Cancel Culture, or Capitalist Culture? | Many Peters⁶⁸

Cancel Culture, or Capitalist Culture? | Many Peters⁶⁸

Hey you, I’m a canceled Peter [Inaudible]. So Here we are again, cancel culture, right. I don’t think I
need to say anything else. I’ve covered this topic
in more than one way. I did one about Mike Cernovich one about
call out culture, what it is exactly. I did one called fetishization of
competition between demographics. I did a video called the outrage and most
recently I did a video called justice as entertainment. So what I’d like to do with this video
is provide a little bit of summary and progressed the conversation a little bit. I also want to recommend Goossens video, which is talking about the kind of need
to move beyond the argument over whether there is or isn’t a cancel culture and
sort of actually talk about what’s going on. Understanding that there’s a necessity
to do this type of video at this point is pretty important. So go
ahead and watch that video. Maybe even before you watch
the rest of this video. I was also just in a video called exit
the vampire castle with Angie speaks. I am also in recommend
you watch that video. It’s kind of a synthesis of
her experiences with quote
unquote cancel culture as well as the essay exiting the
vampire castle by Mark Fisher, which I also coincidentally
recommend you read. Give you a second to do that. Alright, so I want to start off by stating a point
I made a few times and in a few ways, but I think this is perhaps
the best way to do it. I don’t think that cancel culture is a
good name for what we’re talking about. For one, when we quote
unquote cancel somebody, it’s not usually what gets
rid of them. And for two, I don’t believe that it
is a culture unto itself. I think in fact that implication
somewhat clouds what it actually is. And I also think it directs slash
incentivizes us to act as if it is its own thing and therefore act as if the solution
is somehow hidden somewhere within the discourse around it. It’s not a, we use the term cancel
culture in describing what
this video is about more or less because this is the accepted term.
This is what people understand it as. I’d like to at some point in the near
future understand it differently. However, in order to access this conversation, I do think we actually
have to use the words. So what is cancel culture
according to Peter coffin at least? Well, I believe it’s
a set of expectations, behaviors and incentives that has been
around as long as capitalism is something that is sort of baked
into capitalists culture. And in particular neoliberal
capitalist culture, which is more or less the stage of
we’ve been in since the seventies or eighties. The neoliberal mode is one that a market
solution can be found for all of the problems that exist in the
world. And this, in my opinion, reinforces very heavily the idea that
social norms can function and should function like market norms. This is the basis for a large part of
the argument I make about a symbolic capital, social capital
and cultural capital. These things function very much like
real capital in these sort of abstract social markets. We might call discourse the
marketplace of ideas for instance, where I have repeatedly asserted that
attention is currency and I want people to just quickly rethink that
phrase for just a moment. It is something to be taken literally
just getting attention or giving attention is not the ultimate like yes or no in the
marketplace of ideas like you can have money and not know what to do with money. Everybody is constantly getting and paying
out money in a real market and I want people to start to think
of the attention currency, the marketplace of ideas
in these types of terms. Understanding how to manipulate the market
is more than simply getting attention as far as social and cultural capital go, which are what we call symbolic capital. I think going back to Pierre board
do use definitions of these things is probably the most useful thing to do
and then applying a more traditional Marxist framework to these more
abstract markets, abstract capital, abstract currency, this economy that is sort
of built around social life. I think if we apply that stuff, we can understand what we’re talking about
with this cancel culture much better. Now, just springboard off of
something Goshen said in her video, which is that there are two reasons
to engage in cancel culture basically. First is to try to drive a person to a
point of emotional break where they exit of space and to to get social capital. Essentially build connections
with the audience, build new avenues of being seen. Social
capital is basically in the abstract, the objectification of social connection. It is more or less functioning
as an accumulated capital. So when one engages in cancel
culture to accumulate social capital, by that definition, it’s more or
less you end up making tweets, you end up making videos. These types of things to
get in on the algorithm. Like if I say contrary
points in this video, it’s automatically going to do better
because I think the algorithm knows that I say Contra points. So Contra points. Next thing I’d like to talk about is why
it’s good to apply a Marxist framework. Well, it’s not because we want to paint
various people in various spaces as capitalists. I think that
that’s a bad idea. It is better. However, to understand just how subservient
to capitalism we are asked to be in a capitalist society. We are
asked to accept capitalists, propositions so deeply inside
our own personal lives, inside our own heads,
inside of our own existence. Capitalism is not just this economic
system where we separate all the social issues out and attempt to fix
them all separately. All that, like I talked about in the culture war
segment of the joker video that I just put out, that I think
that you should watch, like we don’t look back on feudalism or
monarchy or any of the various economic systems that existed in the
past as strictly economic. We know very deeply how they affected
each person’s day to day life. We not only know about the
general quality of life, but also about the
culture of subservience. A surf was expected to participate in. We know that stuff and we reject it. So when we get into these discussions on
whether or not cancel culture is real, what we’re more or less kind of doing is
denying that capitalist culture exists because it really doesn’t have anything
to do with some specific thing that just started happening recently. It’s a
thing that has always been going on. You can see it in church
communities for instance, where people donate and maybe brag
about it to each other for higher social standing to exist in capitalism where
one is told all of these various propositions, some real, some fake about how to get ahead to think
that no one at all just like applies any of that stuff, even just
subconsciously to their social lives. It just seems totally absurd to me to
have a capitalist culture is to have a justifying ideology for capitalism
and to me it seems pretty absurd when somebody is like, why are
you even concentrating on
this? It’s super annoying. I agree. It is super annoying. Every time I get on Twitter and I see
somebody complaining about Contra points, despite it probably not being the most
important thing in the world, I’m very, very annoyed by it. I don’t want to talk about Contra points
like I get angry about it literally because I’ve been through similar things
and I don’t think that it’s appropriate to put someone else, an individual, regardless of what social
standing she has through that, and I pretty specifically do not believe
in engaging in the genuine criticism that is being put out there.
You can have genuine criticism. I do have genuine criticism
in this situation. However, there’s really no way to do it in a
manner that does not justify harassment. There’s two very large problems in the
way that we’re looking at this. First, that a, a group of people
with a shared interest, a shared affinity, a, a shared consumption pattern can be
a community when mediated through a capitalist platform. Because the mediating of all of this
includes specifically visible metrics and those metrics include likes, shares,
retweets, blah, blah, whatever. It doesn’t really matter exactly
what they are. They’re visible. They’re right there. They tell
you how popular something is. They tell you how credible the person
saying something is and they provide an incentive to try to create content that
will get those metrics and to call us something that is fully
mediated through that. A community is, in my
opinion, a severe issue. It so badly clouds what we are doing. And then the second issue like
imagine none of that is a problem. Imagine that somehow we managed to
have solidarity and community perfectly mediated through capitalism. Whatever. accountability is something that
fundamentally implies power structure. The person holding the other person
accountable is more or less saying, these are the rules you’re
supposed to follow them. I’m imposing consequences for not and
that’s really specifically not community sh*t. Now I’ve talked about these sort of
consumptive quote unquote communities more than a few times. It often relates to political viewpoint
and it often equates itself to activism. The point is we view ourselves
as we participate on these
platforms as something different than what we are. We are subjects of a power structure
with a mode of production that is constantly looking for new things
that it can turn into work. As it does this, it extracts value
from people who participate in it. Now again, it’s important to look at things like
symbolic capital and symbolic currency in these situations. Being able to criticize in this manner
allows us to identify the contradictions of our current situation and even have
some sort of a roadmap to resolving them. Cancel culture is part of
the justifying ideology. Some theorists through time have
called it false consciousness, basically a a class consciousness
that essentially gets a lower class to endorse, adopt and more or less work in
the interests of a higher class. Now that’s not the definition every single
person uses for false consciousness. However, that’s the definition. I mean when I say the words false
consciousness and in order to unite the working class, false consciousness has to be resolved. Class consciousness and keep in
mind I am not fetishizing class, nor am I saying that identity is not
a vector for oppression. However, class is a for exploitation. That is extremely important. In all aspects of struggle against
a vertical power structure. I don’t care what your ideology is. I don’t care what your tendency is it
none of that sh*t f*cking matters to me. If I’m a hundred percent honest with you, if we aren’t trying to
resolve that contradiction, we’re not getting closer to a
situation we could call socialism, communism or anything of the like. People who think that stuff is silly
or not important or spend their time denigrating anybody who participates in
an argument about the fact that we can’t seem to produce a a left with
any degree of solidarity. Not only in the general sense
but across lines of gender, race, it’s cetera. Why is that? Is it because
we don’t share class interests? No, because that’s bullsh*t. The things that keep these groups
from uniting are elements of false consciousness using the definition I’ve
put forward a moment ago and if we want to resolve that, we absolutely have to take on what we
are currently calling cancel culture. However, we also have to understand
that it is not a new phenomenon. It is simply a phenomenon that is so
visible. We had to give it a name. It is in reality a part
of capitalists culture. These competitive bullsh*t elements of
our lives have existed in places that you have seen your entire life long before
social media existed and your parents saw it was called keeping up with
the Joneses at one point. It comes out of a Puritan sensibility
of morality and a market capitalists sensibility of social relations and
ultimately it functions to keep us from uniting. Trying to take these things on is not
useless or reactionary as some people might like to paint it. I mean you could accept the
full reactionary framework
of what cancel culture is and say it’s a result of woke, blah,
blah, blah, bullsh*t, whatever. Cancel culture is tearing apart the left. We have to stop being such woke scoldy
assh*les f*cking canceling each other like that doesn’t mean
anything. It is not analysis. It’s also not coalition building this
pretense that this quote unquote dirt bag left is supposedly doing. That is such a ridiculous and false idea. There is no coalition building is
simply being the reaction to SJW cancel culture in that what you do is simply
point out SJWs who canceled too much, which is basically a form of
what are we talking about here? Competitive bullsh*t. It’s all cancelled culture to
use the parlance of the times, these are paradigms we have to
drop and to drop those things. We must collectively say we are
going to work towards justice, we are going to work towards emancipation, we are going to work towards a better
tomorrow and if we think that we are going to get there without
doing that stuff together, we might as well just f*cking stop
uploading all of this trash to the goddamn internet right now. It’s not going to
happen. My videos don’t f*cking matter. H bombs, philosophy tubes, Contra points, any number of people’s videos don’t
f*cking matter. They’re just a commodity, a thing to consume. If we don’t stop acting like this
and that doesn’t mean be better, that means join each other and
if that’s not really an option, which is entirely
possible. As like I said, these affinity groups we’ve accidentally
built are kind of basically consumer demographics and what people are calling
community here is heavily mediated through capitalist platforms.
Even if it’s not possible, we should understand that this content
itself is a useful form of practice. We are not going to get meaningfully
integrated into the capitalist ecosystem without changing our message and
I don’t think anybody wants to. On top of that, I think the
opportunity to do so has been in gone, so I hope we can begin to understand
that this media ecosystem is in itself useful, just not in the kind of dominate the
conversation way that people seem to want us to adopt. We are not going to
take over the capitalist platforms. It’s not going to happen. We need to accept this and understand
that this is all content that can be utilized in other ways. We can pipeline people out
of these paradigms and each
of us creators as well as the people who are watching. We
all exist as some part of that. That’s not nothing and we shouldn’t
accept the idea of that. It’s nothing. People who call these videos not
Praxis are looking at it from the same perspective that people who think the
goal is to dominate the capitalist media ecosystem are that these things have to
themselves be more than what they are and they don’t. Honestly, they’ve never had to be people who
think we have to be initiating specific action through our videos or specifically
highlighting certain actions or trying to do something. Hyper-Specific seem to have an
understanding that content on a capitalist platform can be more than outreach and
I’m here to say that I don’t think it can. I’ve worked really hard to try to find
something that justifies us doing these videos beyond them simply existing and
my experience has led me to believe that’s not really a
useful path to go down. Having a leftist perspective with
some traction is important itself. We are at least trying to
suck people out of the matrix. People don’t need to be recruited to
be mindless drones in some hive action. They need to be shown that a better
world is possible through connection and that these platforms are not
that connection themselves. That connection needs to
be sought out. Honestly, I haven’t found a way for these platforms
to be connection beyond what I’ve just stated beyond small groups of friends
that form in creator’s circles and in some cases with people I’ve found through
watching content or being watched myself. So in truth, I’m going to keep trying to make content
that puts people on a path to some kind of connection. And I hope you all not
only traverse that path yourselves, but try to get people in your
lives to travel with you. We can’t individually choose not to
participate in capitalism or capitalist culture, whether that means the
competitive paradigm manifesting
in our social life or in our content consumption patterns, but
seeking out human connection in our lives. Forming solidarity and working
together is the basis of real change. And now time for the value
extraction portion of the video. If you liked this video,
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much appreciated. Bye. [Inaudible].

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Cancel Culture, or Capitalist Culture? | Many Peters⁶⁸

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    I also think “critique” would best be done on a personal basis. Obviously the merit of youtube theory is to help aid and solidify person-on-person praxis. The problem there is that some people do live in “bubbles.” Either way the current nonsense is only going to hurt people.

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  5. I really like the sentiment that no amount of "genuine constructive criticism" can be framed in a non-harrassment-laden manner.
    THAT SAID, I'm not sure what to make of that consideration. I mean, we don't want to stop talking about issues brought about by people in positions of power (in this case, Contrapoints… but this could obviously be anyone, anyone potentially more deserving of criticism). Personally, for me, the implication is that we must put as much effort as possible NOT to antagonize the person we are critical of, because it can result in problematic social circumstances for those people.

    What do you think?

  6. Yea, it gets hard to build up class solidarity if we keep putting down people with legit criticism by bunching them in with the right-wing hater pack and calling it "cancel culture". It's really not a good idea to go down this line, cause this shit is prime material to put down any criticism as some kind of divisive meanie who should shut up and not be such a capitalist.
    Doesn't help that this whole video is a bit too rambly to give me any kind of strong definition of "cancel culture". Yeesh.

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    2) It's just right-wing propaganda and reactionaries.
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  12. From what I understand “Cancel Culture” is just online bullying and ostracism. I think it’s really hurtful to ourselves as well as the victim to edit people out of the public discourse.

  13. I was in an American communist party for a few years before I quit, for personal reasons, and when I wanted to become active again, I began by joining all the groups online that I could find that sprung up back then, to get a feel of the post-Occupy landscape and get some direction. It's been a wild ride, to say the least. It made me realize the wisdom in some old organizational ideas. Lenin was right, it turns out, that even when radical ideas and actions become common, there is a limit to "trade union consciousness," and Mao was right that individualistic and opportunistic liberal ideas are toxic to organizing ("combat liberalism").

    I been thinking for a while that post-structuralist, post-Marxist, post-left petit bourgeois academics are labor aristocrats who, despite whatever identity groups they belong to, benefit more from the dissolution of class-based organizing than they would from Old Left style labor organizing or New Left style Coalition building, like the Rainbow Coalition

    I've been critically listening to and reevaluating what intermediate and conservative workers have been saying since I was a kid in the 80s, about the Left being a cult of victimhood, about us being more concerned with "PC police" than anything substantive, proving the authoritarian, Orwellian character of us, and how the Left is more concerned with hypocritically shitting on white people and men and cis/het than helping people of color and women and LGBTQ, which we use as props for self advancement.

    Maybe most importantly I got to thinking about how liberation is presented as a mental act conducted within a certain aesthetic, and not a change in material conditions.

    It turns out, there's a reason organizers like Lenin and Mao stressed a culture of criticism and engagement with regular workers as a corrective to revolutionaries tendency to, let's say, drift away from them

    Then I got to thinking about how we're supposed to write people off if they aren't immediately receptive to our messaging because they are "too privileged," or if they aren't a white dude and therefore deserve sympathy they have "internalized their own oppression," but white working class cis het men never have that, because their interests are shared with oppressive power structures, and are therefore ok to "cancel" on site if they have a bad take. White dudes make up the majority of wage and salaried workers, and white supremacy was codified after years of mutual European servant and African slave rebellions to halt interracial solidarity, from both directions.

    Mao predicted that if Black Liberation ever linked up with the militant labor movement, American Empire would crumble. The US felt the same, evidently, since they killed not only Panther leadership, but MLK and Malcolm X for trying to build such a Coalition.

    All it takes to disrupt us now is suggest "yesallmen" is a reductive and poorly thought out slogan

    I got to thinking about that book, Settlers, and how it contrasts with the vision of people who paid the ultimate price for national liberation, from Hampton to MLK to Malcom X, to Thomas Sankara and Che, and others whose visions of unity across all social boundaries made me a revolutionary to begin with, alongside critics of gender oppression like Kollontai and Jenny Marx, who saw working men as allies.

    I thought about white guilt, male guilt, how online spaces come to be dominated by the exploitation of guilt, run by shame and threats of exclusion and loss of respect, how few people were in real life organizations. I saw people joining and leaving groups because of the toxic hostility all the time. The groups treated people leaving, after people would post bigoted things like "gulag cis people," as a good thing.

    Tldr Fred Hampton is rolling in the grave the police put him in. He didn't die for this.

    If I was a more paranoid person, I'd say this was all some new COINTELPRO, that gender and racial studies departments have always been tools to divert the energies of increasingly more progressive generations away from mass actions and towards affinity organizations, which have done less for their respective groups than the mass actions of the 1848 – 1970s Era, and in fact have pushed more people away than brought them closer.

    For decades, the western left has credulously fallen for every trick in the book, whether intentional lies about actually existing socialism or structural conditioning and spontaneously reasserting the rules of the present order.

    Ideas like "tone policing" and "class reductionism" combined with guilt and shame / canceling give cynical opportunists an easy out. We've successfully promoted the subconscious policemen in our heads to chief of executive functions

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    THIS is currently where a lot of people are at.
    I'm so tired of the power dynamics of 'cancel culture' and privileged people simply refusing to acknowledge it.
    Trying to 'cancel' leftists and build boundaries between leftist groups is so fucking pointless and holds back marginalized voices.
    We keep us safe.

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  24. Hey Peter! I have just found your channel and wow!!! Never usually agree with someone so much!! I used to be an influencer (Essena O'Neill) and "social currency" is something I'd LOVE to talk to you more about… I also am hoping you may enjoy my writing, really into historical cycles and class consciousness but in NeoRoyal present-day realities!

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  26. "identity" is in itself a form of false consciousness as Peter described it.

    You don't identify as "oppressed" or "oppressor". The system identified you as such. And that system is artificial. Its assignment of labels or "identities" is just one of many forms of oppression by the system itself.
    I'm me, defined by my choices that I am responsible for, not my experiences that were inflicted on me by the universe.

    In order to fight "identity", you have to reject the notion entirely. My identity is not "white" or "middle class" or "student" or "immigrant". If I let "identity" shape my political views, then I'm playing into the system's hands.

    Reject your identity. Reject other people's need to identify. Reject the idea that "identity" is necessary. Reject even the idea that such a concept exists.

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  32. I watched Gutian first, and thought it was awfully coincidental that you released on this topic on the same day. Glad to see you comrades comerading

  33. I guess we shouldn’t have criticized Destiny so harshly. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so rude to our “””allies””” Maybe we should consider him a “””leftist””” again and have SOLIDARITY right comrades? Let’s regurgitate right wing rhetoric about “the left eating itself” because a portion of the left doesn’t like Contra and blow it out of proportion because she doesn’t like criticism and goes off Twitter. This is exactly what the right wants and Peter Coffin here gets to make a clickbaity title while also further validating their lies (Even Obama is talking about it!). Who gives a fuck if some leftists don’t like Contra? Why is she so fucking important?

  34. Thank you Peter, this is exactly the video I wish I could make. You literally said all the things I've wanted to point out about this "cancel culture" situation we find ourselves in again. This type of thinking has been a major stumbling block for leftist movements for generations. Thank you for all your hard work

  35. I mean, I think you're kinda sexist sometimes, and will do literally anything to avoid addressing it, redirecting everything back to capitalism to distract from it, but I ain't canceling you, Peter. ^_^ You're right here. Most of your videos are mostly right. There will be no community among the left until we accept the limited voices we have even with their flaws or inaccuracies. We need more voices, elevated, and to not be reducing our collective output to a small, conflicting handful of "mass-approved" cult personalities and politicians because the majority's language or ideas are out of fashion. That's authoritarianism, and authoritarianism is the opposite of the point. Most people cannot afford a doctorate of leftist philosophy and human psychology—and that's ok. We need their voices, too. Fuck the trappings of wealth and performative moral righteousness.

  36. I ponder? If I say I'm one of the population who watches ContraPoints, who's trans, and don't want to talk about the recent defuckle… Am I part of the capital for coming forward? 😉

    I'm one of your 1.8k likes. I'm part of the power structure -gasp-.
    And even if I ran askew of Nat's opinion, I'd still be part of her viewership, cause well… I like people who make us think about the things we do, or take for granted. I think the tools of nihilism should make a comeback. Maybe not the dominate mind of ubermensch, but that idea of removing the personal value of everything, and re-evaluating what has value to you.

  37. Do I want to be yelled at by Peter and made to feel like an idiot for the issues with leftism I inadvertently engage in? No.
    Am I an emotionally self-flagellating idiot who cant think for himself without being yelled at by YouTube daddies? Yes.

  38. Glad you say it’s not just Natalie’s critics representing capitalist culture, dirtbags and BreadTubers are a part of that same ecosystem and anti-SJWism is not a solution. Frankly Natalie’s many dedicated defenders are an example of social and cultural capital at work, she has accumulated massive amounts of social capital. Nobody’s immune. Capitalism won’t stand or fall on how hard we stan (or criticise) a YouTube channel, it will stand or fall on the organisational infrastructure we build that, as you say, transcends the very online.

  39. Hey peter, ive been wondering this for a little while, if you’ve answered this question before i’m sorry for asking, but was it ash that introduced you to leftism or vice versa, or were you both leftists when you met? (you also don’t have to answer)

  40. If cancel culture comes from puritan ideas of… Well purity… Then couldn't you make the case that it is in fact not something tied intrinsically to capitalism but something more emergent from how people interact with each other in general? Putting on displays for what Peter would call "social capital" predate capitalism. In order to resolve it you would have to look beyond capitalism.

    Also I don't get the point about the dirt bag left. If they say 'we shouldn't do the cancel culture thing' how are they then Patricio participating in it? I feel like there are some more factors Peter is thinking about that didn't make it into this video.

  41. Great analysis/response to “cancel culture”. Breaking it down to the most raw and simple allowed me to step outside the noise and clearly see what forces are at play. Analyzing how capitalism has shaped the metaphysical person I am is something I ignorantly never linked together. I guess I always romantically told myself that my metaphysical self has always or never been and will always or never be and its cohabitation with the human form produces my own unique but also relatively similar consciousness that other humans are experiencing.

  42. Peter's eyes are so white that I couldn't believe that he's ever had a hangover, missed a minute of sleep, or strained too hard to poo.

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