Civ 5 in 7.5 Mins: England Almighty – Civilization V BNW Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 7.5 Mins: England Almighty – Civilization V BNW Let’s Play Summary

Liz and Ramses get together… The resources
are standard and rainfall is wet Thame’s short Lookin’ for love What else is around? Bottom of the map Early Archery Allows the food-iest wonder Isolationists at heart Wonder complete, Artemis blessed London Protip: more food equals less production,
less production equals more food Math is amazing – or it will be when we know
it Mining in time for the worker Salt water, salt plains Hello Blue Egypt Your lands are very nice I might have to go live there Iron is the key to this woman’s heart But can’t settle for ten turns! Got impatient, settled anyway, then bought
bunch of books Continue the College! Golden Age in 450 BC, because why not More Iron across the channel Visit Nottingham – mine tours soon Let’s write and re-write A Great Engi-what? He’s a manufactory now – better than a failed
Great Wall – which we don’t speak of Investing in faith 11 turns ’til Astronomical advancement Maybe it’ll make us happy again Smile about sea stuff Found Iron and you know how Liz is about trace
minerals 20 turns later, nothing exciting, but war
soon Just gonna line-up some Ships of the Line It takes more than three If only you were a longbowman – longbowmen
can defeat Nuclear Submarines (foreshadowing) Lots of ships! Ships until we run out of Iron and money Surround an Egypt Ramses, would you be interested in a trade
plunder? and another one? Shall we attack now or later Now is good. English Egypt – a magical locale Still a little too much blue in the sea And reclaim land – for nature Calm waves back home The perfect storm up north His ghost is gonna come at us Anyway – two suitors left, Egypt and Egypt We are also Egypt This is the battle area You are the fool, fool. I hope Egypt doesn’t attack while we attack
Egypt Start down at the bottom The ranged boats do the damage then a pirate
ship moves in for the kill The Egyptians try a similar tactic albeit
without a chance Don’t let him get closer Gotta keep the violence disconnected Let the locals hear tales of oceanic destruction Simple victory when you’re English Maybe if we make it look like we’re one big
boat It worked! And a free city It’s like they’ve welcomed us to the continent Holy – this continent is a bit out of control
– it’ll be a pain later Excuse us! Would you be interested in not
existing anymore? We’re unhappy so Barbarians spawn and pillage
our Salt which makes us unhappier Pirate noise In the navy! Fun fact: war goes on back and forth until
you’re demolished mister Can handle two Egypts at once, no problem Nothin’ going on up North, nothing at all Just got one boat in Thebes! But not exactly happy about things Approach Memphis from all directions It’ll throw Ramses off – his empire will crumble Then again, Akhetaten will be 40 population
when the nukefest begins Oh, small-scale, questionable war acts Lost a boat to the Egyptians That means retribution Retribution around the world No one is invading England This is more of an experimental screenshot
– for my art, here’s more art Goodbye Abydos! Centre the shot for maximum effect Memphis is mean so we’re mean back Shaving time Destroying workers Confronting the jolly rogers All gone! Various naval organizations Chaos amongst the waves Perhaps Yellow Egypt will be easier to destroy Especially this lil guy – uh girl The battle continues But the targets are shifting 20th century England! The temporary peace is gone First thing’s first: Alexandria the Great Looks like Egypt but will be England Just… selling stuff Funding the navy This is suspicious Just before Cyan gets serious, Yellow makes
things easier Not much you can do When sailing against the English Would you be interested in the bottom of the
ocean? What about you, Ironclad? Subs aren’t safe either At least when outnumbered Embarked units are in trouble Oh it’s a floating army Back-up! Can’t outwit Elizabeth Outlast with Great Builder dudes Outgun Ramses Can’t subject the subjects to war Need to get serious about extermination Especially when Yellow tries to expand Let’s focus on Yellow The Uranium is revealed not too far away This dude asked for it Settle quickly, before borders grow Coventry completes the English empire Then again, we’ve a soft-spot for Mr. Davis Miss Atomic Bomb Suddenly I’m girlfriend material Oops – war happened 2011 – think Katy Perry’s Firework This is what Ramses is worth Peace treaties mean you can’t nuke people Might’ve nuked Thebes Maybe it was Memphis The problem with Thebes is, it’s there And it’s just too strong Need reinforcements The incense fields smell amazing He saw what we did to Yellow The offence grows Fallout snows On Thebes Maybe this Paratrooper can take it They’re shooting at him The resistance is strong At least Giza is English We’re a little unhappy though so – barbarians Boost morale with missiles English morale that is Thebes keeps having bad days – both Egypts
actually The Barbarians have a better chance than Ramses Not much goes on – gotta get ready Too much Egypt around War looks great in Yellow Thebes is ours Even if it’s haunted Just the two of us Elizabeth and Ramses forever Forever in conflict The Longbowman bombarded an enemy Nuclear
Submarine and destroyed it! Can’t let ’em keep Canterbury They’re interested in radiation Area secured Still plenty of Cyan land, so XCOMs And some down time More ordinance! Smokey skies all around Missile Cruisers are the new big thing They’re destroying everyone up in here See how scared he is? He’s like “Would you
be interested in peace?” Fast forward post-peace-treaty. Boom. The city strength strength is large Need more nukes That’ll do Almost ready for another war again Almost ready, indeed The problem last time was not enough aggression This time, things should be alright Take that Those sneaky b-words Back to being the English way slash on fire The days aren’t over Sun isn’t setting down there And the missile cruisers take care of renegade
fishermen I knew he couldn’t fight without the fishermen He is silly for letting Liz build up dangerous
stuff They look interested in adopting the pound So pound them And prepare to move in for the kill Movin’ into Memphis Yes I’ve never won with Elizabeth – also a
Domination victory with Order Oh – domination means everything is England Oh I’d marry Lincoln

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