[Calgary Life_Eng cc] Grocery shopping, store Urban Fare Calgary downtown, Alberta Canada

I want to eat fruit I went to a Urban Fare grocery store in front of my house I think their mission is fresh food As soon as I get in, I can feel their food is much fresh than any other stores A bag of the mandarin is $6. Watermelons are surrounded by cherry. $5 for each There are many single people living here $7 ??? Ah… It’s coconut’s price I bought the beverage for 2$ off Canada watermelon. It is similar to Korean watermelon, but less sweet. The taste of the mandarin is boring, but this mandarin is good than any other stores. After I am done this beverage, I use the bottle as a water bottle This milk brand is common, but it is my first time to see Fresh Milk letter on the lid In Canada, typical grocery stores are Safeway, Co-op, Superstore and Costco T&T is very popular as a Chinese grocery mart Many people have known that a CEO of the T&T is Chinese, but Taiwanese I have known there are only two Urban Fare mart in Calgary Small numbers than other grocery stores The End

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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