Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 3 of 3

Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 3 of 3

And the Greeks keep on coming, have to finish all their unit to be able ride into their last city Persia finished, now aim straight for Russia, there is still time None of the social policies will help now Finally, Rifling the technology to conquer Japan Better to go on the water to join the other army, Russia is advanced now and will have Cannons and Knights waiting. Another video edit mistake here. Russia sends a large force to take Constantinople, so I had reload back to here and make sure it cannot be taken This is a bit of a disaster, barbarians have destroyed the Abbasid horses, one cannot have negative horse resources in this scenario, everything must done to get it positve again Having negative horse resources is clearly a big problem Much better now negative horse resources anymore ! Finally Kyoto has fallen ! Still some work to do lots of units are still in way of the final city Mistake, will lost my general here, wanted to build castle here, but I have enough to finish Japan Merging of these two armies will make them impossible for Russia to resist Constantinople is well defended Kamakuro is well defended as well, need to be careful here The last western city conquered Lets do some exploring further west From the furthest west and east, the mongol hordes cannot be stopped Last civ conquered, a challenging yet enjoyable civ 5 scenario

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

19 thoughts on “Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 3 of 3

  1. Looking back, do you think there was a better way to take care of Japan? That fight seemed to be a stalemate for a long time. What about accepting his peace offer for 900g and using that to buy some boats?

  2. Thanks for loading this video! I picked up many useful tips that helped me beat this scenario, something I probably couldn't have done otherwise.

  3. dude,you are a legend,you make denty look like settler.even if you did fuck up at some points i am still amezed at your skills in this game,and that…deservs a like and a sub.keep making these playthroughs of these harder achivments,bc i am in trouble finding anyone else doing the same stuff (of corse only if ur ok with doing them)best of wishes

  4. my bad brahs…the vids I posted were 26 moves left…not 34, but it was made after a full year off. 34 second best and 41 best but it was in my prime playing and before I got the video capture device…good video though.

  5. Ah, yes. The great Mongolian rifleman and cannon invasion of Japan. A key part of Asian history.

  6. Thank you mate, it helped a lot, and i saw few small mistakes in your strategy… but tactics were brilliant, you have done great job with this video. And dont hesitate to make a new ones. Have fun and good luck at playing and RL too.

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