Border wall encroaches on Texas retirement community | Cronkite News

Border wall encroaches on Texas retirement community | Cronkite News

President Trump’s budget plan also includes a down payment on the border wall. The federal government has lawyers lined up to acquire the private land they will need. While most borderlands in Arizona is federal that’s not the case in much of the southwest including in Brownsville, Texas where a border wall would likely cut through a popular retirement community. Meander along the Rio Grande in Brownsville, Texas and you’ll come upon River Bend Resort and Golf Club. A big hit among Texas snowbirds who flock to the Gulf Coast to live and golf near the river. I love living here. But to make President Trump’s border wall a reality would likely mean cutting right through the property, a possibility that has put a halt to the company’s plans for a 117 acre expansion. We’re not sure about if it’s going to be built if it is built what is the access like what does it look like and so all of those things are really an assumption at this point and so we’ve had to hold off on some of these real estate ventures. While the changing curves of the Rio Grande serve as a natural border it cannot support a concrete wall which has prevented a barrier through riverbend in the past. A border wall already exists in this part of Brownsville but it ends at the edge of this property. Residents fear the new wall would continue and extend along this levee bisecting the golf resort and seventy percent of the property would end up south of the border. That’s 200 homes and 15 golf holes which would end up trapped between the wall and the river. That term no man’s land really rings through to a lot of the people in this area. I think it would be a travesty because this is one of the best RV parks and the whole Rio Grande Valley and I think it would be a shame to destroy it with putting a wall through it. A new wall would also force the federal government to acquire the privately owned land, an expensive hurdle some say may not be the best solution. True I’m sure it will help it’ll assist but I think the sheriff is mostly looking at looking at trying to get additional funding from the federal government so we can hire additional officers to patrol the border. The better solution is sit down and have a conversation and have a compromise. I mean it’s the same solution that you have for any relationship. But so far conversation and compromise have been hard to come by with the new administration. So for now golfers play another round until the future of this course is revealed. The owners of River Bend Resort and Golf Club have not been contacted by President Trump or the federal government. So for now they’re continuing business as usual.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. I wonder how many of them voted for Trump … if so they deserve what they get … buttkiss #CultOfTrump #NorwayKillerManifesto #PlotToDestroyDemocracy

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