CIVILIZATION VI – How To Take Your First Turns

CIVILIZATION VI – How To Take Your First Turns

Every choice you make in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is important,
even the choices you make on your first turns. In this video we’ll look at those first choices. The very first thing you should do when you begin a game of Civilization VI is build your first city using your Settler. You won’t make progress until you have a city. Be careful about moving your Settler too much. Missing out on early turns can put you far behind by the end of the game. Look for the resources that are nearby. Is there rice or wheat to help you grow? Are there hills or stone that can help construction? Is there access to the ocean for trade and exploration? Are there natural defenses from mountains and rivers? Choose your first construction project. A Monument can help you gain culture to unlock Civics and Governments. Or you can choose Warriors or Slingers to fight Barbarians. Maybe choose a Scout to help you explore the world. Your initial choices are important, but there really are no wrong choices. Since we want to grow our borders and unlock early civics, we’re going to start by building a Monument. Now we’re going to choose our first technology. Again, there are no wrong choices here, but make a plan and pick a technology that will support it. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and a successful game of Civilization begins with a good first turn.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

42 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – How To Take Your First Turns

  1. First rule at the start of the game : Prepare enough food for at least 2 days.
    Second Rule : Go for salt and petra.

  2. im liking these short tutorials because it gets people who don't know the game interested and that means more multiplayer opponents 🙂

  3. 1. Spawn as Germany.
    2. Build your city
    3. Name it "Jerusalem"

    Congratulations! You've taken Jerusalem for the glory of the Holy Roman Empire Of German Nation! DEUS VULT!

  4. Actually there are lots of wrong choices. Thank goodness. That shows the game has depth. The horrible Prince AI is fooling streamers into thinking they are having good starts to games while they are blind the the mistakes they are making early and often.

    Just a couple days from making my own mistakes..thank goodness!

  5. 1. Prefer a start near a river or a mountain.
    2. Scout ASAP to explore and deal with barbarians.
    3. Decide how you wanna win a game from the start and go from there.
    4. After getting a second city , you must have a 2-3 units per city for early defence against early civs.
    5. For the love of god avoid Gandi in the end game

  6. I basically use the same strategy here that I have in Civ 5:

    1. Build orders: 1) Scout, 2) Monument, and 3) Settler (may vary depending on the growth rate of the first city)
    2. Have my warrior explore the immediate vicinity until the scout is online, then keep it nearby for barb-whacking
    3. With its extra movement point and promotion bonuses, the scout becomes the primary explorer unit
    4. Build ranged units (Slinger, then Archer) for city/district defense
    5. Build wonders early to get necessary boosts to growth, production
    6. Use warrior and other units to begin barb-hunting once the situation is stable within my civ's territory
    7. Prepare defenses against hostile civs as my civ expands

  7. Don't tell me what to do, I DO WHAT I WANT!
    Declares war on Scythia, while I only have one slinger and warrior

  8. Or you can choose a builder to improve early growth or production… she didn't mention that. That's what I always start out with (well a worker). Now I feel left out.

  9. I predict that my default opener in Civ 6 will be Scout -> Builder -> Monument. You need those early boosts from scouting and improvements.

  10. I'm sorry, but I can't stand when people pronounce settler with the "l" in the syllable with the "er" instead of the "sett". It derives from settle. It should be pronounced Settl-er.

  11. Im a newbie to this game but i have 1 big question. Is this game mainly a Singelplayer or Multiplayer game? Because i dont like singelplayer that much and want to play it multiplayer?

  12. I can just imagine Carl providing the video footage, just sitting there like "Can you talk any slower? I want my Domination victory!"

  13. 1) Pick Germany
    2) Focus on growth and science and ignore wonders
    3) Get 4 large cities close to eachother
    4) Use your Hansa and Commercial Hubs for production bomb
    5) Get stronk economy and build army
    6) Either go for Domination or Science
    7) Ez win gg

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