Breakdown of Society- Why Become A Prepper

Breakdown of Society- Why Become A Prepper

breakdown of society why be a prepper donald trump breakdown of society reasons to be a prepper Is Your Brain Prepped for Survival prepping for hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest hi it’s AlaskaGranny did you realize that our society is a social machine and machines break down are preppers paranoid prepper paranoia so why should you become a prepper because it’s only sensible it makes sense that there will be hiccups breakdown bumps in the road we have seen breakdowns in society fear of the unknown and emergencies many times before but somehow we never think earthquake wildfires tornadoes hurricanes power outages train derailments for some reason some people just say well that’s not going to happen to me I’ve been ok so far I’m sure things will continue to be okay that’s a kind of normalcy bias I’m at my own home my life is great today so it’s probably going to stay that way but if you think about that you can realize that that is not correct thinking you need to be prepared because there’s going to be a hiccup in your life when you least expect it you could become sick you could lose your job the price of food could skyrocket things could fly out of control in your neighborhood from civil unrest there could be power outages there are all kinds of things that could happen to seem like a breakdown of society so Prepping is just the sensible thing to do you need to make sure that you are stockpiling food begin to stock your pantry with foods that you eat on a regular basis and no matter what happens you can open your pantry and continue to serve meals to yourself and your family if your water stops running or became contaminated you need to have some water on hand so that you can continue to drink and take care of basic sanitation needs make it a priority to stockpile some food and water sanitation supplies first aid supplies don’t make an excuse that it costs too much or I don’t have room in my home if you get in an emergency situation you’re going to be thankful that you have extra food and supplies on hand and that you took the time to stash a few things away don’t be caught off guard by the unexpected or breakdown in society prepare today while food water supplies are readily available so you always have what you need learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

6 thoughts on “Breakdown of Society- Why Become A Prepper

  1. Couldn't agree with you more on the topic of emergency preparedness. The "normalcy bias" is exactly the reason why so many fail to take proactive measures to ensure that surprise events don't adversely impact their daily lives.

    Every video that you upload to your channel is a spark that has the potential to ignite the desire on yet another viewer to take emergency preparedness more seriously.

    In that context, I hope that you set ablaze a new generation of preppers, +AlaskaGranny. Continue the great work! 👍

  2. major size cities are terrible places to be in a disaster manmade or nature. grid lock and bridges out or collapse will trap millions in small areas. it will make Katrina in new Orleans look small in comparison.

  3. All good points………hopefully people are waking up and realize that our government is the biggest Prepper of all…….think they might know something?????????

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