52 thoughts on “CGI 3D Animated Short: “Humanity ” – by Team Humanity | TheCGBros

  1. "The avalanche has already started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote" – Kosh in  'Bablyon 5'


  2. with best wishes from Rapture
    (for those who knows 😉 )
    but the message is or rather should be clear
    nice turn on the doomsday clock theme 🙂

  3. I'm really getting real tired of nihilisic misanthropic author wank that thinks it's way deeper than it is.

  4. good message and all but you know what you REALLY got on point? that lighting and texturing. Holy tits. Masterful!!

  5. In case the message isn't clear, we could have kept moving sustainably, we got there by using money and oil and this whole idea of perpetual monetary growth. Which was fine… at first. The problem was when these virtues got out of control and everything eventually self destructed. Humanity still survived, just in a small dingy instead of the grand boat. Will we rebuild to our old splendor? Maybe, but its a lot harder now than if we had backed off on the speed earlier and evolved to keep thing sustainable.

    Also the idea of the boat ramming itself into an iceberg is pretty funny knowing no one is actually on board besides statues.

  6. Was great right up to the farcical message of AGW, which exists only in the shallow minds of the purveyors of junk science.

  7. I was thinking about the meaning of the video, including the ending. Each statue appeared to symbolize wealth and power. I feel this the reason why the world is falling apart. If we, especially the leaders of our corporations and governments, will stop trying to get personal gain, it won't be too late. We are growing exponentially. If we don't change, our future is obvious: swift destruction. Once that comes, it won't matter what you do.

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