a lot fewer people who
are more or less spiritually free more or less, I emphasize. Those who feel, do understand, but they,
like the remaining ninety-eight percent well, even more than
ninety-eight, are also passive. But if all people stopped
being silent, then everything would change. And no matter how those other ones
would shout and make noise, then, as they say, their screams would not be
heard in our whispering. Isn’t it so? This is the key point that in whispering…
that the Spiritual World is not loud, or noisy, or flashy, but deep, quiet, yet… Why scream? It is consciousness that screams. The devil is always noisy, fussy,
because he is mortal, he is finite. From a human perspective, the
system has existed for a long time. But in relation to the Spiritual
World, it’s an instant. The system is like an illusion. Igor Mikhailovich, there
is also such a question: the system imposes doubts on people
whether they will have time to unite. After all, so much time, it seems… We have said many times that no one divides people
like the devil does. But the choice of
people lies exactly in whom to serve: the
Spiritual World or the devil. Isn’t it so? Yes… It is precisely for this
that this time is given. That’s why they receive
help, well, again, it’s impossible to make a
choice instead of people. A human is free in his choice. This is the highest gift that
a being like a human can gain. This is the right of
choice: to Live or to die. You know, it’s as if
consciousness underestimates the role of people
who can all unite. People can do a lot. And nothing
prevents them from gaining unity, absolutely nothing but thoughts in
their head, coming from the devil. Nothing else. After all, participants of the
ALLATRA International Public Movement are an example of that… And they prove this. Yes, they prove that people,
by uniting, very quickly… Well, many people don’t
understand what ALLATRA is. We have no financial
interest in each other. Nobody rips anyone off, nobody imposes any
religion on anyone, because ALLATRA unites
people of various religions. People are absolutely
free, and they unite. This proves the fact that people are able
to step over satan. And this is true. But for this, you need to make an effort
and spend your attention on what is good, and to spend time on what is good.
Then everything is possible. Indeed, you’ve said that
the system imposes division, but our participants are precisely
an example of this unity, consolidation of people’s efforts, because
there are many different nationalities, so many people of
different social status and from different parts of the
world, they prove that simply… You see, nationality, statuses – all this is imposed by satan.
There is no difference, believe me. There is no difference
between people. Angel has no nationality, Angel has no gender, and
has no earthly capital. These have nothing to do with him. These
are all earthly affairs. Isn’t that so? Of course. Well, so what’s the
difference between them? Who was he, of what
kin or something else? What capital did he possess? Yes, the main human capital is
exactly that very Angel inside. It is solely the Angel that can
get help from the Spiritual World. While consciousness can get help from
the devil, from the system itself, yes. If a person dreams of wealth, if he’s eager
and ready to sell his soul, as they say, not actually to sell the soul,
but to betray the Angel inside, to betray himself, the one
who the person really is. For some candy which he can get, again,
only if it’s beneficial to the system. Then the system will give
him this candy. So what? No matter how many candies you
get, what will you do with them? How much does a person
really need to enjoy? Is it really a pleasure?
A simple question. It’s a pleasure for those who don’t
know what the Spiritual World is, and what true Love really is, and
what sincere and real happiness is. For those ones, a
candy means something. But when you have something
to compare with… That’s the point. The trouble is that
people don’t know what they are losing, and what they trade
their lives for. After all, every person feels that he’s
in this world not without a reason, that he came here
with some mission. But consciousness immediately
makes a substitution. And what do people start doing? They think that salvation is
accumulation of some kind of wealth, and after all, the system
also demonstrates and says Sure that the one will most likely get saved
who has funds, who will manage to escape. Escape where? No one will escape from this
sphere until he or she gains Life. To escape where?
There’s only one gate. But a person must deserve it. Whom should
one become: a sneaky devilkin or an Angel? That’s why they said and
compared with the heavens, that a person should
break out of this sphere. The gate to heaven is inside a
human, and not somewhere in space. This answers the question
of how spirituality is actually connected with climate
and the climatic situation… Well, directly. Let’s just say, people can
actually change many things. Can people influence climate
or something else? They can. There are numerous
examples of this. But the world is different now.
I’ll give a simple example. Let’s imagine: all believers of
all confessions, of all religions, all clergymen and all saints, no matter of what dignity
and rank they are, have gathered together, and
they have all started praying for a mountain to move
at least one millimeter. Will this happen? No Of course, it won’t happen. While the Allat sisters
whom we talked about turned mountains into plains
and plains into mountains. And this is true. And
isn’t it mentioned? People can do it. But
what is needed for this? To become humans and to unite. But even in case of the
most positive outcome, indeed, in just a little while
the time of the Crossroads ends, and if humanity chooses the path of
spiritual development, the path of unity, if everyone who’s alive at least
a little bit stops being silent, even then we won’t
be able to avoid most of the disasters that are
already chartered, so to say. But we’ll be able to survive. However, we’ll be able
to survive only together. And this is not a scare
story, you can disbelieve it. “Big deal, a masseur-futurologist is
telling tales, you can disbelieve this.” That’s what consciousness
is telling many people. And this is also true.
Isn’t it so? They don’t want to
believe in what is bad. But they don’t want to believe in
what is bad concerning themselves. You know, consciousness really avoids
this topic by all means, because… Certainly, it avoids. And here again, you’ve
raised the issue that by 2030 humanity will face problems that
won’t be possible to change. Well, let them try
to make changes now. If all humanity stops generating,
let’s say, CO2, nothing will change. And people note this. Everything will progress
as it progresses now. After all, many of those very
scientists whom you’ve mentioned, they understand perfectly well that the
human factor in this case is insignificant. Yes, we slightly influence what is
actually happening, but only slightly. After all, the problems
that are happening now are caused by completely
different processes. It is cyclicity. And it
doesn’t depend on people. And no matter what we do
now, it will continue. It’s natural. But the question is about the
last day: will it be or not. There is still time for
people to make a decision. Well, again, consciousness will say,
“Again time, again scare stories.” No, not scare stories.
Nobody scares anyone and… and you shouldn’t
be upset about this. You don’t have to listen to us at all.
What for? You can live as you lived before, and
everything will be just as it was before… But not for long. It’s just that, you know, as if a person
pins his hopes on someone in these matters, or on religion, that
they will save him, yes… This is a very frequent situation, when in
order to find a solution to some situation, people simply address God with some
kind of an inner cry, ask for help… But again, what are
they asking for? For example, people have
gathered in a temple, and there is a directive
from consciousness: if they are in a temple,
they address God, but they are asking for the material,
for the earthly, for the inevitably dead. And here note, people always
scream in front of God, but they are silent
in front of the devil. Why is this happening? A lot is concealed in this. Also, a person hopes that the head
of the government will save him. And we’ve talked
about this many times, that a person always wants to
shift responsibility to someone. But again, the heads of
government, are they gods? They are people,
just ordinary people. It’s just that these people
are endowed with power because they wanted this power, but they
also get responsibility for this power. But there’s a simple question:
who will they care about? Excuse me: about a farmer and
about someone who lays asphalt, or about their beloved
selves and their close ones? Well, isn’t it so? About themselves, that is,
a person is more focused on escaping ,but as you’ve said
there is nowhere to escape, rather than on solving some
issues and uniting with people. You know, I don’t feel like
talking about this, because in reality, well, for people… will it help somehow?
It won’t help. While we will tell scare stories about
what might happen, but it might not happen. Should we scare people?
What for? People should come to God through
Love, and not through fear for their skins.
That’s the point. You know why this
question arises, it seems to me, it’s important
to expand on a topic that one shouldn’t shift responsibility for
one’s own destiny to those very scientists or to the heads of states, because that’s
how the system works. It always seeks Of course some kind of mediation
between a person… You are right: always
and everywhere. It’s just when a person realises that…
everything is in his hands… Just like a disease, right?
A person is sick, and he shifts responsibility
onto a doctor. When it doesn’t help, he shifts it onto
another doctor, “That doctor is bad”, instead of really changing his
lifestyle and stop being ill, right? Well, there are incurable
diseases, this is also true. No doctor can help with
diseases that are incurable. And to prevent humanity from an
incurable state, what is needed? Preventive measures, first of all.
And everyone should be doing this. You know, what has also
surprised me is that on the one hand, a person shifts
responsibility to those very scientists, “They do something there, study
something, most likely they will help us.” And at the same time, there was a
letter from a climatologist who says, “I’ve faced this problem
together with scientists, I sort of understand what’s going to
happen, it’s very scary even to assume …apocalypse apocalypse, I really don’t want to
see either my family, or myself, or the future humanity as kind of a participant of these
apocalypse movies… I’m really scared! But everything I do is just
working from morning till night…” But consciousness
closes his mouth, too, Yes. you see? Instead of T: he avoids finally ceasing to be afraid
of these ghosts in his head, but to actually come out, to
stand in front of humanity, and to say, “Guys, but
this is really so.” Some are trying, but their
mouths are being closed. They are deprived of their
careers and everything else for the fact that these
people are telling the truth. But when your choice is the
life of your loved ones, your descendants, well, even if
a person lives by earthly values. And what are the earthly values?
Descendants, right? A person establishes a business,
does something, for whom? For children, for
grandchildren, for someone else. But what children and
grandchildren can be there, even according to the
most optimistic estimate? Pardon me, you might see your grandchildren, but as
for great-grandchildren – it’s unlikely. Well, isn’t it so? So what should be done? Remain silent again, because you
will be fired or something else, Or stop being afraid and take
your scientific evidence, and prove, defend your point of view. Maybe someone will hear. Well, isn’t it so? And when every person
in the same way… And when every person stops
fearing satan in his head, but really understands that
he has the right to Live, and he does have
the right to Live, and when he begins to speak
out, then the world will change. But while everyone keeps
sitting and being silent or thinking, “well, yes, I’ll
speak out, later… on Monday… the next one. Well, who starts a serious business
on Monday? Let’s start… on Saturday. Well, who does anything on Saturday? It’s a
day off, after all. I’ll start on Monday!” And it’s like that every time. And then he forgot why
he was striving for this. It’s possible to live like that, too.
It’s possible, if this is life for him. It’s just that how
consciousness draws for people, participants of the
movement have also shared what it says: that at the
moment when something happens, that in that critical situation, at that point of events, you will surely become humane, and you will change,
and you’ll be… You won’t become. And you won’t change. People say that, perhaps,
catastrophes are necessary so that people go through this
and become purified and humane. But experience
shows the opposite. When the last bottle of water
is taken away from a child, and when an old woman gets shot
for a piece of bread, right? This is the reality
of existence, because everything that is
now imposed on people’s heads is mostly violence, cruelty
and survival at any cost. Well, will people
become more spiritual when they have to share one
bottle of water among all? There are heroes among people,
I don’t argue, who will give their share to someone else to
prolong another person’s life. There are, of
course, such people. But in percentage
ratio, how many of them? This is the answer. So, what awaits us with
such a course of events? Armed gangs? And all the movies
that were made are a light fairy tale
of reality that might be. We have said this
more than once. After all, the system
indeed foresees everything. We’ve already mentioned
migration in the programmes. Just imagine, if at least a billion
people begin to move for resettlement now? At least a billion. How will this all end? It’s just interesting
how it imposes, yes, even regarding
the refugee issues, the issues of migration, such a
position that refugees are victims… Aren’t they the same
people like you? And everyone has watched and
thought, “They will come to me.” Why “they will come to you”? Why
not you, my friend, who will go?! Everything can be exactly the opposite
than what consciousness tells you. You will have to go
somewhere with your family, to a place where no
one is waiting for you. Well, isn’t that so? And then what? Some want to be given, others
don’t want to give at all, “Why should I share?!” This
is how the system imposes. And everyone thinks that
someone owes them something. But the truth is that no one owes anything to
anyone in this world. And this is really true. There’s also such a positive
example: the ALLATRA Movement, because at the time when
the system divides people into a “friend or foe” of some
kind, they understand that foreign… Do you know what they
are thinking about now, those who are listening
for the first time? That we are sitting here
and advertising ALLATRA, terrifying people and telling that
ALLATRA is so good, and so on. Well, this is the truth. But there are
those who listen… This is how consciousness works. But those who listen, those who
listen, they know who we are. And what about those who don’t know? How
to reach out to those who don’t know? One by one? Someone said a little here,
someone said a little there. I’ll put it simply:
imagine a factory where it’s noisy, and you stand
in a corner and tell the truth. Will you be heard at the other end? Well, but people are also
tired already of this lie, Tired and that’s exactly the truth that
sounds, one might say, even very… …ordinary. The truth sounds
very loud because… Because it echoes inside. And the point of it is precisely to
learn to hear that whisper inside. And to trust that instead of
the yelling in one’s head. And to learn to actually stop
this yelling in one’s head. And to stop being a slave
controlled by the system. That’s the truth. And this is what people
primarily need to master in order to become
humans, not animals. So, I’ll just return to the
people from the ALLATRA Movement, to those who joined because… Well, okay, keep advertising… Because in that situation which… Although I should say that, to be honest,
I should say, thank you so much, friends, for really being with
us, for understanding, and for what you do!
This is true. It’s very joyful that, you know, they
inspire by their example so much. Of course And because, first of all, there is
this Knowledge and understanding… First of all, because they
are honest and free. There is the Knowledge,
that’s also very important. And “alive” is written
on their faces, right? And life is certainly
attracted to life, and that’s why these, you know, life-generating processes
are developing so quickly? The system only knows that it’s necessary
to prevent unification of people. Here’s an example. On the surface,
it’s a dead desert: there’s nothing but sand, there are deep cracks in the ground. It has rained a little, and in the
morning everything is already green. Here’s a simple positive example. The
same is here – life is attracted to life. And how quickly this
is being implemented… And there is a positive point. Revival… Yes… Of course, there is. If there were no these positive points
and there were no chance, let’s say, would we be talking with
you about anything now? Why would I need it? I have
things to do in other places. I’m not a forensic
pathologist, I’m a masseur. My job is to help
people get rid of pain, so that life would be, well, let’s say,
joyful and without suffering, right? Al-Jabir, the one
who heals hearts. But I heal spines, you see? And it’s cardiologists who heal
hearts, it’s a bit different. It’s just… you know how… I’d also like to… I don’t know if this is
the right way to say, but to call people for consolidation,
unity, mutual help, because, you know, I even recall
the words from the Bible: where two or three are gathered together in
My name, there am I in the midst of them. And, after all, even
consciousness of each person doesn’t know how the events will
develop when people unite in Spirit… I’ll repeat: spiritual help comes
from the Spiritual World only to those who know and live by the laws
of the Spiritual World, right? Power is given only
to the free ones. While if a person is in slavery, in complete submission to satan, will help from the
Spiritual World come to him? A simple question. Why would anyone
strengthen the enemy? It’s like, well, here
is such a bad example… Imagine, my friend, you are walking
alone, not bothering anyone. Well, it got dark, and
bandits suddenly appear! And you say, “Guys, wait! I have
these amazing bats, take them. For you, well, so that you don’t hurt
your hands while beating me, right? As I’m hard.” Here is the answer. Sorry for
the irony, but this is true. For better understanding. Igor Mikhailovich, today, well, we
also talk about how important it is for people not to be silent, but to be open and
express their position. And, of course, well… It’s much more
important to understand: to understand who you
are and why you are here. If a person understands who
he is and why he’s here, and understands that these eighty percent, or even more
of thoughts in his head are negative and not from him, and
he doesn’t need them. If he rejects those illusory fetters that satan
has imposed on him, because in fact it’s satan
who has imposed them on him. Satan has no arms, no legs, his arms
and legs are your arms and legs. After all, he just whispers in
the head, and a person is doing. He whispers in the head,
and the person is screaming. He prompts in the head, and the person
is killing. Isn’t that so? It is. Satan hasn’t killed anyone, it’s
you who kill each other, my friends. And this is true. If a person has realised this and simply stopped submitting
to all this negativity, and he puts his attention
as the main resource in what is good and positive, in love precisely, in the spiritual direction
then everything will change. And then freedom might come, in fact.
And after freedom Life will come. And then, you know, it
doesn’t matter anymore, whether the end of the world comes
or not – for you, it will never come. It’s the dead ones who
are afraid of death. Yes, of course, you
can really feel that. If you look at what is
happening in society now, at what is happening
in the world now, you know, there’s an impression that the
system is in some kind of agony in general, that there is some kind of
confusion, madness of the system. So, does it know a scenario of its own? Let’s just say… The system is more than intelligent. And, of course, it understands
the beginning of its end anyway: either to eat human dregs in
a dump for a thousand years, or there will be a
restart at least. So, it is even capable of such
measures as self-destruction, through these cataclysms
and these conflicts, right? But with a hope that it
will be revived later, of course it is capable, with a hope of a future revenge. Anyway, this is just a program,
just like the system in your tablet. Well, this also expands
the understanding because people now understand that the
system is doing everything possible to drain as much attention as possible
during its near-death hour, in order to… This is energy reserve. Well, let’s say, if a person has half a tank of gas
in a car, how long can he drive? Or a full tank? Just a simple example. That’s why the system is trying to fill
up its tanks, so that they are full just in case (T: Meaning…). It needs this in any case. (T: So, it…) It doesn’t have a
lot of options. It has only two. Well, to be honest, humanity
also has only two options. So, it turns out
that, on the one hand, of course, how artfully
the system is arranged. That is, it is pumping out
this “half a tank” now, and it pumps out the rest
when a person becomes a subpersonality having
failed to implement… Well, this is in case of normal existence. Now we are talking about
what is called the Last Day. Harbingers of the end days. What is coming true? Spiritual and moral decline of humankind. The Holy Scripture of Christianity, the Bible, says, “But understand this, that in the last
days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant,
slanderous, brutal, …not loving good.” Christianity
“But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.” (Bible. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 English Standard Version) Literature: The Bible, or Books of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. (2016). Kiev: Svyato-Uspenskaya Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. [in Russian] In the ancient religion of Hinduism, it is said that in the last
epoch of the cycle, Kali Yuga, Hinduism
“During the Kali Yuga age, practically all desirable qualities will gradually diminish in people… Atheistic systems of so-called religion become predominant, replacing the codes of Vedic law. The kings become just like highway bandits, the people in general become dedicated to low occupations, and all the social classes become just like sudras… all spiritual hermitages become like materialistic homes, and family ties extend no further than the immediate relationship of marriage.” “practically all desirable qualities
will gradually diminish in people.” “Sukadeva Gosvami said: ‘Then, O King, religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, duration of life, physical strength and memory will all diminish day by day because of the powerful influence of the age of Kali.’” It will be a dark age when “In Kali Yuga, wealth alone will be considered the sign of a man’s good birth, proper behavior and fine qualities. And law and justice will be applied only on the basis of one’s power. Men and women will live together merely because of superficial attraction, and success in business will depend on deceit. Womanliness and manliness will be judged according to one’s expertise in sex, and a man will be known as a brahmana just by his wearing a thread.” “a person’s spiritual position will be ascertained
merely according to external symbols, and on that same basis people will change
from one spiritual order to the next.” “A person’s spiritual position will be ascertained merely according to external symbols, and on that same basis people will change from one spiritual order to the next. A person’s propriety will be seriously questioned if he does not earn a good living. And one who is very clever at juggling words will be considered a learned scholar.” Where “filling the belly will become the goal of life,
and one who is audacious will be accepted as truthful.” “A sacred place will be taken to consist of no more than a reservoir of water located at a distance, and beauty will be thought to depend on one’s hairstyle. Filling the belly will become the goal of life, and one who is audacious will be accepted as truthful. He who can maintain a family will be regarded as an expert man, and the principles of religion will be observed only for the sake of reputation.” Literature: A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. (2016). Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 12. Moscow: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. [in Russian] (Original work published 1987 in English) Harbingers of the end days. Terrifying events, earthquakes in
various places. Acceleration of time. In the Gospel of Luke it is said, “.. there will be great earthquakes,
famines, and plagues in various places, as well as terrifying events, including
significant signs from heaven.” CHRISTIANITY
“…there will be great earthquakes, famines, and plagues in various places, as well as terrifying events, including significant signs from heaven” (Bible. Luke 21:11 International Standard Version)
Literature: The Bible, or the Books of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. (2016). Kiev: Svyato-Uspenskaya Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. [in Russian] In Islam, it is also mentioned
about the Judgement Day, Al-Qiyamah. In the Hadith, it is said that “the Prophet,
may Allah bless and welcome him, said, ISLAM
“Narrated from Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet, may Allah bless and welcome him, said, “The Hour will not happen until… earthquakes increase in number, time passes quickly, fitan (tribulations) appear…””
Literature: Sahih al-Bukhari. Muhtasar (full version). (V.A. Nirsha, Trans. 2003). Moscow: Umma. [in Russian] ‘The Hour will not happen until… earthquakes increase in number
and time passes quickly…’” “The Puranas” are sacred texts
of ancient Hindu literature. HINDUISM
“The citizens will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease and severe anxiety.”
Literature: A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. (2016). Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 12. Moscow: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. [in Russian] (Original work published 1987 in English) These ancient legends say about the
horrors of the end of Kali Yuga, that during this period, “The citizens
will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. They will be further
tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease
and severe anxiety.” But even in case of the
most positive outcome, indeed, in just a little while
the time of the Crossroads ends, and if humanity chooses the path of
spiritual development, the path of unity, if everyone who’s alive at least
a little bit stops being silent and unite, even then we won’t be able to
avoid most of the disasters that are already chartered, so to say. But we’ll be able to survive. However, we’ll be able
to survive only together. As it is said in the book “AllatRa”, “The Knowledge has been given to man, THE BOOK “ALLATRA”
“The Knowledge has been given to man, and his choice and action depend only on him! And changes in the whole global society depend on actions of every person! For all the living people, this is really the last remaining chance to spiritually save themselves and the civilisation.”
The future depends on people’s choice! and his choice and action
depend only on him! And changes in the whole global society
depend on actions of every person! For all the living people, this is really the
last remaining chance to spiritually save themselves
and the civilisation.” It’s just that so much is
said about the Last Day in both eschatology
and various religions. And we’ve also found that
the eschatological literature of the 1st century BC talked about everything
that you’ve been saying. And it was mentioned
that the Judge will come. And, if I may, I will read
this out loud so that… Go ahead, please. It is said that “He was selected and hidden by the
Lord before the emergence of the world, and he will remain before
Him until the end of ages.” The reason why we’ve got interested
in this concept of “hidden” is that in the previous programme
we raised the topic that Imam Mahdi would be
present in a hidden state… They actually refer to the Holy Spirit here,
if we speak the language of Christianity. Yes, and it was mentioned that “…At the end of times, the
Lord will reveal him to people and put him on the throne
of His glory so that he would judge all creations
according to the purpose for which he was initially created.” But what’s also interesting is that “…When He rises to
judge the world, the world will prostrate
itself in front of him, glorifying him and the Lord of the spirits, and the voice of the chosen
ones and the voice of angels in Heaven will join the collective
hymn in the garden of Life.” That’s right, “in the garden of Life” (T: It’s just that…) and “the voice of
the chosen ones in the garden of Life”. The question is, even
from this perspective, does it really say “everyone”? Many are called, but few are chosen. Absolutely right. On the one hand, all people are chosen. They are in this world, they are
here, they’ve already got a chance. But in this context it is said about
the chosen ones who have gained Life. They are still here, in the
garden, among people on earth, but they are already chosen
because they are already Alive. And they do feel
and understand Him, they feel and
understand who He is. And their voice already
joins His voice, right? Same as Angels in heavens. The collective hymn… The collective hymn. …of the triumph of Love. Of course. It’s just that everything
seems to already exist in religions… as in
Islam, in Christianity, in Zoroastrianism, a lot is
said about the choice of people, and specifically the active position
of people in choosing goodness. Yes (T: And…), and that
very cyclicity is mentioned, and everything else is talked about.
Isn’t that so? It is. Well, it’s just that,
you know, it seems that scientists do their
research one-sidedly, only in their own field, but completely… And there’s no holistic approach. Into related… Yes… They don’t look
into related fields of science at all… Of course. And why has satan divided
people into religions as well? After all, it’s actually
satan who has divided. He has even divided religions,
we’ve talked about this a lot, so that people wouldn’t
see the entire picture. Because if there is an impartial view
of the holistic picture of the world, of all religions, then, whether
a person wants this or not, he comes to what? To
the Universal Grain. He comes to an
overall understanding, to what all saints come to. God is one (T: Right). And a person can come to
Him only through Love, and not through fright, not
through fear or anything else. It’s precisely fear that drives
people into fetters and bondage, let’s say, of the system itself. And again, a human being
is not a God’s slave. He cannot be a God’s slave, and
these are also substitutions. A human is a slave of satan
for as long as he is his slave. This is so. It’s just that, you know,
in this period of time you understand how important it is
for people to share this Knowledge, just in order not to see a
stranger in another person, in order to see that consciousness
is exactly the stranger. However, when people don’t see this… And here you respond to the
fundamentals of the fundamentals. After all, consciousness makes
people separated and lonely. And so, why we’ve talked a lot about this do people still feel lonely when they
are among their relatives and friends? For as long as they are
talking, laughing, arguing, even quarrelling, they
don’t feel lonely. But once a person calms down a
little bit and just closes his eyes, he feels lonely even among his
relatives and friends; he’s on his own when he’s controlled by satan. But when a person lives
by the Spiritual World, when God’s Love is
most important for him, when he feels Love in return, and Life is actually
arising in him, then he understands – no matter
where he is, he’s not alone. This is impossible when God is with him. When the entire Spiritual
World is in him, and he’s in that World, well, how can he be alone? And that’s the point:
the spiritual unites while the devilish divides. It’s just, well, it’s
so important for people to share with each other,
even just in communication… …to understand. To understand, right, and
to be an example themselves. There’s a simple example, I’ll give a simple example… Two loving hearts love each other,
they cannot live without each other – and all of a sudden they are already enemies. And how many of such examples are there? And they feel hatred and envy. It’s just, you know,
these situations are like… after all, everything is
fractal, they are like, well, these situations happen
within a family (IM: Yes). Also, if we speak of
cataclysms, it’s exactly like you said: refugees
will meet those people whom they will come to, that it’s
absolutely the same when people don’t know… And if we look at it from the
perspective of the Spiritual World, and they come… but you are
actually coming to yourself. It cannot be said otherwise; after all,
in the Spiritual World, this is so. Well, aren’t you happy to meet yourself? Well, they came… Well, there can be no disputes
or any discussions here at all. Let’s say, no one will come
to anyone with weapons, and no one will meet
anyone with weapons, because it is dear ones meeting,
the dearest and the closest ones who are always cheerful, and
who’ll always be together. What dispute can we talk about here? It’s always possible to
come to an agreement, it’s always possible to…
It’s possible to resolve everything. Modern technologies can
make even deserts fertile. It’s just that this is not used. Well, we are not
raising the issue of … For example, they
are fighting famine, right let me give… this
is how the system works, the UN and many other organizations have
been fighting famine for a long time, but there are more and more starving
people, more and more people in need. And is it really impossible to
solve the issue of water, of food? From the perspective as long
as satan rules the world – no! Because for them it’s much more important
to serve the devil in their heads, or, to put it simply, to make more
money with no regard for anyone. However, what will you do with this money? Well, isn’t that so?
And from the spiritual perspective? It’s easy, everything is possible. Trees can be planted to
replace the ones cut down, and it’s possible to create conditions
when everything will be available T: The main thing is for a person to…,
and there will be enough of everything. The main thing for a person is
just to be oriented to giving Love, because, well, in the modern world
everyone wants, you’ve said that correctly… The main thing for a
person is to become Alive, then everything can be resolved. It’s difficult for dead ones
to understand this. While for those who… in
whom Life still glimmers, those do feel this
and can understand. We’ve also raised such a topic… the topic of resources, of distribution of resources, it’s just that I’d like to
touch upon this issue, too, because in the modern
time, of course, information is being widely
promoted in mass media about… Yes, they say that artificial intelligence
will have to deal with this in the future. But who deals with this now,
isn’t it the system? What’s the difference whether it’s
someone who’s controlled by it, or… So, one person said that in the near
future we will face global totalitarianism, supposedly for the
good of humanity. Isn’t it that way right now?
A simple question. That is, the system diverts
attention to some future, while here and now
it simply implements (IM: Of course) its plans (IM: Absolutely). But you know, it is also interesting,
what the system is playing on? On selfishness and on
pridefulness of some individuals. The question is: where is pridefulness
and selfishness of the rest of people? And why is this happening?
Because everything is separated. Everything is divided and
separated, there is no unity. And why is the system afraid of unity? When people unite based on
their spiritual… in fact, in their best understanding of, let’s
say, their best spiritual impulse, right? It’s disastrous for the system. Meaning, all of its programs
completely break down? Its plans. Plans. Of course, because it likes to plan. It doesn’t see what’s going on. Yes. And here, when there is spiritual
unification of people based on Love, understanding, well, this… for it…
there is no way that’s a part of its plan. It doesn’t see what’s going on, when
people are simply abide in Love… And it doesn’t know what to do about it. …and doesn’t know what to do about it. Of course. Totally invisible, and how this develops… It’s like a glitch in the program,
you know? It’s like a virus that can completely
shut down a tablet. It’s the same here. Well, this is very inspiring information,
because for sure (IM: Yes, yes) this information breaks all
these patterns of consciousness that arise in people’s heads. It’s okay, the system has plenty
of arguments, don’t worry. It will mend the broken
patterns in people’s heads. It’s just, you know, well, we’ve touched a
little on this artificial intelligence topic, but I understand how much
the system wants to become a human’s substitute
in those matters where in their natural state,
in the state of an Angel, people are obliged to
take care of one another, that is, to take care of
another person, to give… He isn’t obliged to anyone. It’s a need (T: A natural one).
It’s a natural need. But the understanding that
“a person is obliged”, “obliged to pose
as a kind person” — it comes exactly from the system
in people’s consciousness. A person has to put on a mask of
someone, well, like Mother Teresa, right, and to do good deeds for everyone. And why? Because no one knows who she really was… Well, we are not raising this topic. We’ve also touched on a
topic “of being kind”, because there’s such a typical
pattern in people’s consciousness as “being kind towards
everything”, including manifestations of the
system, even, say, in those moments when one
needs inside oneself, too… Hold on… If you – I’ve already told about
this in one of the programmes, – if a rabid dog
bites your left leg, should you offer it your right leg? After all, you really have to be
kind to the sick rabid dying dog that wants to bite you. It bites your left leg, but now it really wants
to bite the right one. Should you give it your right
leg, or what should be done? Well, you know,
people don’t have (IM: There’s an answer here, too),
distinction (IM: Understanding) and understanding, yes, that one should be
uncompromising, say, unyielding towards
manifestations of the system inside oneself,
first and foremost… And that’s why the world is like that, you see? But here again we come
to an understanding that everything has been given, how much Knowledge has been given
(IM: Yes, everything has been given) about it, how much it is… Everything has been given
and told to the fullest. It only remains, as we’ve said at
the beginning of the programme, to tell what may happen
prospectively in this or that case. But again, the choice of people
can change everything, you see? And no futurologist will tell
you what will happen tomorrow, if people really
want this, you know? If people went ahead and
changed the situation — and it will no
longer be that way. This opportunity is given to a human. The main thing is for him to use it. Igor Mikhailovich,
are there, let’s say, any ways to soften
and somehow change… The future? Yes. This is people’s choice,
this is people’s world. It’s your world, and you create it. But whether to satan’s dictation or by the inner, spiritual aspiration
— well, the choice is yours. That’s the point — freedom of choice. This is really the freedom of choice. To live or die, to
be or not to be — it’s people who
decide and choose. Nobody will do it for them. Even the devil
cannot dictate here what to do, how and…
and how to behave. This is a choice of people. You’ve also said that it’s basically
impossible to avoid cataclysms, but they could be not so… their consequences
could be not so… Yes. Let’s say, not so
disastrous for humanity. Yes. But simply observing what is happening in the modern
world, because, after all, there are many attempts to change the
situation, or… to stop hurricanes. Humanity is just unable… well, here it’s important to
take into account something else. For example, modern technologies,
let’s say, theoretically, they can make it possible to slightly decrease
the level of wind speed, the destructive level of
that very hurricane, right? But there’s the energy
conservation law: if they decrease
it at one point, it will increase
at other points. It’s inevitable. And then, having picked up speed
and steam, it will come back, only with greater power. And what did they win? After all, everything that
happens here in the visible world originates in the
invisible world. (T: That is…).
A simple example: you read and you see. And everything that you see and
read originates there in the boards, and these are just
ones and zeros. While here you see the
text which you read to us. Here’s a simple example… (T: Meaning…) That’s
where it should be changed. But again, it can be changed there as
long as there is energy in this tablet. And today we’ve said that,
well, to put it simply, humanity can
recharge its tablet, otherwise its battery
will simply be removed. Also, Igor Mikhailovich, well,
what is now happening on Earth – there are numerous earthquakes, of course, the entire Ring of
Fire is simply shaking now, and the magnitude of earthquakes is
increasing as well as their frequency. And people already observe
them in those regions where this hasn’t
been typical at all. And people describe and confirm exactly what
was said in the report regarding the fact that
earth will be split, that’s what we are
observing now — a big number of cracks, a big number
of craters all over the world. The neutrino emission is also a
particularly special topic now, you know, it is a new one in scientific circles, the fact that Antarctica is
pierced by a flow of neutrinos of extremely intense power… As a matter of fact, the neutrino
emission has started long ago, and this is mentioned
in the climate report. It’s just that the flow has
now increased to such an extent that it can be detected. But this is actually… it’s not news. It’s just that, you
know, the intensity of what is happening
staggers by the fact that… People don’t believe,
they refuse to believe that it’s coming from
the earth bowels, because if this is really so, then it’s quite
scary even to imagine what processes
might be reflected on the surface very soon. Well, they are actually reflected. Why does the water go away, why do cracks in the
soil appear as you say? This is basically a single process. After all, in actual fact,
intensification of rains, drought increase,
climatic changes, so to say, tropical rains
which started in our region – all these are a single process. It cannot be considered
separately, you see? This is like, well,
let’s say, an organism. An organism is an
organism as a whole. If we take one organ, forgetting about the entire
organism, we will never cure it. (T: Right. There is also…).
It’s the same way here. Yes. And we sort of understand, well, what
“global warming” are they talking about, when we see that it’s even snowing
in that very Africa, in Algeria, in Morocco, in Saudi
Arabia, right?! Meaning, some people aren’t warm. However, temperature’s increasing
(T: Yes, for some…). The overall average
temperature is increasing. This causes melting of
glaciers and many other events. Well, this is just
one of the parameters that can be measured
and can be seen. But many things are happening, which,
let’s say, people don’t notice… so far. But it is global. That’s for sure. It was all
written in the report as well, yes, and precisely in the
report about climate. And it was written how all these processes, including neutrino activity, and septon activity are
interrelated in general. Well, again, “septon activity”. “For people, septon
activity” is something… it’s not clear what it is. You see, this is also
an interesting question. Physicists talk a lot today
about such hypotheses as… well, let’s say,
the string theory, about the fact that the whole
world originated from one particle. Well, there are a lot
of other hypotheses which, well, it’s hard for a person,
say, who is far from physics, to accept all this. Why? Because it seems to be
not just a fairy tale, but even more than a fairy tale. And what is written in the
PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report — about septons, about the world structure, something that was
told God knows when, and they find historical
evidence, that is, artefacts that clearly show how one or another material part is
formed from a number of these septons and the like — well, this
seems kind of fantastical. And the funniest thing is that
physicists who are far from AllatRa, when come across this
report, they say, “Well, this is… well, that’s… it’s
not even a hypothesis, it’s a fantasy.” While “the Higgs
boson is reality”… for them, not for
everyone (T: You know…). Many laugh at this,
of course, but for those to whom
it was beneficial on the verge of closing
this CERN, right, when they already
wanted to close it, funding was cut, and here
suddenly – a discovery: “the greatest,” “landmark discovery”.
A timely one. I’m very grateful for the
report, because, you know, at the time when they write
their reports to each other in four volumes
very scientifically, everything is very complicated… Well-grounded and beautiful. They don’t look into that. So, let’s take science a hundred years ago, which was written in simple human
language, understandable to all. It’s trite, but that
very physics, whatever, electrical engineering,
or whatever we take. And take now. How complicated it has become. After all, it’s not
science that has improved – it’s the language that has
become more complicated. What for? So that a person would drop in and
fail to understand anything, you see, unless he
is from their circle. It’s again division and giving it such a scientific form. That’s why, of course, many thanks, because we understand how simple
it’s all made for people, how it’s all made for a
person to figure it out and understand that it is very
substantial, very meaningful. And the most important
thing is that it’s not so much even about the
processes, but about the ways out, about decisions that have to be taken. Well, the Knowledge you’ve given, the Knowledge that is being given
from programme to programme, the Knowledge that we have, the last eighty
pages of “AllatRa” – these are the very recommendations
that people ask for. Even in the report, which seemed to be… And it turns out, it was
talked about, it was given, but it’s not enough
for consciousness. But who is asking? Consciousness is asking. Meaning, it seems like it
hasn’t been defined for it… Wasn’t this talked about
in the book “AllatRa”? Wasn’t this talked about in the report,
wasn’t this talked about in the programmes? After all, one
programme after another, we talk a lot about the same thing.
Isn’t that so? They want to keep listening. Perhaps, you should stop listening
and start acting instead? It’s a question. You can sit and listen all your life. It won’t help you if you don’t act. I’ll put it simply.
Imagine, a person is sick, a doctor comes to him, and the doctor says, “You need
to take this or that medicine.” The person says, “Okay.” A day passes, the person gets worse. He calls the doctor again and
says, “Doctor, but I feel worse.” The doctor says, “Did
you take the medicine?” He says, “Why? Am I supposed
to take the medicine, too? I thought I would talk to
you and would feel better.” Well, isn’t that the way
it happens in our case? Yes. Well, you know, you say
that one programme after another, you speak and repeat, but there is another
side, because people share the fact that when they hear something in a programme
once, something that gives them an insight and they think that they will
never in their life forget it, it will forever leave
an inner imprint. And the next day they forget this. Yes, but what is also interesting… This is how consciousness works.
Don’t we talk about this? But what is interesting
and why there’s gratitude — because, returning
already to the programmes that were released
previously, being in that, so to say, “Eureka!” state,
they understand that, “But it was told about,
it was given right there!” But at that moment it was as if behind
the information that was given … And for how long does
this understanding last? Everything depends on a person himself… You are actually right. It
all depends on a a person. If a person wants it, it’s
enough for him to hear once, understand and
never stumble again. But unfortunately, the majority are under
such a total power of the system that even a momentary insight is erased
by consciousness very quickly. Why? There are too many
distractions – you need to do something
here, and do something there, and watch something there. And then the games of
consciousness begin. It is trite and
stereotypical, and the like, meaning, a person forgets about
the insight that he has got. Then he feels a certain melancholy,
then he recalls and thinks, “Well, it seems that I sort
of remember, sort of know, but somehow I don’t
have this inspiration. Yes, I must observe,
I must work, I must get free, well, but
somehow I don’t want to.” Why? Because of the power of
this dictator in his head again. Well, isn’t that so? Yes. But it is precisely given so that a
person can get rid of this dictator. That’s exactly what we are saying – if
consciousness says, “Don’t do it!” – then do it. Especially when it concerns the spiritual. If it says, “Just
wait, well, … well, why should you
do this or that, yes? Well, just lie down for a while, and
everything will pass.” Just get up and go! That’s the point. If it says
to you, “Shut up!” – speak. And then you will see the result. But again, don’t be confused when consciousness tells you, “But consciousness has
told you – keep quiet!” The system is also cunning
and can manipulate a person, it has to come from the inner. When there is an understanding from the
inner, and you feel that you are right, then you have to do
it the way you feel, and not the way you want. And the
question is: who in you wants? Is it you, or is it your
consciousness dictating to you? Well, isn’t that so? There is already practical evidence
of what you are saying. That’s … And a lot of it. Yes. And people say that by applying this in practice,
well, everything that you say, they observe how things really change… It’s easier to breathe. It’s easier to breathe. And
that everything gets done. And there are no longer
bad thoughts in one’s head, and they begin to be controlled. And it turns out that the devil is not
so strong as it seemed originally, right? One just needs to work. Yes. They said the same thing
about the ALLATRA Movement. You spoke about the fact that well, many say, “Why are you always
(talking) about the ALLATRA Movement?” I’ve just recalled the experience
I’d like to remind people of. When people share that even
encountering information, even seeing a billboard with a
picture of the book “AllatRa”, or or finding contextual
advertisement on the internet, without even opening,
without downloading it, something as if germinates
inside at this very moment. And at that moment when you come
into contact with this information, there is a definitive
“Yes!” inside. You understand that
this is, in fact, what’s vitally necessary
and important for you. And it’s just that a lot of
people precisely note this moment at some invisible level, the
level of feelings, of this… inner outburst and
definitive “Yes!” And, of course, it seems
to me that even repeating the same thing over and over,
one programme after another, that, perhaps, as you say, as you say, “We do
talk about this”, but they reveal the topic from
a completely different side. Because we already talked
a lot about Atlantis, and about Bereke’s treatise in
the programme “It is Coming”, where it was said that it began
with the story of Atlantis. But such a complete and broad
understanding came to people only after they received more
detailed information later. Everything you say and everything
you share is very important. And here, Igor Mikhailovich,
I’ve recalled that 30 years ago you told people
about pyramidal complexes, about pyramids which
exist all over the world. It’s interesting that in the programme
“Breaking the Laws of Physics”, when a question about the pyramids was
asked, you gave the following answer. I’d like to read it out loud… You said that “this apparatus actually
provides an understanding of what the pyramids
were needed for.” an we at least give more
details about these complexes? Well… I will reply with a
question, to start with, may I? What do you think, did
Imhotep build the pyramid for his descendants to
organise tourism there and for his country
to make money on it? Or for some other reason? And how many such pyramids
were built all over the world? (T: Yes, and they keep discovering them). After all, there exist
much bigger pyramids, and all of them are built
in a certain, let’s say… in a certain sequence, and all of them
are oriented towards Mount Kailash. Why does this pyramidal complex exist? Has anyone wondered why? What for? Apparently, for something
more than mere tourism, right? Well, some people think that, most
likely, also for health improvement. And some even believe (IM: It’s all consciousness) that
it’s for storing food supplies. Consciousness reduces everything to what? To earning money and health improvement. Consciousness doesn’t have anything else.
It’s a mean creature, in fact. It always thinks in terms
of materialistic interests. But that’s what distinguishes people –
because, in addition to consciousness, they have Personality which must look at
all this more broadly and holistically. Absolutely everything
we talked about today – after all, humankind
has faced this before. And pyramids that have been
found so far, thanks God, those pyramids that were built, let’s say, not in this cycle, that
is, more than 12,000 years ago… Well, if we take that very Kailash… Yes. A lot of questions arise here. Well, the question whether it was made
by technical means isn’t relevant anymore (T: Yes. It’s surprising, of course),
that is, it’s not a natural formation. And it wasn’t even made
during the previous cycle. They are discovering pyramids now
that are many thousands of years old. What were they needed for? Pyramids are among the most
mysterious structures on the planet. Around the world,
on all continents, from America to Europe, from
Australia to Africa and Asia, hundreds of pyramidal stone
structures have been found: regular pyramids,
truncated pyramids, stepped pyramids, and
pyramidal mountain complexes. Multi-ton structures. Unique megalithic masonry. Precise orientation to the cardinal points. Pyramids, the construction of which
required tremendous amount of force, time and resources, as well as
knowledge of exact sciences. The pyramids continue
to be found to this day. Some are hidden under the
sands, others under the ground, the third ones became overgrown with
forests, the fourth are hidden under water. But there’s one thing which
is common about them – these unique grand
objects were built in ancient times and represent a single
global complex linked to Kailash. And this raises many questions, the
main of which is: for what purpose? Why were people willing to
go to such enormous expense? IGOR MIKHAILOVICH DANILOV
Breaking the laws of physics. Open experiment “PYRAMID”. On the possibility of the impossible. It’s clear that it was
done for something global and super important that
concerns all humankind. But this raises another
question: how does it work? However, humanity has yet
to answer these questions. Well, Kailash is actually
such an interesting topic, because its facets are
even called mirrors. That’s why, if we draw a certain parallel even with the pyramid which is
located in the Coordination Centre, the question still remains open. We can talk a lot on this topic. The topic is actually very
broad and interesting. It can be approached from
different perspectives: from an archeological,
from a historical one. But, if we approach
it from a technical, let’s say, from a
functional standpoint, what the pyramids are for… Let’s say… for preventing something. But the question is different… For example, what’s the use of
a car if there’s no driver, right? People. Certainly. After all, to make the equipment work,
there should be those who can use it. Yes. It’s just that some time ago in the
books by Anastasia Novykh, in Sensei IV, it was told as well that when Imhotep
had been building the pyramid, the emphasis had been
put (IM: On people) on spiritual cultivation
of people, right. Surely. And we remember
Imhotep’s times, yes, even by historical descriptions,
those, that have been preserved. After all, it was an
important era indeed, there were major changes
during those times, when he gave common people an opportunity to develop, to learn, and to grow.
Didn’t he? He broke the system, in fact. That means, humankind has a
chance to somehow activate… Well, there’s always a chance. …this very pyramidal complex, we can say, yes? In order to stop… Well, “somehow” won’t work. You see, this… this is not a tablet
where you keep clicking all sorts of buttons
to have it activated. It’s different there… To have the pyramids activated, one needs spiritually free people, and in sufficient numbers. It’s just interesting, too, that most of people’s attention is focused on
the Egyptian pyramids, while the center is… Well, they are promoted extensively. They are. While the center is Kailash in Tibet. Well, in actual fact, we
have two main pyramids: one is Kailash, and
there’s another pyramid, while the rest is just
sort of retransmission. How important it is for
people to understand the way their structure is
arranged, especially now, in these times which are
not so simple, so to say. Do you mean the energy structure? Well, much has been
said about this, whoever wants to, can read about
it in the book “AllatRa” as well. Everything’s available, everything
has been given to people. It’s just that, you know, another
point that has interested me is that a great number of people across
the world today are describing some strange noises on the planet. And, certainly, mass media want
both to erase this information and to provide
some false records. People just notice that in
all parts of the planet, in some places there
is a grating sound, in some places there’s a “whole
brass band”, in some places… Well, these are peculiar sounds. And again, they are caused
by certain processes. But this has been known long ago,
and the ancients wrote about it, that when it happens… The Angel will begin to trumpet. Well, we can say so, too.
These are just signs, nothing more. It’s just that
even in the context of how this affects people’s both
physiological and psychological state, one understands how important it is even
in this respect for people to realise how to avoid these processes, which are inside them,
and which cause despair, that it is exactly the
spiritual that’s so important… But again, why does
despair arise in a person? Because he lives
by consciousness. That very despair, that very
aggression and all the rest are an integral part of the
work of our consciousness. Who benefits from this?
A human? No. Then who benefits? The system. Ignorance and… (IM: Absolutely right) total
imposition of some feeling of doom. But a person actually can, and he’s obliged
to actively resist the system itself. Can that very depression arise
in a spiritually free person? Depression is nothing but
manifestation of selfishness, based on despondency,
well, something like that. But if this selfishness isn’t
present in a person at all, if he lives by other
values, spiritual ones, by what is really important, well…
how, how can it actually arise in him? And how can he have despondency
from the system, you see? Well, this is
again manipulation. And also, well, how cunningly
it leads a person away from what is his natural state, his constant state –
that’s the state of happiness and joy. After all, nowadays people believe… It’s a natural state, you are right. Yes. The fact that people
nowadays believe that joy is some accidental state. Well, indeed, what kind of
joy do people have nowadays? A person has found money,
got some profit, something else, succeeded in something
– and this is “joy”. Joy – it cannot end. Joy is a constant component,
it’s a natural component. But if it’s transient, then, pardon me,
it’s a trite emotion, a temporary emotion. It’s already the domain of
consciousness, nothing more, when good pictures are replaced
with bad pictures, and so on. Well, good ones are rarely shown,
while bad ones are frequent. So, every time a person is in a state of joy, does it mean
that he’s in the state of his nature and… …of the Holy Spirit?
IM: No, not every time,… …again, it depends on… well, the understanding
of “joy” is perceived by people in different ways. If a person doesn’t know
what spiritual Life is, then, naturally, it all passes for him…
“joy” is something momentary, based on selfishness and everything else.
Isn’t it so? Well, these are different things,
completely different, radically opposite. Love, happiness, and joy,
which emanate from the Spiritual World, what a human being
experiences as a Personality… he doesn’t care what will happen
to this consciousness and body. Well, isn’t that so? But when a person is under
control of the system, when he is truly
a slave of satan, then manipulation from
consciousness takes place. In reality, it’s the
imposed programs in his head that are dictating to him, and
the person perceives them as his own. They tell him, “The whole world doesn’t
love you. You’re such a poor little thing.” And the person is lying there,
complaining and whining, and just wasting doctors’
time with his nonsense. While in fact it’s enough to do what? It’s enough to simply
tell all this to go away – these thoughts along with
this dictator in his head. To actually start Living to the fullest,
just like a human is supposed to live, then everything
falls into its place. And neither health
problems bother him, nor problems at work, or problems
with anything else in the world. And everything gets better, everything… After all, this doesn’t matter when we talk about
Life and death, these are incomparable things. Well, isn’t that so? But they are extremely important for consciousness. They are much more important
than, say, spiritual freedom. Whereas in the understanding
of consciousness, spiritual freedom is
replaced by religiosity. After all, again, these
are different things: religiosity and
spiritual freedom. All this is simply
the work of the system on his pridefulness,
just self-deception. But again, the question
of self-deception. In fact, this is
not self-deception as they say when a person
is deceiving himself. But it’s actually demons
that deceive the Angel, and not him deceiving himself. Also, Igor Mikhailovich, there’s
the following question which isn’t yet resolved in people’s heads,
it can be found in people’s comments when they say, “When I get cleansed from… …negativity, when I get cleansed from
evil,… IM: He will never get cleansed …then I will live.” He will never get cleansed. If a person starts
talking in such terms, “When I get cleansed,
or when I gain Life…”, he will never gain it, because it’s satan
in his head that speaks for him. One should act, not plan.
It’s the system that plans. As if consciousness erases… Angel doesn’t plan, Angel strives. If a bird planned
every flap of its wing, it wouldn’t fly anywhere;
it wouldn’t even take off. This comes from the inside.
If it needs to fly, it just flies. Here is a simple example:
try to run while thinking about each step – how to place your foot, how your
muscle should work. Will you run? Of course, not. Consciousness simply wanted to control… …each step, right, and by interfering…
IM: Yes, of course. IM: Yes, of course. By assisting, it actually closes this path, creating such mindsets as,
“When I attain spirituality…” You can attain a clerical rank,
but not spirituality. And that’s the point. Yes. And the other side of that fact,
“well, you’ll never get rid of negativity”, (in a sense that it’s a part of duality,
right, of your dual nature) that “you can attain
Life even when, say, this negativity is
somewhere in the background,… …something there…
IM: No, this can’t be… “You’ll never get rid of” – it’s
again the dictation of the system. And in this case, it
speaks about itself. “I won’t be able to attain life.” Consciousness will never attain Life. It’s merely a program,
and a program cannot Live. It exists. Life and existence
are different things. Therefore, on the one hand,
it doesn’t lie when it speaks of itself, but it’s bad when it imposes this
on the Angel inside a person, when a Personality
perceives this as its own. That’s when a Personality
becomes a part of what? Of the inevitably dead system,
and it gets what it deserves. Everything is fair and honest. Regarding the value of Life… For example,
in the context of the climatic situation, the first basis of ALLATRA
– the value of life – is revealed from a completely
different perspective because a person… what is meant… it’s
about True Life. That when a person feels this true life
in another person, he’ll never do anything, well… he’ll never be
able to behave inhumanely because the value of Life means
the value of Life of this Angel… …that is in you and in another person.
T: Yes, inside. And this completely changes
the pattern of behaviour, when the basis… the basis of all humankind
is the value of Life. Well, this is natural, of course. I’m saying it once again, division exists
in consciousness, while in the Spiritual
World, there is unity. And it’s natural that a
spiritually free person, when perceiving another spiritually
free person, perceives him as himself. And he’ll never do him wrong,
never, it’s impossible. This life is like…
T: What we have… …shared, one for all, the true one,
and that very understanding of it that… Its value is much higher
than of anything earthly. Nothing earthly can compare
with the Spiritual Life, the Eternal Life. That’s the point. There is also this kind of notion that “If you want to know what the
society will be like tomorrow, look at what kind
of information… …mass media supply…”
IM: …it today with. It today with, yes. What mass media are feeding it with today. Yes. But this is really so.
And who forms the market, once again? After all, mass media also react quickly
to the market: whatever is in people’s heads
and what people are drawn to, that’s what they are given. This is the market. As long as people
consume, pardon me, a spoiled product, that’s
what they’ll be fed with. And, in fact, it’s enough just to stop
consuming spoiled products, simply not to consume – and then mass media will have
to provide the market with what? With fresh healthy products.
Isn’t it so? Otherwise they will just cease to exist. Who chooses? People choose, you choose. If you want to be fed with,
pardon me, spoiled products, then you will be fed with them.
Well, isn’t it so? And actually, if we look at
the root of this issue, then, in fact, less than 1% are system’s slaves
(we’ve already talked about this). They are the ones who dictate
the system’s will to these 99%. And these 99% agree and understand this,
no matter who you talk to. After all, people all over the
world have been saying lately that it’s unbearable
to watch the news, it’s unbearable to
read newspapers – there’s endless negativity.
Well, isn’t it so? And no one likes it, but everyone
watches, everyone reads it. Why? Because less than 1% of the world population imposes
these directives on the other 99%. Guys, who prevents you from
just stopping to do it? If it doesn’t correspond to your demand, if, pardon me, this product doesn’t
comply with your taste and your wish – put it aside, turn it
off, and don’t watch it. If everyone who doesn’t like it does so, these mass media will
have nothing left to do. They will be giving
you what you want. Well, isn’t it so? In order not to have the
worst-case scenario which… Of course. This is called a dictatorship
of minority over the majority for their own
benefit, that’s all. But you just need to really understand
that you have the right of choice. In fact, this very freedom
of choice solves a lot, including here in this world
where the devil sort of reigns. He reigns in your heads for
as long as you allow this. And in order for the situation to change
and for the 1% to understand how many of us there are,
we must not be silent. Absolutely right. Yes, there are very few
spiritually free people, but it’s enough for them just
to make themselves known, and the 99% will wake up. And then, those won’t be heard at all. And the alive ones will
prevail over the dead. In order to avoid a situation where 1% of the inevitably
dead slaves of the system kill 99% of potentially
alive people, we must start changing something,
changing, first of all, in ourselves. And most importantly –
not be silent about it. Right? Then everything will be fine in the world. This understanding that, certainly, all people are absolutely equal in
the face of that force of nature, in the face of those
cataclysms that occur, and that above all, everyone is equally
given the same chance for salvation. Fairness. That the Spiritual World, the One
who will come into this world, He will come with fairness. That is, every person…
IM: Well, of course. …will be given an equal
chance for salvation. And the main message of our programme today
is how important it is not to be silent, how important it is now, during this moment,
first and foremost for yourself as well, first and foremost realising
responsibility for the destiny of all humanity to
confidently state and express your attitude
and your spiritual position. Well, in either case, it won’t hurt. No matter how events develop,
we’ve already talked about this today, spiritual salvation
of a person is, first of all, his own achievement.
Right? It’s clear that some people,
we’ve mentioned it many times, are trying to shift responsibility onto
someone else who “will come, save and do”. No. It’s like a doctor: he
came and prescribed pills, but it’s you who should take
them if you want to recover. If you don’t take the
pills, then, pardon me, an ordinary cold can cause a complication
with a fatal outcome. Isn’t it so? That’s why it’s important here… And you shouldn’t hope that
someone will come and do something, we’ve said it many
times already. Yes, in exceptional cases,
for outstanding merits before the Spiritual World,
peace can be granted. Well, and in rare, exceptionally rare cases
someone can be given salvation. But again, what makes you think that
it will be you, human? Isn’t it so? What have you done for it? And again, who starts working here? Consciousness: “Well, but
I’m here, but I was born”, pridefulness and the rest. For as long as it
starts working, it’s a one-way ticket, but
in the wrong direction. That’s why one should
move, one should act, one should, first of all,
be honest with oneself. And then everything works out for the best. Just to be a Human! After all, the spiritual path is wonderful. What can compare with it in this world? The most valuable and the most
important goal for a person is attaining this Life. The most important value in life.
IM: Surely. Because every step is… a particular victory over those demons. Every step is a step towards
freedom, towards true Life. How much each step
frees a person and gives him, you know,
such an inner impetus, just sort of an ezoosmos and a boost
when it comes to attaining Life. And… Surely. It’s Life, after all. And what is everything based on? On Love. Therefore, my friends, let’s love one another. Thank you for being with us today. ALEXEY, GREAT BRITAIN
Hello! This is Breaking News on ALLATRA TV! And we continue to monitor climatic events in the world. DENIS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Over the last years, we have seen
a dramatic climate change. MARINA, USA
Nature has set a lot of new records,
causing serious damage to people. MICHAEL, LATVIA
Every day, we observe evidence
of global climate change on the planet. KONSTANTIN, UKRAINE
And the weather is breaking new records. OLEG, KAZAKHSTAN
It’s important to know about those natural disasters
which happen in our common home. AL’MIRA, KAZAKHSTAN
After all, unpredictable weather conditions inevitably
affect the lives of many people and each of us. OLGA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Lately, on Earth, more and more events occur that
previously would have taken decades. VLADIMIR, UKRAINE
Destructive natural disasters occur
with increasing frequency. IVAN, SLOVAKIA
The number of countries affected by floods and
their consequences continues to grow rapidly. OLEG, MOLDOVA
Volcanic activity has intensified
in various parts of the planet. ANDREY, CANADA
The number of earthquakes is increasing. YAROSLAV, GERMANY
Reports from around the world. Earthquakes,
floods, activation of a supervolcano – YAROSLAV, GERMANY
all these facts once again confirm that IT IS COMING In the programme It is coming. Се грядёт
Igor Mikhailovich Danilov warns in which countries climatic cataclysms
will occur in the near future. No matter how much this fact has been concealed,
it has already become public. Our special correspondents from around the world
will tell us about what is happening at the moment. NEW FORMAT OF NEWS ABOUT CLIMATE.
Our special correspondents from around the world
will tell us about what is happening at the moment. THE REAL UNITY OF PEOPLE TAKUDZWA, ZIMBABWE
Hello, I am Takudzwa, and I’m from Zimbabwe. JIAJIA, CHINA
This is Jiajia from Guangdong Province, China. BRAD, SEAFARER, AUSTRALIA
My name is Brad. I come from
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. MILENA, USA
This is Milena, ALLATRA TV reporter
from Atlanta in Georgia. JOSE CARLITOS, MOZAMBIQUE
My name is José Carlitos, I come from Mozambique. VLADIMIR, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Reporting to you from Mexico for ALLATRA TV. This is ALLATRA TV. I’m Jamto from Bhutan. FAISAL, QATAR
This is Faisal with you from ALLATRA TV,
reporting directly from Qatar. MARINA, USA
… from Atlanta, USA. DAVID, GERMANY
… from South Korea. ANNA, ISRAEL
… Ramat Gan, Israel. TATYANA, ITALY
… from Rome, Italy. ELENA, TURKEY
ALLATRA TV from the city of Irkutsk. … from Thailand. OLEG, MOLDOVA
United Arab Emirates. MAURICE, INDONESIA
ALLATRA TV reporter from Indonesia. OLGA, USA
ALLATRA TV from Maharashtra, India MAREK, SLOVAKIA
ALLATRA TV from Vladivostok. INNA, ITALY
I’m from Ethiopia. This report
Breaking News from China. VASILIY, ITALY
…from Rome, Italy ANNA, SOUTH KOREA
from Jeju Island, South Korea. MARCO VALENTE,
I am reporting from Mozambique. ALEXANDRA, THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. ALEXANDR, ITALY
Atypical environmental conditions continue
in the East and Southwest of China. Hail and snow are very rare in countries
located at the tropical latitudes.. HAYDEN SMITH, USA
MARINE BIOLOGIST, SHIP CAPTAIN, FISHING GUIDE What is happening in the state of California right now? At the moment, forest fires have engulfed California,
the most powerful ones in the state’s history. Climate events are becoming
ever more global and dramatic. Humanity is facing a global change
grandiose in its scale, affecting not only the climate,
but also the shape of our entire planet. Are these environmental norms or anomalies? And what is happening to our planet now?
Maybe, it’s time to face the truth? Nowadays, it’s very important to look
honestly and openly at the climate change processes around the world. Participants of ALLATRA IPM continue
to reach out to eyewitnesses and locals. ALLA, ITALY
The programme with the participation
of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov It is Coming. Се грядёт has urged us to investigate what
climatic hazards are threatening Italy. MARIA, RUSSIA
Today we will talk with a volcanologist, a leading researcher of the National Observatory of
Vesuvius, Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo. GIUSEPPE MASTROLORENZO
Our concern is that the Vesuvio, Campi Flegrei, and Ischia volcanoes can enter the critical phase
at any time and erupt. Millions of people are at risk. ANTONIO MASIA DE IRAOLA, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN
I am on the island of Tenerife. The recent snowfalls that took place
in mid-October were a surprise. Snow has never fallen on the Balearic
Islands during this time of the year. MARIZA, ITALY
We live in a climate that is no longer
an Italian climate at all. JULIA, USA
As the residents of Florida themselves say,
you can live here your whole life and never see snow. But at the beginning of this year, it snowed here. GABRIEL, CHILE
I was witnessing this events. I didn’t quite realise it was about climate change. It started with droughts. We were having droughts, and this year
we’re not having enough rain… EYEWITNESS REPORT
We get three disasters, actually, the tsunami, earthquake and landslide. We get in one time, so this is still make our city drop. At first the houses were there… and moving to there… FREDERICK
I used to be fireman, volunteer. The houses were completely overflooded. Streets were damaged, some bridges
We live on one planet, and everything that happens affects each of us. GALINA
In recent years, we have witnessed severe dust storms coming from the Sahara desert.
Dust storm of Red danger level.There was a tornado. MASAO MORIMOTO, JAPAN
Lately, Japan has been experiencing
a lot of snow in the winter, and some other big changes
in the climate are happening. SKYPE INTERVIEW, HEAVY RAIN, ITALY
These landslides from the mountains were extremely severe. Some cars were swept away. LAYON, EYEWITNESS FROM THAILAND
My village got flood last week, flash flood.
It’s the first time in my life to see by my eyes. PORTUGAL, CLIMATE CHANGE
…in my memory, there have already been
3 such grandiose hurricanes in the winter period, and with a lot of casualties. This fire is probably the strongest
in the history of California. This area was exposed to fire
very seriously in the last year. FRANK, CAMEROON, EXHIBITION PARTICIPANT
This is a global problem. Some countries have no rain. ALEXEY, EYEWITNESS, TYPHOON MANGKHUT, CHINA
I could see wind gusts tearing down billboards and some plastic boxes, awnings, etc.
were flying everywhere. Fragments of buildings were breaking windows
and destroying cars that were parked nearby. EYEWITNESS REPORT, EARTHQUAKE IN MEXICO
So many people are left without homes.
Cities are actually half-destroyed. EYEWITNESS REPORT, EARTHQUAKE IN THE URALS
Literally in 4-5 minutes we “flew out” of the house. We put on what we could, grabbed a bag
with warm clothes, and ran out into the street. We ran to the car, got into it, and had no idea
at all what to do and where to go. EYEWITNESS REPORT, EARTHQUAKE IN THE URALS
I was awakened by a mighty terrible rumble. It was an earthquake. Strangely enough,
it’s a very rare event in our region. All the more, we had never faced it
in our life, except watching it on TV. I’d also like to say, at that time there was an understanding which brought my consciousness to its wit’s end, that this moment could have been
the last for me and my family. That this moment could have just stopped. The world is changing its shape
right in front of our eyes. It is difficult to ignore what’s happening, since we are all eyewitnesses to global climate change. However, the cause of that change
is a lot deeper than it seems. In the report “On the Problems and Consequences
of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” it is said, “Given the impending global cataclysms, people themselves need to start changing
their attitude towards themselves and society here and now. After all, you do not know who you
will be tomorrow – a refugee or a host, and what your chances of survival
in any given situation will be”. EYEWITNESS REPORT, FRANCE, FLOOD
One day we have to move to other countries, because water is increasing, for example, we would be happy to have a place
to live friendly with everybody. Then for sure, there are differences, languages
and so on, and everybody has to make efforts. That is the difference between to have and to be. You are not what you have, you are what you are. If you don’t have your stuff anymore, it doesn’t
change that you are still a human. So that if something happens and
I will be forced to leave my home and move to another part of the planet or continent, I’d like to know that there will be people
who are willing to help me. But I will be sure of this only in the case when I myself will be that person
who can provide shelter and share food. I think the most important thing is to realize
that everything starts with you. Everything must begin with you as a Person. CHRISTOFFER BJÖRKWALL, TORNADO HUNTER
Everything must begin with you as a Person. The thing is that in my country
we lack this kind of news. REINER, HEAD OF AGRARIAN COMPANY, GERMANY
The climate is changing, I believe in that. It is very important that this information
is accessible and not ignored by people who would like to hide it only because otherwise
it will damage their business if people find out about it. This is really very important. We live on the same
planet, and this globe-shaped planet. The wind blows the planet in a circle,
the water circulates all over the planet, so the changes will affect everyone.
I think it’s good that you are doing this research. And I hope that you will receive a lot of feedback and
support from people about your activities and research. And the result will be very interesting. Just support
our planet, support your neighbors, and it will help. FRAMES OF FLOODING, TEXAS, USA
And I think we need to focus more on things like this with individual news information
that is firsthand hands-on from people who are actually on the ground every single day. If people would focus more on the human aspect
rather than the profitability of it, I think will sway this fake news or whatever this trend is. EYEWITNESS REPORT, CHILE
Each day we’re becoming more and more one culture like one world culture and sometimes
you say like: “Yeah, they’re so different. When you go there you realise they’re not a different
and then it’s so nice to connect with them. And then start talking to them and people just like you.
And it’s so nice because there’s this cultural syncretism. GABRIEL, EYEWITNESS, ITALY
What we can do as a society is to be better informed, be careful, and especially, not to ignore these events. Society must be sensitive
to these situations that surround us, and there must be interaction between citizens. But as soon as you are in relative safety, then you
should give others an opportunity to be saved by sharing the little that you have, because at any time
there may be someone who’s in danger. And this aspiration to help each other that
exists in people is very much felt. If someone next to me is doing this, then I try
to do it as well, since it helps me to feel better. I believe our nature pushes us to act towards others
as we would like others to act towards us. Let’s put it this way, the good part
of our soul pushes us to help others. People need to communicate and love each other, we need to seek and find our true nature,
realize that we are one family. SANDRO, EYEWITNESS FROM BRAZIL
Yeah, especially when we have these catastrophes. When all people feel that, you know,
like: “We’re on the same boat.” KHALID AL ZAYED
If we accept each other as brother and sister we can help each other, so we can
You see, from all the explanations that I’ve heard, I haven’t come across any better than the one
in the programmes with Igor Mikhailovich. The one that such trials are given
especially for the purpose of testing the spiritual readiness or level
of humanity’s development. If it is developed sufficiently,
it will get through this period, if people are ready to help each other, which they are – as can be seen from the events of floods, earthquakes,
and volcanoes that are happening nowadays, when people hurry to help each other,
to help the ones who suffered. And only if the humanity is able to come and
help each other on a larger planetary scale, for example, people from Africa will come to help
people from, let’s say, America or vice-versa, then we can save and support each other. VLADIMIR, RUSSIA, KRASNODAR
A feat is not when you’ve performed
some action and received a reward. A feat is when you’ve lived your
whole life as a good person. The Knowledge we received
from the books by Anastasia Novykh makes you realise that what’s needed
now is unification of people, unification on spiritual principles from the standpoint
of the Knowledge that we have become aware of. People should live in a humane way, learn what they
have been given, and start living in a new way. We express our gratitude to everyone who
takes part in making Breaking News’ episodes: to ALLATRA TV volunteers and
eyewitnesses, scientists and experts. Each person is not just someone who informs us
about what is happening on the planet, first of all, he or she is valuable as a friend. They are friends in terms of worldview,
and we can keep doing even more together. We have one place of living —the Earth. OLGA, RUSSIA
One nationality – mankind, one common value – life. Thanks to which we can adequately fulfill ourselves and the meaning of our existence
in a higher spiritual and moral aspect. What are we doing so that tomorrow,
when large-scale cataclysms come, people would not be hostile, but would love,
would be on friendly terms and help each other? ALMIRA, KAZAKHSTAN
There is always a way out. And there are
many positive examples when people change their attitude towards other people
from consumer-oriented to a constructive one, they change the situation at work, at home, etc.
And when such people unite, the world changes. ALLATRA has been recognized
on the global scale as a unique platform which unites scientists and professionals
from different fields of science, eyewitnesses and like-minded people
from all over the world. DR. CARMEN BOULTER
Thank you for that, and I like this forum and what’s going on with AllatRa is excellent because
it’s bringing people together from across the world. It’s using technology like we’re using right now to talk to each other, so that we can
really take a look at what’s going on. And yes, this is the exact kind
of forum that we can have. The more international it is, the more people that are
able to talk to one another, the better it would be. OLGA, UKRAINE
You listen to a person through the screen, via Skype or
whatever, from another corner of the planet, and you get this feeling that any situation in the world
unites all of us and concerns all of us. It’s a very positive and a very necessary movement
just from the little bits that I’ve seen so far in the direction that, as a world,
we need to start moving towards. I wish ALLATRA every possible success and growth. I would like this Knowledge to reach everyone,
so that everyone would act according to it. SEAN, PARTICIPANT OF ALLATRA IPM, USA

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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