Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Be Tibet – a Mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP Summary

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Be Tibet – a Mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP Summary

It’s another mod! Mountains are magic! Not-Even-7
Minutes in Tibet – let’s reference movies! City-State Slickers II: the Legend of Northern
Gold India Jones and the Ruins of an Extra Citizen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Kevin Smith?
Matt Smith? Will Smith? Oh… his son That got weird. Let’s get back to basics: Double the cities Add three more Fight Washington’s hoards Engineer the Church of Smiles Finally convince George to calm down with
the fighting Claim spare land for Tibet! Triplets! Did I mention I went Liberty? Habit. Claiming every bit. Not unnoticed.
Discontinue? Maybe! The plan is to get lots of cities to follow
Isabella’s religion – it has the Tourism boost Then again there are Great Writers left and…
right A wide-range of religions means holidays all-year
round – Happy Thanksgiving The Cathedral can host a Grand Opening Pancake
Breakfast Isabella begins the war that lasts forever Gandhi gets some Tibet, but not for free Resisting invasion is a bit easier when there’re
mountains It would be good to end the quarrel Gotta build a World’s Fair tent – several
tents actually May have invested in too many tents – still,
we won Sure, some cities are starving but overall
these are the good ol’ days The bad days are back – the car broke down,
Isabella declared war… George Washington joined her, the internet
is laggy War is greeeeeeeeeat Lots of angry red text Lots of skyscrapers in 1850 AD Here’s the thing, YOU broke the city connection …we had to get it back Gotta get Gatling Guns – gonna grow the gunnery George saw the scary army amass But 10 turns later it went violent again Turns out a few countries were angry Long story short: G-town is lost after an
endless onslaught But a Citadel appeared to claim a bit of dignity The eastern empire was heavily hit but stands
strong Understandable results from a pre-war battle Spain won’t stop but India and the USA are
constantly re-attacking Archaeologists race to an Antiquity Site in
the north Isabella’s athletes are the best, yes We were too busy building Banks and Museums
– because money Finally have some cash-flow, just enough to
give hope Self-esteem goes up even higher when the Wonderful
People list is revealed – take that, America! Gandhi – you’re causing a roller coaster
of emotions Isabella – I want your money Need it to fund the war against India – the
soldiers never stop! Washington is a bro in the time of need He’ll even attack the bad guys Too bad he has no units nearby – good thing
there’s Gatling Guns Tibet is split up but the mountains still
give refuge They’re enough of a bother to get Gandhi
to sorta be polite Ya just calm down, guy, you don’t get nothin’ Tibet got a Golden Age! Gotta utilize the bonuses for good! Made it to the 90’s! Oxford University in
4 turns Cancelled it until Radar is done – move on
to the Epic Now Free Rocketry, Free everything would be
nice Free Eras from Free Satellites Give Tibet back G-town! Or at least let ‘em visit – but he says
no Did I mention Gandhi has Uranium? Things get serious when Gandhi has Uranium Northern Tibet is defendable and thriving Hometown gets a Hydro Plant Convinced George to destroy those dressed
in Red Long live Blue and Green! Tibetan Green, not
Indian Green It seems George had no issues removing Spain
from the map – that’s kinda scary He also went interstellar but we’re not
done Breaching the borders once blue shows weakness Not yet… Uughh the American Army isn’t intimidated They have Giant Death Robots and don’t care
about Tibetan restricted airspace Seriously angry soldiers – better watch out
for the Gatling Gun! Sometimes you have to say goodbye Sometimes wars come back to haunt you It seems the world is against Tibet India is moving in for the kill America manages to take the capital but it’s
not over ’til it’s over The text reveals Tibet is outnumbered Attacks from every direction – divert resources
down south Everyone is safe down south Seems the enemy knows about down south Greetings Gandhi! I, for one, welcome our
new Indian overlords…

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