Civ 5 in 4.5 Mins: The Celts Go Religious – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 4.5 Mins: The Celts Go Religious – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

I am the Celts, the rest is up to fate Need three forests Edinburgh Pumping religion already Tradition is still best Turn 4, Pantheon: Desert Folklore duh Now we want Petra… So Currency it is Might as well add to the madness Nah maybe not, bring on the gluten Liberty then… Republic! We are partisan to high productivity Shrine can take it’s time The Aristocrats! Temple of Artemis is simply glorious Countdown to counting cash Wow the Temple is ours, try for more food! Religion figured out, we’ll get gold and men Petra for Pete’s sake Whoops I’ve been illiterate longer than is
to be desired Forest’s two tiles away are fair game Fancy mushrooms Better harness the cotton, and Petra will
fix those non-flood plain terrain Market for money Oh shoot We need military techs and we need them now Collective Rule, we already got our free worker Hang some gardens City Number Two (of what I thought would be
a huge empire) Masonry must be neat if you’re name is Mason What will the Oracle foretell Circus Maximus was my dancer name Walls for looking over Upgrade that religion as the clerics see fit Why is cargo by ship, and shipment by car? Engineering but not like a train driver Nothing like working the sand Representation for a good ol’ celebration AND then Meritocracy, seriously nothing exciting
happened in between those GREAT Soon we’ll have alumni! This scout will swim Religion brings out the best in people with
weapons Work the stone A colossal colosseum Oligarchy A lighthouse will reveal more edibles Trade to that place, I bet they’re kind! Temples could be fun Might need a Celtic Inquisition Better get a scholarship You too! It’s a glorified canoe Protect our precious stuff Oooh acquire cost reductions Reduced for someone else. We’ll go with the
Oxford Fiesta University Harbours to reach further Iron time Navigation of course, it’s worth way more
than any of those other techs Strum along everybody Stables for no reason in particular Rationalism to avoiding losing the science
fair The Pagoda will have yoga on Sundays and Mondays,
starting at the beginning of next week Park it at the market Yo Poland Oh hi Montezuma Great I can finally get the unpronounceable hall Composite bowman it is Hmmm… should I cast metal or figure out
guilds Guilds? More bowman, more bowman Bombarded is the appropriate word I can bombard back Castles make things safe But there’s so much violence Crossbows for faster pointy-stick projectiles Cargo over there This Great General can not live I think he’s dead Double the castles! Secularism for war times, as there is never
a bad time Porcelain would be a great thing to worship Compose yourself! Industry! 1680 AD Here have some religion, it will make me richer Museum for displaying photos of the majestic
arctic tundra Hermitage! And we aren’t even being attacked
right now But we will be soon! Cargo over there more Need more men Prepare for hurt If we had ten of these… I’d upgrade you if I had the cash Maybe this boat will lend itself to the task Faster science, that always works out properly Crossbowman is out of moves! Now they hurt No no no Damn the river! Radio for back-up The army grows The reservoir flows (at a controlled rate) Banks close (it’s a holiday). Happiness shows Need more weapons, less rhyme Bang bang FINALLY Yay peaceful roads to travel down Go ahead little camel, find your way in these
times of growth Maybe next games Gotta make money, as I’ve been embargoed Oh that helps Great. Dublin feels the pain Actually a lot of ’em feel the pain I should really just put him out of his misery… So much explosion Ugh why YAY he said peace was cool Oh But I just finished up warring… I have time to re-build Totally have time. Protect the city. This might not end well! Eeek The red arrow of demise Great, a great merchant, more gold! Our Flight is tomorrow! Need more guns Like seriously more guns We didn’t have enough guns

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