59 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Let’s Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire – Part 2 [Modded Civ 5 Gameplay]

  1. if China gonna attack you, it will be with an army of settlers in the next few turns. that's how they play as an AI in Vox Populi

  2. you have the option where after you tell a unit to do something, the camera will switch to the next unit the game wants you to give orders to. You should turn it off. 🙂

  3. more civ V:p it's pitty that you didn't like CiV Vi for some reasons:p it will be nice if you will be making some videos of CiV Vi:p but still old good CiC rules:p

  4. So I tried out the mod and I gotta say: It's hard as sh…! Played on "Normal" because I am not that good at the game and I begin to get my ass handed to me. Literally every nation attacks me (some who even are on another continent!), and they can spam enemies so fast you can't even kill them in time. And of course your units get killed by enemy units of the same type in 3 attacks where you need 5+… I don't know if I am truly that bad or Vox Populi sets each difficulty about 3 difficulties higher… Oh yeah and barbarian camps spawn literally every 5 turns.
    It's really well made though and I would enjoy it but the AI just exploded and I don't stand a chance.

  5. China is authority. They're going to have a ton of units and want to go for you around turn 75-80 i'm guessing. Also civilian units can stack with other units, even military units from other civs, so you can't wall a civ out of settling a spot unless you war them.

    EDIT: Also AHAHAH already a 1 health are you serious <3
    Agreed a rollercoaster series of turns with that settler. I think your city there may end up denying China a copper monopoly, which is great because it would give them +10% prod.
    Really pumped to see Vox Populi here on the channel.

  6. Tried out Vox Populi with Jfd RtP and Cultural Diversity after having played the community patch with the same mods. Might have done something wrong because I went from winning easily on immortal to losing on prince. Turn 125 my last game on prince Greece was 45 techs ahead had rocket artillery ect, I stole gold 480k gold in one turn with a spy lmao. Ill probably try to get some help troubleshooting on civ forums xD

  7. i'm loving the civ 5. Honestly I never watched your civ 6 because the artwork looks so godawful (not your fault). I am ok with whatever mods you use for civ 5. Civ 5 is so much more fun to watch than civ 6.

  8. Marbs, perhaps 'getting a view on the rest of the continent might be good? Your two scouts get XP from revealing tiles, and they have been sitting next to barbarian camps for most of their lives 😛

  9. Watching you play Civ 5 makes me want to download it and play it again, but I can't help but feel a little guilty about turning my back on Civ 6… I always like to stay on the "latest and greatest," but CIv 5 just feels so much more developed than 6 at the moment

  10. Amazing that a simple notification which lets you zoom to the newly spawned/discovered barbarian camp would be so awful to lose. A simple sound effect and spending minutes looking around trying to find it sure is fun and interesting gameplay.

  11. wouldn't it have been faster if you used the road to go as far north as it allowed and then went west?

  12. Glad you're doing more Civ 5!
    And I'm glad you reconsidered settling on the horses when you were planning another city near the river+wheat. lol
    It's a bit further spread out and more greedy to settle on the river, but I'm sure you can handle defending yourself just fine. Would just be a bit awkward if China sneaks in a settler in the middle to grab the horses and sugar. lol
    Spoke too soon! China did indeed do something a bit awkward, just not exactly what I suggested. Oh, they might have done you a favor, that's a pretty good location.

  13. in this situation, i'd settle 2 cities most likely. One to the west between the amber and the wheat, and one to the north, 2 tiles above the wheat next to the camp, next to the river. There is one copy of sugar you wont be able to get right away, but everything else is covered. And your borders will spread there eventually.

  14. Aren't barrage and accuracy bonuses against units below/above 50 health mixed up ? For me it makes much more sense that a barrage would do more damage against a full unit because there's more people there, more chances to hit something, while accuracy would help sniping running, sparse units. Am I insane ??

    Also, how the hell do turk people in this play even know what tabacco is, when they never saw one ? What are they smoking ?

  15. Glad for the civ 5 content. Newish subscriber here, found you through Filthyrobot and your single player-multi player vid series.

  16. You shoud park pathfinders near the china's border. This way you will know in advance if they prepair to war whith you(Also you can figure out the target they will attack).

  17. Marbozir making Ottoman great again by attempting to build a human wall to keep out the illegal Chinese immigrants.

  18. It's so much easier on the eyes watching a let's play of Civ 5 compared to civ 6. Didn't think I missed it so much, but I apparently did.

  19. Love your city reconsideration, that horses city with the crammed one to the west would have been painful to look at with all those nice tiles out of range to the north :P- posted just before the Nanijing troll

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