Civilization 6 flanking bonus exploit – Warriors are too strong

Civilization 6 flanking bonus exploit – Warriors are too strong

welcome back to another civilization 6
video we have quite the bug or exploit or whatever you want to call it to show
off today this is not found by me I’ve came to my attention through a Reddit
user JNR13 who posted on the civilization subreddit you can find a
link to that post in the description of this video what I’m going to show you is
how to turn a warrior here with a base combat strength of 31 against a tank
into an absolute monster that can this destroy a tank 301 combat strength now
look at this just one shot this bug or exploit is not as big a deal as a
recently discovered pantheon exploit primarily because this can only happen
if you recruit this great general here Gregory Zhukov or however you say
that name then what happens here is with the flanking bonus so we’re just gonna
buy this one here and I’ll jump forward a few more turns to explain what happens
the way and this bug works right here so first of all we can see here look at the
flanking bonus and the bottom right of the screen is a +6 you get two plus two
flanking bonus for each adjacent unit we have three units here so we should get a
+6 what we do here is retire the great general here provides a plus 50%
flanking bonus so right now it’s a +6 it should be 50% of that is plus 3 so there
should be a plus 9 but you can see it’s not even close it’s a plus 276 flanking
bonus the way you do this is it counts it basically counts +1 for every unit
when if your empire so what you want to do is to get a lot of zero cost zero
gold maintenance units in your empire like I do down here and then this
destroy the competition enjoy

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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