Café Society Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Movie HD

Café Society Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Movie HD

(Jazz music) [Phil] I’m expecting a call from Ginger Rogers. [Phil] She is unhappy with her representation so, who knows? [Rose] Phil, its Rose. [Phil] Rose? [Rose] Your sister! [Rose] My son, he’s coming to Hollywood [Rose] The man eats with Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper! I’m impressed. [Bobby] Hello? [Phil] Come in! [Phil] Sit [Phil] Christ man, it’s all about ego, this whole town runs on ego. [Bobby] Yeah, I’m Bobby. [Phil] Bonnie, come in here can you? [Phil] Bonnie this is my nephew, Bobby. [Phil] Howard is a Two time academy award winner. [Bobby] Wow! Congratulations. [Howard] Thank you. Never heard of me? Im…a writer. Welcome to Hollywood! [Ben] Hey pal, you bored already? [Bobby] I’m kind half of bored, half fascinated. [Bobby] My brother Ben owns a night club. He’s asked me to help him run it. When will you know? [Ben] Now we have to see if the owner is willing to sell. [Ben] We’re trying to persuade him. [Ben] If ya ask politely, people will listen. [Bobby] Are there more beautiful girls Hollywood or New York? Why is that how you’ll decide where you’ll live? [Bobby] You’re very beautiful. [Bonnie] Im seeing someone. Unrequited love kills more people in any year than tuberculosis. Don’t you want to try me? [Bobby] Listen i’m so lonely I would have been happy just to talk, but now i’m even to tired for that. [Bobby] Do you like jazz music At 2:00 in the morning? [Bobby] At anytime in the morning. Love is not rational. You fall in love, you lose control. [Bobby] Is that good or bad? [Rose] No answer is also an answer! Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living. But the examined one is no bargain. [Phil] Ahem, yes? [Bobby] Life is a comedy. [Bobby] Written by a sadistic comedy writer.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Café Society Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Movie HD

  1. last couple of Allen's movies have been really bad but is true I would watch this just to see Kristen

  2. I love all films Kristen Stewart + Jesse Eisenberg. Their chemistry explodes in all kinds of worlds and settings.

  3. Oh well, if it's not Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart interpreting the roll of Jesse Eisenberg and kristen Stewart, yet again….

  4. wow eisenburg is so charector acting woody allen at the end, this is by far a gem Omg Lionsgate hurray seems like La la land filmed at the same time too, like the old salt and the new cuss built off each other or sum crap cuz la la lands trailer has a similar but rougher cut in

  5. Kristen's really in demand this past couple of years. This 2016 alone she's got at least four films i think.

  6. Wow– so many famous people associated with this movie and I didn't see any hype for it… Strange I just stumbled upon the trailer whilst looking to see what's currently out.

  7. It's got a Great Gatsby feel to it. Not just cause its the Roarin' 20's but also cause its like this young guy who meets an older established man full of riches and lives the good life. Seems like the downfall in both stories is love as well.

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  9. Woody may not be the most moral person, but quit it. His movies are great and that's why he's famous. So, sure, he's not a person you'd want to hang out with, but same goes for Mel Gibson, David O Russel, Lars Fon Trier. Nevertheless, great professionals.

  10. I don't get it.
    I don't know if I'm getting my era's mixed up, I'm really confused about this.
    So this movie clearly looks like the roaring 20's, with the burlesque like feather hat one of the ladies is wearing, the fashion and style, etc…
    But, then you see Steve Carrel holding a phone that looks like a phone from the 40's/50's era, and vehicles from the 40's/50's era also.
    So what year is this movie set in exactly?

  11. Holy crap, Ryan Reynolds (Blake Lively's husband), played Kristen Stewart's love interest in "Adventureland" in a way, and now Blake Lively is playing Jessie Eisenbergs love interest in a way. I find that extremely odd.

  12. Hollywood really wants Kristen and Jessy to be together :), synonym to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. 🙂 .. not a hater thou — just wished Leo & Kate were like this :D… 🙂 p.s. waiting for La la land <3

  13. What a downer, I love Kristen Stewart, but just knowing that dirty wee pervert Woody Allen was involved in this, put me right off…Plus he's shit!

  14. What s wrong with me? I 've searched for and eaten all Kristen-related-contents for weeks and dont seem to stop T.T Help !!!!!!

  15. Kristin go back with robert. Hes handsome and would make beautiful couple. you are not appealing without him and viceversa

  16. Did anybody catch the Catcher in the Rye moment?
    "You don't want me?"
    (holding money) "Really, I'm happy just to talk!"

  17. I loved, actually more than the overhyped La La land. She certainly deserved being consider for an Oscar since the film comes close to a Post Casablanca type story.

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  19. it looks really good. But i don't want to support Woody Allen. I'll have to wait till it comes out on Netflix.

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