BTS’s J-Hope “Sniffs” Who Has The Nicest Smelling Hair In Group

BTS’s J-Hope “Sniffs” Who Has The Nicest Smelling Hair In Group

Hey, we are BTS Jin: It’s hard RM: How is it J-hope? JK: Don’t you want to eat home-made chicken noodle soup? JH: Yes I do JH: What is a lip-sync battle? SG: Singing with no sound RM: Singing in the exact same way JK: How about you lip-sync while I’m singing ‘Butterfly’? “Will you please stay by my side” “Will you promise………… me” RM: How was it? JK: I really like it JH: First of all, he came to our concert SG: He was a gentleman JM: I really love the song, and I like how we were able to work with him RM: Send a video message to Lauv Hey Lauv, I love you guy J: Why the sudden love confession? J: There is the nurungji (rice crust) sweet JH: I like rainbow candy J: What is that? J: Ah, that one JH: What do you call the beer candy SG: It’s really difficult J: That’s right, it’s really difficult RM: It’s the thing that you are really good at JK: Quitting half way J: Quitting half way RM: That’s a good one SG: Wanting to do a lot of things but not able to finish any of them J: You can win that JK: That’s true I can RM: I acknowledge JH: Eating competition (for Jin) V: Shooting competition J: There is V: I want to try shooting JK: But you need to be able to win gold *Discussion on gold medal* RM: I’ll read the next question RM: Appeal yourself to them in English SG: I will only choose one And that one is BTS RM: Disqualified JK: Right now I’m working on it JK: I actually have finished recording everything But I’m doing it all over again SG: The way I see it if you’re doing it like that you’re going to end up not releasing it JK: No, instead of calling it mixtape I will release a song that will be followed by more songs in a short time frame one by one RM: We will look forward for that SG: Even if you regret you still need to release the songs JK: No, I do not want regrets RM: Ah, but, I don’t know, okay JH: I’ll test it right now J: Why, why Why why! JH: I really love christmas But we always need to work RM: Jungkook why did you cut your hair? JK: Because the hair was damaged and hard to control RM: It looked damaged JH: It’s pretty now JM: It’s really pretty now RM: But it was great that we got to see your long hair JK: If I have the change, I might grow it out again RM: For me, it was Drake SG: It was Bang PD for me When I first met him SG: It was not really fluttering or scared or anything like that He was originally a composer that I liked a lot JM: It was quite fluttering and excited when I first got into the trainee dorm JH: That’s right When we first met the members

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100 thoughts on “BTS’s J-Hope “Sniffs” Who Has The Nicest Smelling Hair In Group

  1. What did namjoon say at 5:27 when he said” Jungkook why did you cut your hair” and Jungkook replied something in Korean , please can someone tell me what Jungkook said in English💜😂Tnx Army

  2. that moment you wish you lived in korea for those sweaters.. bts pop up store sweaters I love them anything bts tbh

    edit: who else would hecking kill for jungkooks sweater?

    just me ok

  3. Okay not going to lie … when RM was reading the Questions I was like “ uhh whut?” lol I know he can read perfectly but boi you have me lost with the mumbling at times and the echo doesn’t make it better and yet the other members understand 😂 … AM I NOT ENGLISH SPEAKER ANYMORE 💀 cuz I understood nothing but I still love yeah 😎 also I just have sub titles

    Edit nvm the subs don’t work either unless mines is broken 🤓

  4. the way joon rubs his thighs, throws his hands around and moves himself side to side unconsciously when he's speaking sends me🥺 also… HIS MULLET

  5. No one is talking about joons hair like…..

    r u guyz SLEEPIN he looks so beautiful with those

  6. I don't why i'm feeling like jimin is sadd… here he is quite…in run ep 89 even tho he laughed much bt still i'm feeling like he is sad..:((

  7. Q: When is Jungkook's mixtape coming out?
    4:22 NJ: maybe in his forties
    Flashbacks to another interview
    When's your mixtape coming out Jhope?

    NJ: Before you die right?

  8. #OnlyBTSCan
    Please every one let all the world knew that no one can be like BTS PLS
    Just go with that hashtag pls

  9. Loved to hear them answering questions, hated how they were not mic-ed! Someone get them all microphones and a non-echoy room! Poor RM had to shout (and RM, you spoke wayy too fast at the intro 😂 )

  10. Jimin my heart plz I hope he is fine 💜🤝
    He looked so quite 🙁 i mean it happens to everyone but I really hope nothing bad had happened:( 🙌

  11. They shoot it inside the House of BTS in SoKor right? When they all visited the place? Because their outfits says it all 😉

  12. Guys please stop worrying about Jimin being quiet during this. He's human, he can't always be fine. By worrying and commenting that you're worried, you're only causing them more stress and pressuring them to always smile for us. Let Jimin be himself, whether he's happy and energetic or feeling tired or even sad. He's allowed to feel and act that way. He. Is. Human.

  13. i love Joon but i can barely understand what he's saying when reading the questions and then all of BTS understands him and they don't even speak english like hello?? LOL

  14. 3:45
    J-hope: ohhh
    ^me when listening to someone explain their story and I gotta pretend I know what theyre talking about^

  15. everyday i think about jungkook's mixtape
    its gonna be amazing and he seems to be a perfectionist while making it
    aaaaa i just love rapper Kook

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