Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Sweet… Sweden – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Sweet… Sweden – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

SWEDEN With lots of other people, on a random
map Put stock in Stockholm – they’ve never heard
THAT before It’s cloudy An amazing lake to the southeast Better settle it Hello Hiawatha – I would LOVE to make a friend Guess what fish is found in Lake Victoria Sorry friend! I didn’t even realize he was there, honest Working towards some wonders and a library An archer will guard said library and Stockholm
attempts the Colossus This guy founded a city right below Stockholm,
FORCING me to buy-up some tiles for my own survival I spent my money on Zanzibar Culture can’t be ignored Sofia gets a Trade Mission, I get money That I’ll use to buy Bogatan influence Must declare friendship to boost Great People
generation but the world is complicated Study-up on diplomatic relations at the University Perform more Trade Missions And get a Great Engineer for free – thanks
Leaning Tower I do actually – Friend for life Look at all that Influence! Yes yes yes yes yes University of Stockholm needs one more turn! Sure Washington, let’s be best friends Yay things are coming up Sweden Time for an army! Economics are important when free Opera Houses are the opposite of free Work Boats can also be purchased Electricity will be great – saw the teaser
trailer Better take Tyre from Persia’s grasp And finish up Patronage – Rationalism next Harbors make trade more lucrative But we had an Ikea display Tons of friends for my friends list There’s nothing I want more actually Museums can be bought And Archaeologists aren’t forgot…ten Secularists rejoice A new hospital will shorten waiting times And cash is available for Broadcasting Just in time for WAR with the Iroquois Stockholm is the viable target Don’t mind us down here Not doing anything of importance Just taking some notes Science and Cash come together at last When enemy enters the water, it dies Engineer this! BOMB 1932: he’s probably chatting about A Treatise
of Money Strike a New Deal and up the yields Buy-up Zanzibar with my Swedish Merchant of
Venice Take a moment to appreciate Universal Suffrage! So I traded Zanzibar to Hiawatha so he’d go
to war with others, but he liberated it so now I have to win it over again Atomic Bombs will also get a point across Use crystallography to access the Internet Back to war with the Iroquois I will have to bomb them My paratrooper will check out the damage Grand River will be nuked Golden Age begins as Stockholm is nuked up
north Well that escalated at a reasonable pace I can maybe sneak into space while everybody
suffers Hey look, the aluminum mine is mine Not in last place but I think I can pull out
a win Step One: trade missions! Step two: International Games I did not win Step three: research-focus Step four: Submarine warfare Step five: More research Step six: resort to ultimate destruction Red arrow of death 13 population points wiped out, sorry My Surface to Air Missile shot down a Bomber…
nothing can stop me now! Except that. Oh

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Your second city was so well defended by those mountains. Plus Lake Victoria that city would have been great for a run away Civ

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