Chinese Culture for Kids – Short Stories for kids

Chinese Culture for Kids – Short Stories for kids

Explain the sticks again, Neena? They’re Chinese chopsticks. My grandmother gave them to me. We’re going to China, so Neena can learn how eat delicious dumplings with them. China…hum…I know it’s in Asia. Here it is! China! Well, you can eat dumplings with chopsticks, I’ll just eat dumplings. And I’ll learn some Chinese words! Here we go! What was that? Thunder? Don’t worry, those are just fireworks. Is this your first Chinese New Year celebration? Sure is. How can you tell? You jumped! There’re lots of fireworks at New Year’s. And lots of red. Red’s a lucky color. Everyone spends weeks preparing for New Years, Cleaning, making dumplings You hear that, Neena – dumplings! We also visit relatives and decorate with red banners that wish you good luck and Happy New Year. Do I need to worry about that long, dancing snake? That’s a dragon puppet. There have been dragon dances at New Year’s since ancient times. Is that a black and white bear? It’s a panda. Our Chinese national treasure. Can we see one for real somewhere? Sure, you just need to visit a panda reserve. Come on, let’s go! Thank you! Woo, more Chinese New Year magic. Ni hao! There’s your first Chinese word, Appu. Let’s hope it doesn’t mean “go away.” It means “hello!” Ni Hao! We’ve come to see pandas. Look no further Ooo, black and white puffball cubs. Cute is the optimum word. We Chinese love our pandas, but they’re very endangered. Why is that? Centuries of logging the forests. Pandas mostly live in the wild in these protected reserves What are full of their favorite food. Dumplings? No, we love our delicious dumplings, But Panda prefer bamboo. 99 percent of their diet is bamboo. Are there other national treasures we should see? You can’t miss the Great Wall of China. It’s part of our heritage. So long as we don’t have to climb it. What’s goodbye in Chinese? Ziajian. Ziajian! Thank you for landing us on the wall, Appu. You’re welcome. Look how far it goes, All over those mountains in the distance. It says the Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty to keep out invaders from the north. This section of the wall is over 3000 miles long. Hard to go around that. Or over it. Who’s that? It’s a terracotta warrior. It says a farmer discovered them in 1974 when working in his field. We’ve got to check that out! Ziajian, Great Wall. Wow. It’s like a whole army was buried underground. 2000 clay warriors were buried here with the emperor when he died thousands of years ago. Those horses look like they could just wake up and drive those chariots out of here. Let’s hope they don’t. Hey, I forgot about my chopsticks. Now we’re talking. Let’s go and eat some of these delicious dumplings I keep hearing about. So, use your thumb and first two fingers to hold this stick like a pencil. Like this? Yes, now it’s all about opening and closing the top stick to clamp the dumpling on the bottom stick. I think I got it. Remember, it takes practice. Maybe you should just stab it. Let her keep trying. I can’t wait much longer! Enjoy the beautiful Li River. Lovely. Get one, Neena? Almost. Hold on, I think, I think. I did it! Is it delicious? Yes, vegetables and dough, dig in! Worth the wait. Happy Chinese New Year!

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