100 thoughts on “Canada Election 2019 Leaders’ Debate

  1. Trudeau dodges the question while Scheer connects every question to Trudeau being a liar. I feel only Singh is making sense in this debate.

  2. The position of the PC is only to discredit the opponent and hide his purpose of continuing throughout Canada by making cuts.

  3. somebody should punch this four eyed frenchman in the face, by the way buddy learn english, its the first language, we learn your french, why cant you learn english

  4. Liberals are idiots. They want to destroy the oil economy and the engine of the country to be lower than a 1.8 global emission. They want to buy back oil from the states at double the price. We’re gonna be deeper in debt than ever. Climate change is a global issue. Trudeau will spend you money till it’s dry. And no plan to balance the budget

  5. Moderator asks question that’s important for Canadians

    Also moderator
    “You have 30 seconds to answer go” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Mr. Jagmeet Singh, did a great job. He is balanced and focused on improving Canada, despite what other leaders did was, to blame their opponents.

  7. I swear half of this "debate" is just Sheer repeating himself over and over. I feel like I'm hearing the exact same answer for every single question.

  8. What can a Canadian do that a québécois cannot? For starters…Work in the Oil Patch without a visa and passport…granted unless we don’t stick together….don’t bite the hand fella. Your maple syrup can’t pump out all the hydro power that your dreamin of monsieur.

  9. Why does canada even exist, the west, Quebec, and east should separate. The charade of unity, goodwill, and candor is a pathetic veil of lies.

  10. At this point I would much prefer to lock all these idiots in a room and have them beat each other to death to determine the next prime minister. None of them deserve the #1 job in Canada

  11. If Singh ever becomes PM I am sure he will try to de-platform anyone who disagrees with him. Because wrongthink or hatespeech or something. Typical authoritarian.

  12. lmao Bernier being like "I won't interfere in provincial jurisdiction.." right after being petty and interfering in everyone else's time to talk

  13. So how will they spend your tax money? And how will you have to pay for those "services" what you paid for public benefit

  14. Is not the governent systematically sterilizing first nation womens whent they have to go to an hosptial for some treatment?

  15. I love the entertainment of Canada trying to be a real country when they just an extension of the USA. (BTW speaking French doesn't make a country, Poutine is already and American thing (cheese & gravy fries, and maple syrup was known in Vermont and upstate NY well before Canada was even thought of) But it's cute and entertaining to watch!

  16. I like how Canadians are enjoying this type of debate but this is the type of platform that got Donald J Trump elected let that sink in.

  17. There's no underlying reality that they all agree on. They are disagreeing on what they claim is fact. Really irritating.

  18. Une heure et on a même pas vue quelques chose d’interessant lol. C’est pour ça que ce vidéo a une durée de 6heures. Anyways I’m voting today so we’ll see how that goes.

  19. Okay, I'm not even Canadian, I'm Panamanian, but I really can't stand Scheer🙂
    Nvm, I dislike Bernier even more.

  20. The sucking moderators are bought out by Trudeau's $650 million dollars of Your💸💲💰💳💷. Period! Wake up Canada WWG1WGA

  21. PPC is the only way forward for Canada, all the other leaders plan to fundamentally change the structure of our nation.

  22. Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party has lost my vote. Given the abysmal performance of Trudeau and the Liberal Party, It's their election to lose and they basically said "challenge accepted." All of the lies and smears against Bernier is giving him some serious underdog appeal. I think PPC could actually pick up a seat or two.

  23. Why is the Green Party, ppc and bloc still in this? Like whenever any of them start talking I always think to myself like stfu

  24. i wish green party said they'd do more for housing or i would've voted for them housing is expensive asf in Hamilton
    i like making all new cars electric by 2030 more work for me i enjoy working on electric cars once they get other though it will not be so fun electrical problems i had to replace a whole wiring harass with a licensed tech on EV was a lot of wires jesus

  25. It would have been so much nicer if Scheer could have managed to give Singh a compliment without using that opportunity to insult Trudeau.

  26. I like max but his view of Quebecois not being Canadian makes my heart hurt. If that's how he truly feels about it, then he shouldn't be able to run for Canadian Prime Minister.

  27. Jagmeet Singh needs to get out of the election it is gonna be corrupted by this guy he’s not for the ppl of Canada he is just for his ppl I do not trust this guy.. smh 🤦‍♂️

  28. not one of those clowns could organize a birthday party much less their own political party and the free territory they colonized and decided they own…laughable yet sadly laughable

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