30 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Vox Populi – Let’s Play Songhai #8

  1. Oh man, should have tryed the capitulation option with Assyria… 20% of its science, gold, culture and what not (per turn) is pretty usefull, besides having him join all your wars. I think you could have gotten it with your war score.

  2. Work the merchant specialist in tombouctu, you're literally one turn or two turns from getting a great merchant.

  3. "Is this army strong enough to take on Russia? I'm not entirely convinced." General Marbrozir consults with Napoleon. June 24, 1812.

  4. Remember your future happiness and science depends on the number of greatworks and focusing so heavily on growth from now like a tall civ will end up poorly with a dead end by the industrial era since population is not the king in VP, You should do math properly and adjust your happiness modifiers and not ignore working some nice tiles like the iron mine in Taghaza. I miss your old style of assigning citizens between the episodes. Russia will be not a problem but a disaster if you don't hurry with them because cossscks with strategic horse monopoly bonus attack is very scary

  5. You should build the alhambra, especialy if you plan a war with russia. It will give you 10% combat str and 25% str when attacking cities, also its an policy unique so if no other than you have full authority, you will have 15 turns cakewalk building it.

  6. also i wonder why you imediatelly annex cities. do you like unhappiness? i mean wouldn't be better first puppet it, repair everything arround it and than do that? or is that jusr Marbozir unique logic? 😀 😀

  7. Yeah , crappy tundra cities. They tend to have 1 or more of coal, oil, aluminium or uranium. If it's got a lighthouse, just buy another in a coastal city. Take, puppet and forget. Otherwise it's the cost of a road. Until the late game resources are revealed, at any rate.

    I don't see a war with Russia before turn 200. The Alhambra is necessary for that war. I believe that Moscow can be accessed via Honolulu. Russia's getting allied with all the city states around. That will have to be broken before war can start.

    Nineveh looks to have all the requirements for a silk monopoly. The defensive pact between Polynesia and Assyria provides the opportunity to go back to war with Assyria via a declaration on Polynesia. Polynesia did declare on Russia. Half the army to Nineveh and the north and half towards Raiatea. That's a city that could do with being raised. Buying the banana and stone prevents another city from a hostile civ getting founded there. Honolulu should fall to 6 trebs. Next tech gunpowder. I'd give serious consideration to opening progress for the science boost as the next policy. Just my two cents worth.

  8. You should really try to use the diplomacy things VP adds to the game, capitulation with Assyria would have been amazing!!
    They then become your vassal, and vassals
    -provide you with a gamechanging 20% of their total science
    -adopt your ideology
    -can be taxed, meaning you can get up to 25% of his GPT
    -always declare war with you (If you declare war on Russia, Assyria also declares war on Russia)
    It's really useful!!

  9. i know this is an old LP, but if you uncheck "auto unit cycle" in the settings, the game will stop the camera from sling-shotting across the map. makes managing wars a lot easier when you're trying to manage several units in one area. and doesn't make the viewer dizzy.

    you just also have to make sure you've selected the correct unit before giving it orders, otherwise you might tell the wrong unit to go on a pilgrimage to the opposite coast.

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