Cancer Society Psychology Services

Cancer Society Psychology Services

Hi, my name is Anna Griffiths and I’m one of the psychologists working at the Cancer Society in Auckland. The role of the psychology service is to support people who have been affected by cancer. It is common for people to experience a range of emotions when going through a cancer diagnosis. Sometimes people need a little bit of extra support during this time The Cancer Society has a range of free support services to help people cope. Individual sessions are available for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their friends and family. These appointments take place at Domain Lodge. They involve speaking one on one with a psychologist and exploring ways to cope. We also have group programmes. These include the relaxation and stress management group as well as the moving forward group. Once a week we hold educational talks at Domain Lodge. There is a different topic each week and people are welcome to turn up and listen. We cover a number of areas including coping with emotions, stress management, sleeping easy, strategies for supporters, communication and how to get the support you need. These talks are every Thursday at 12.30pm. To find out what’s on, please give us a call or visit our website If you can’t make it into Domain Lodge, we also bring these talks out into the community. These talks are called Coping with Cancer. They take place once a month in Henderson, Manurewa, Pukekohe and Glenfield. To find out more about any of our free services, please give us a call on 0800 CANCER. That’s 0800 226 237 or visit our website,

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