100 thoughts on “Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

  1. This man is my hero, a wonderful man with great values. He has shown me that not every person in this world is a scum. Thank you chris for the amazing words of wisdom.

  2. So, if one has learned some of lessons from history one can say that all of the political systems/ideologies have failed through time in terms of generating a stable society that prosper and generates progress and well being for the masses. Given that, a scan of the law systems through time, and the factual conditions of the then existing societies ought to yield fact as to what has caused the recurrent degenerating effect.

  3. I mention laws because they seem to be in the way to make any effort of productivity by the masses void, and the people holding jobs (which represent their income and way of sustenance) ready to 'reinforce' them are there to make of that. It all seems like a cruel game of life dynamics, like an illusion or projection of what people wants and needs are, that is going on a life screen, the planet.

  4. I think that changing the focus to work creation is a must part of the needed solution. To keep 4 billion adults working within a minimum to maximum income you would need about 0.5-1 trillion per year of a currency. Go from there to make the planning of work based on needs, and wants, of which there many and some rather urgent.

  5. It would be great if Hedges turns his mind toward Asia in his next book and examines modern-day nationalism and tribalism here.

  6. I wonder if Hedges is aware that Islam has enslaved blacks mostly and other races for 1400yrs? even unto this time(Sudan)

  7. Thank you Chris Hedges for so eloquently stating what so many of us are seeing happen right before our eyes but lack the ability to communicate it so forcefully and clearly. Thank you to the uploader for posting.

  8. Majority of people overlook what is happening before us, but Chris Hedges is reminding us what we've been ignoring. Give this talk enough time and it will be historic one. I thank Chris for his honesty and courage to speak up!

  9. This is why I loath Chris [email protected]:35– *"We trust in the myth of human progress, the absurd belief that human technology and ingenuity will save us.. That somehow, although no one spells out how, we will all be able to adapt."

  10. Revolt will only happen when those who are revolting have some measure of confidence that reform is possible, that institutions can be reformed, that intelligent economic programs are achievable. This might be the stumbling block for many persons who are unhappy with the political and economic realities in the USA. 

  11. There is 1 matter that Hedges rarely mentions, which is the responsibility of citizens to be judicious consumers and to have an understanding of what effect their consumption patterns have on the environment and on their fellow human beings.

  12. How is that a negative comment is the first thing i see when i dont see any in the rest of the comments…you have a beef with Chris hedges YouTube?(google)

  13. The analogy he made to modern life and Moby Dick was just exquisite in his critique and overall direction of this lecture. I am haply we still have men of greatness around to subdue the grasp the current social veneer has on the public. Thank you Chris and I am a better man for hearing you speak.

  14. for any interested i suggest Osho's "The book of Understanding"

  15. "We must become a threat to the security and surveillance state and its corporate overlords and we cannot become a threat if we do not engage in actions that actively obstruct power." (Hedges) (&) "The Church has retreated, largely, into a kind of 'how is it with me' spirituality, which is just narcissism . . . "

  16. Oh, I also disagree with raising the minimum wage. That just seems like the tiger chasing its tail. We should take measures to revalue currencies not devalue them. But I'm no economist and it might feel cool to be a millionaire even if it takes it all to buy a week's worth of groceries.

  17. What is the point of this? yeah ok, we get it, we are stupid pieces of shit. Now why don't you fuck off and die, pompous pontificating douchebag…

  18. Thomas Moore's Law states that computing hardware and intellegince will exponential increase on itself from inovation to inovaton, fair enough. And yes for a time and space that inovation has provided comfort, but it is increassingly making us slaves to the very efficiancy we created, no not in some Terminator way of some sentientiant beings of artificial being, but in a way we are now so attached to our Blackberries and iphones that we are blurred from the reality in front of us, and we are easily and so readilly barreling down a distopien future, where you and me are no longer needed, and everything is lost to the efficient and the easily quantifiable. The 99% fighting over fair wages are just the beganing.

  19. We as a society worship money, we worship the rich, the celebrity and the elite, to our detriment. We cannot form a coalition against our oppressors with the intrinsic trait of greed. We will stand idly by and watch injustices so as to not rock the boat and ruin our selfish illusions of grander. Self sacrifice is what we need, love of ourselves and neighbors is what we need. If we stand together with love, we can easily non-violently win and take back our nation. Vote the opposite of the polls, (Ron Paul). We can do it.

  20. The banking-corporation complex which stole so much money that it caused the 2008 crash, is stealing money once again.

  21. When I entered the work force I though I would be welcomed and treated with dignity, be well-paid, and given a chance for advancement,  Instead I was regarded with contempt, paid slave-wages, and expelled from job after job without mercy.

  22. @Rudolf Nemeth. Before leaving unhelpful comments, learn to spell.
    If you "loath"  Hedges why not go to one more suited for your mentality ie.The pro- Behring Breivik website. And yes, I've met lots of fools who think technology will effortlessly clear up pollution etc. all to avoid taking responsibility now. Unlike you, Hedges documents himself before making statements.

  23. @derwen talia, explain to me the dynamics of HOW a woman can rape a man?
    By means of normal natural sexual intercourse, I'm curious.(!) So much BS. Why so many silly comments on sites dealing in serious subjects.The quantity of nonsensical and irrelevant anecdotes occupying valuable space can be irritating..

  24. I believe that we need to take Hedges' ideas very seriously. There does seem to be a fierce urgency of now…as MLK once was quoted as saying. I worry about our environment, about the vast disparities between the rich and the poor, about the negative effects of a corporate state, about the pessimism and apocalyptic themes on TV and on the internet, and the disallusionment of our youth. It seems that many people are not dreaming about good days ahead but are fearful about the future.

  25. he's a intellectual that knows the coming horror and death. He also knows no change will come without violence. is he a communist,is he a true belier,,i have now idea.

  26. I really enjoyed listening to this lecture until Chris Hedges started talking about the events in Czechoslovakia which I lived though and participated in. I find the description of those events quite misleading though. I would say Chris Hedges may have misunderstood them.

  27. As much as i agree with him on many of the things he say, he is dead wrong on the global warming subject, very disappointing.

  28. I've been mostly listening while working on a project. I'm a teaparty,conservative that believes America was founded on a Christian Foundation. So, he hates my kind, we are trying to go back to the rule of law, back to the Constitution, our officials swore to uphold. Further, we are against outside interest overriding the people's voices. We do not hate immigrants, we want legal immigrants, some people have waited for years in the legal process… I agree with Chris Hedges on most points, not all, but most- I've retweeted some of his material- I too see the decline in America because I've been here before Harry Truman was elected. I lived the best of the years America had, I feel sorry for those being born not to have known my American experience. I may listen to more of Chris Hedges' clips, as I work on charity projects. We are trying to fill a 40ft cargo shipping crate to send our clothes for the children,this time in Africa. If you can sew- I have the url. with instructions. 

  29. I'm a teaparty conservative, I'm against invasion of countries that has not invaded the USA. I believe, for sometime, it is the resources that our military is being used for, not spreading democracy. What would a Muslim Country know about democracy, that is not how they are sat up. It's a fraud on our military. I feel sorry for those in the military that have been hoodwinked.. I can't stand Bush nor Obama and I was against Bill Clinton bombing Kosovo  What a mess, and we will get payback 10 foil. i pity those starting out and being born into this, they will carry the burden of our mistakes. 

  30. So true I went to one of the top art schools in the world and I tried to get people to talk about politically agitating and no one cared because 70 percent of them were 1 percenters. Such a contrast from the state school I went to for my core classes.

  31. Moby Dick……….wow…….also The Wizard of Oz is a message book. Oz supposedly stands for ounces of gold and the yellow brick road a road of gold. The Wizard probably representing the invisible hand of the powerful hiding behind a curtain. Some kind of message about the banking system of the time.

  32. I get the whole anti-corporate/anti-capitalist thing he's got going on but I disagree that if we have some massive collapse humans are down for the count. And he seems to discount that many of the Empires of history were very very long lived indeed.  The Roman Empire actually survived until the fall of the Byzantines.
    But he is indeed correct about the massive environmental, political, and social destruction that global exploitative "capitalism" by multinational corporations has wrought on the world.  If we don't change our systems within the next two-three decades we are very likely indeed to see a massive collapse whereas a changeover might mitigate problems down to a mere global depression.

  33. There was a video I saw that shows Chris getting up from an interview where he begins beating the fuck out of people who question his position. He uses a combination of skull crushing elbows and right hooks. He beat one guy unconscious with a Sunday New York Times. Then I woke up.     

  34. "If The State had responded rationally to The Occupy Movement they would have declared a moratorium on bank foreclosures and repossessions. They would have forgiven all student debt. They would have created a rational Health Care Program, and they would have created a massive jobs program targeted at people under the age of 25. That would have been rational. But they didn't! They responded solely with the language of force." Ah… yeah, but Chris this is Amerika. You don't look for logical, rational solutions to problems. You just try to bludgeon the problem out of existence with more violence. America is a violent, dominator culture… that's why I spell it with a K!

  35. How much does it cost to attend Moravian? I'm sure it's a lot. I bet you have to be one of the "elites" that Mr. Hedges rails against in order to afford to go there.

  36. I admire Chris and his efforts. He reminds me of Chomsky, as an excellent purveyor of truth. But I am left wondering whether the work of Hedges and Chomsky, and many others, is making sufficient impact. I do hope so

  37. I pretty much agree with what this Hedges guy says, but I dont think I have ever seen anyone more lacking in sense of humour.

  38. Rudoph Nemeth your profile pic is a selfie, and you are ranting on the youtube comment section by telling people to F off and to kill themselves… Just watch the lecture and don't comment if you didn't agree with it. And if you do comment, try to do so in a smart way. You're discrediting everything you say by right wing-trolling a leftwing lecture…

  39. Mr Hedge's should read Michael Rowbotham's book Grip of Death to begin to form some hypotheses about this dark force pushing us forward into destruction. Karl Polanyi also wrote copiously about this process from when it was first observed in the West. The form of money itself compels us forward into this destructive "progress". There could be alternatives to the debt-based form of money that grips more and more of us to choose death. But, they will require a new awareness of details about money. The etymology of the word "mortgage" says it all.

  40. But in WHITE JACKET Melville seems to believe  that America was something new,a youth of great promise,the beginning of a new world.  'Course the WORLD IN A MAN O'WAR the world is corrupt as hell,a brutal dictatorship, this in a  AMERICA that was ,to paraphrase– generations of history teachers–,a bastion of freedom.

  41. I disagree with Hedges when he says " you dont even want to go near Princeton" at about 1:29:20

    It was Princeton that identified that the US is now basically a fascist oligarchy : http://www.princeton.edu/~mgilens/Gilens%20homepage%20materials/Gilens%20and%20Page/Gilens%20and%20Page%202014-Testing%20Theories%203-7-14.pdf

  42. and the video ended just as i feel right now… why is it worth living?
    no matter what we achieve the majorities will always stay ignorant… and ignorance will always diminish any achievements knowledge can create. 

  43. Chris Hedges's application of 'Moby Dick' to our sociopolitical problem is a work of genius. And his hypothesis, that frustrated college graduates and service workers will foment revolution if they are not allowed to better themselves in society, corresponds closely to circumstances that led to the French Revolution. Karl Marx was wrong, as Hedges implies. The hopeless, downtrodden, proletarian working poor are unlikely to rise in revolt, but middle class people, whose pensions and jobs and mortgages and futures are looted by a predatory elite– they might, quite possibly, rise in revolt if no other recourse is in sight.  It's madness on the part of the unempathetic predatory elite to keep on doing what they've been doing for the last thirty years.

  44. I'm accostomed to denser/shorter presentation of information -____-

    He's too wordy.  I can't even tell what his position is, what he's trying to get across, etc.

  45. I usually enjoy Hedges, but this has to be one of the gloomiest speeches I've ever heard. While his prose was brilliant and sophisticated, it verged on a teenage level of angst and doom. I'm sure his audience left the room and went straight for the bottle.

  46. It is untrue to say that there has been no progress of a material kind. Even today, in a period of decline, the average human being is physically better off than he was a few centuries ago. But no advance in wealth, no softening a manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.  – George Orwell

  47. George Orwell noted that mechanization had become quasi-instinctive throughout almost the whole world.  That means too many people are developing too much technology for the upper class to keep it secret and under their control.  If alternate energies, anti-gravity, quantum computers and A-I robots slip out there's six billion people who can seize it to discover even more technology and use it to escape the yoke of the tyrannical forces that rule and plunder us today.

  48. Even zombie-sheeple have electronic gadgets that were never even dreamed about a hundred years ago.  If the popular masses can ferret out even some of the anti-gravity, quantum computers, alternate energy and A-I robot technology we can form our own economy apart from class-war plutocracy.  These technologies are going to leak out through the cracks of plutocratic society. They have to.

  49. gadangit,chris. i was looking for something cheerful to distract me from my existential conflict about dangerous dissention vs. the comliance that makes me complicit with antihuman facism. why you gotta be such a downer?

  50. All right, I usually watch these videos to laugh at the left alarmist threats, I stopped being mad at these guys for their opinions a long time ago, but right now…

    … seriously!? The crew of "Pequod" was racist?! Did this guy not see how a native harpoonist was promised a much higher share of profits then a white sailor? How the African, Caribbean, Indian and Persian harpoonists were allowed to eat at much better conditions then mostlky white sailors and were allowed to boss them around? Leftists have a nasty habit of seeing racism everywhere, and this guy is the personification of that.

  51. GFC: Identity victimhood mentality politics is counter-productive lest we forget the past history of institutional racism of the Democrat Party's and the progressive liberal leftist's warped version of "freedom" when 21st century's "higher learning" universities create safe spaces of segregated people. It actually appears the "educated" have now entered into a realm of willful ignorance while placing themselves into an endless financial and ethical/moral fragmented corrupt dark hole. Where did common sense retreat to?

    Now, What would "We the People" do in replacement of the corporate state?. Mr. Hedges' solution appears, a Trade-off, relinquish perhaps, the population's Constitutional Rights/protections and remaining freedom(s) to embrace an "open" One New World Order Socialist Society that would instantly take over 50% from earners and inevitably more, and 91% on job creators' only to be at the mercy and control of the Government asking at some point the (Q) Where did all the jobs go? OR advocation of the manipulated promoting violent warrior-like criminal ideas and/or sexual perversion ambition(s). Particularly, Mr. Hedges, in anger, admitted he tried to copulate with someone's girlfriend as vengeance over a single classless (British defined) Word as stated (2/8/12) at a book event. What ever happened to sticks (British defined) and stones from an highly-educated but conspicuously conflicted godly Christian man?

    No doubt Mr. Hedges is a gifted dispiriting nihilistic speaker and fascinating regressive thinker who blurs the vision of others with his brand of hope perhaps as a veiled atheist with China's regressive Marxist wishful thinking theory/ideologies and platitudes placing limitations on the Almighty, at times mentioning Jesus but no true belief in him. Listen carefully has he ever said he's a divine Christ believer? It is written beware of false prophets and deceivers w/flawed knowledge or a skewed version of the truth.

    As such, I can not appreciate his passion b/c he overtly harbors, a contradiction itself, self-hatred, distain, with a statement like "I've spend 20 yrs. outside of America I Don't consider myself an American anymore" (10/8/18 Seattle Univ.) which speaks volumes of his personal disconnected state and perhaps his own harmful existence to his credibility. (Q) Did Jesus relinquish his association b/c his people helped crucify him? Kindly do not reach out your hand, the faithful will not except it. Who's the genuine fascist(s) when performing a side-step song and dance unwilling to delve into the killing of African white landowners yet comfortable enough to tackle the left's acceptance of porn but not abortion's legally permitted inhumanity and self-annihilation. Empathy? perhaps, Mr. Hedges' is truly a spiritual interloper w/o empathy in favor of the destruction of the origins of life itself and humanity's most vulnerable which instantly invalidates his possession of a inverted vacant divinity education. Perhaps, Dr. J.C. Lennox can help with that inadequacy?.

    But on a positive note(s) at least recent Oct. 2018 Nature Journal article offers hope and life and when admitting mistakes/miscalculation were made with the Ocean Water Climate Change Warming Study so less worries seems appropriate. But follow the money regarding UN involvement w/Globalist extraction of US taxpayers.

    Also, two things Can be True at the same time, Civic Nationalism = Love for one's country, AND appreciation for others, but we are our own worst enemy in this uninformed sheeple battle so we should look deeply into the mirror of Personal Responsibility, Destruction and Truth, not build Walls of Excuses. Mr. Hedges' hope is just the beginning for the few, but FAITH empowers us all with genuine strength. The pure strength a Christian Republican named Lincoln possessed but was rewarded by assassination at the hands of a Democrat for his noble effort(s). Fact, True History is written by the winners that losers care to erase. Mr Hedges can only refer to mere men when all they could ever do is kneel in Jesus' shadow. IT IS, How It Was and still some choose to sadly ignore or resist.

    I conclude confidently, and with conviction but ultimately Not totally opposed to Mr. Hedges. The fake news media's proven lies are a different matter but neither can deceive me OR undermine the minds of deeper thinking Americans. But having heard Mr Hedges words, I certainly have learned many things which has positively educated me and It should be noted he was a writer for Ralph Nader who is of Lebanese origin, speaks Arabic w/natural loyality for his people which is useful for his purposes. But I urge those who seek Truth (Q) Dr. Alveda King, MLK's niece's position on Trump.

    Finally, if America is in decline, it saddens me w/o despair, in my humble opinion, the US is still one of the greatest countries on Earth, that many still attempt to lawfully and unlawfully enter (Q) Why? as I offer my respectful understanding.

    From: a former economically poor born at-risk spiritual-rich person's standpoint into a self-ascended middle-class American under a imperfect capitalistic system w/gratitude and faith in God, Family, and Country.

  52. I don't know about reincarnation but the old woman at the end properly demystified the egotistic hopes and fantasies of privileged liberals. His examples of doing the right thing are really about impotent rage and resentment. The Soviet Union collapsed by itself, only to give way to more of the same, and it had nothing to do with the sufferings of a silenced singer and a desperate student. Chris is such a sentimentalist, but whatever keep him ticking I guess…

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