33 thoughts on “Civilization IV – Main Theme / Soundtrack (HD)

  1. Thank you guys for your support on our most popular video! Your comments have been amazing and to thank you, we added captions for you to sing along 🙂

  2. Brings back great memories for me as well.  So surprised a piece of this magnitude is only displayed through a video game menu screen.  Glad someone else took the time to load this up.  And if you have the mp3 for this please send me a message.

  3. You all should hear this at some point. Quite the cover: Baba Yetu – Civilization IV Theme Cover – Peter Hollens feat. Malukah

  4. Lagu ini yang membuat Saya menghabiskan waktu beberapa menit sebelum memulai bermain game, hanya untuk mendengarkan themenya. 😀 Sorry for speaking with indonesian language. my english is not better yet.

  5. I remember playing this game as a young boy and just wandering off in this song. Years later when i stopped playing i still remembered this song and wished i could listen to it again. It didnt occur to me that i could youtube it until now. Just as beautiful as before. I also like the Brave New world sound track for Civ V. These songs are fitting for a game that spans recorded history and peoples and dreams. I love you Civilization!!

  6. https://www.facebook.com/Madeline1977/posts/10153337557396039?notif_t=mention They did this in a orchestra in a festival I was playing at. I died.

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  8. I'm picturing Gandhi standing on a mountain above his capital. Peacefully standing there… Then the camera zooms out and you see a hundred nukes launching from his capital…

  9. where can i find more music like this? that african chanting united sound? lol.. idk genre or how to find any :/

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