69 thoughts on “Blistering U.N. Report: Trump Administration’s Policies Designed to Worsen Poverty & Inequality

  1. We are in the test of time. I was there. It is in God's Hands. I pray every night to keep us safe. In times things are going to get worse. We have to pray & don't give up. It is everywhere, and in many countries. I so many sad story, but all we can do is try to help one another. God Bless Everyone. Walk with your head up high.

  2. The Republicans and Trump are punishing black people for voting for President Obama. They intend on using their unique method – the stick and carrot method by taking away benefits and then just before the 2020 elections they'll promise the world to the desperate. Fox news will attempt to justify the suffering and starvation, and promulgate the austere way forward while the rich enjoy the imbalance. Trump and his minions, the Republicans are using Nazi Germany command and control techniques to slowly change the USA and the world's mindset, to some degree. This is a New World Order.

  3. he talked about puerto rico as being the poorest state if it were a state, and that's true, but actually the other territories: guam, northern mariana islands, us virgin islands, and american samoa, are all poorer than puerto rico, so i think they need to be addressed too

  4. the only good to come out this debacle is the world sees the horror that is the American conservative. They are what slithers out from under rocks.

  5. 40 million citizens in extreme poverty, that's the population of California. 13 million children? That's New York City and Los Angeles combined.

    And for those 'get your bootstaps up' people, fuck you. Greed, apathy, institutional racism, a rigged economic system, corruption, intentionally bad educational systems, war-mongering and this eugenics bullshit are the primary causes. The majority of adults in poverty, who are able to work, have between 1-3 jobs and still can't make ends meet.

  6. @5:05

    The U.S. is the only country in the world not to ratify the U.N. convention on the rights of the child? Yes, the only country!

    WOW, can you just imagine what happens to the 100s of thousands of wounded veterens from wars past to wars present that are severly injured during battle?

    US Senate rejects UN treaty on disability rights amid GOP opposition

    Treaty modeled after Americans with Disabilities Act fails to pass as conservative Republicans argue it threatens US sovereignty

    Led by Republican opposition, the Senate on Tuesday rejected a United Nations treaty on the rights of the disabled that is modeled after the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act.

    With 38 Republicans casting "no" votes, the 61-38 vote fell five short of the two-thirds majority needed to ratify a treaty. The vote took place in an unusually solemn atmosphere, with senators sitting at their desks rather than milling around the podium. Former Senate majority leader Bob Dole, looking frail and in a wheelchair, was in the chamber to support the treaty.

    The treaty, already signed by 155 nations and ratified by 126 countries, including Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia, states that nations should strive to assure that the disabled enjoy the same rights and fundamental freedoms as their fellow citizens. Republicans objected to taking up a treaty during the lame-duck session of the Congress and warned that the treaty could pose a threat to US national sovereignty.

    In a statement after the vote, Kerry said it was "one of the saddest days I've seen in almost 28 years in the Senate and it needs to be a wake-up call about a broken institution that's letting down the American people".

  7. Please start calling your representatives. … By American LAW your silence gives them permission to continue this nightmare on children. Time to act folks. Don't forget the poor either. Thank you !

  8. So now Trump is a Nazi, Anti-Gay, Misogynist, incestuous, child enslaver. You know what?.. Either Trump is the worst human being that ever lived, or else mid-term elections are coming up and the infamous Democrat propaganda machine is revving back up again. If it's the latter, here's one you forgot, Democrats: Unnamed sources say that Trump's favorite past-time is strangling puppies while snorting cocaine off Russian prostitutes and having them give golden-showers. Wait! That first part is just too over the top. Even the Left isn't stupid enough to believe the President likes strangling puppies, and everyone already knows he doesn't do drugs or alcohol. Just stick to the last bit. Yeah… That's the ticket.

  9. One fact which US activists and citizens always omit is that what is happening in US is not only about democracy, distribution of goods toward super rich, some "natural balance" between rich and poor, about human rights. Democracy does not exist for decades, maybe hundred years.

    US economy is about to collapse. That collapse can't be avoided, none harder exploitation of other countries, none "rise of american economy", none free market economic sciences can't change anything. US economy is destroyed by greed of super rich, by myth of " free market" which only serve in extracting more and more profit from whole economy. None war can't change it. None war defeat and robbing of Russia and China can't help either. Also war defeat of these countries is not possible anymore, booth are absolutely ready for it and they know that it would happen, so to win the wars is impossible. US spent to much, indebted impossibly, already played all trick cards to remain status quo as long as it is possible. Economy which is disastrously weakened stands on bubbles of financial speculation bubbles from stock markets. US haven't real value of production and value of possessions. US economy is based on stocks which are tens or hundred times overpriced of that overpriced production and real assets, and waiting for burst. US economy is based on overpriced value of petrodollar which is now 10 times overpriced or even more. When it would explode none knows, maybe in year or maximum two, maybe in weeks. It is stock gambling economy and all is about luck, gimmicks and bluffs.

    Super-rich know it and they are preparing, how to remain super-rich and super safe when all goes to hell, when 95% of americans become super-poor. They organize class wars, race wars, they organizing wars around globe to distract attention from what will come. They worsening global warming to make another chaos and disorganization. They forcing religious organizations on people to distract attention and focus them on infantile considerations and understanding. They inject tons of weapons among citizens to organize local wars. No they are not afraid of people with guns, people are enough disorganized and quarreled among themselves to use it against super-rich. Of course, super-rich are defending themselves by private armies which are better organized and prepared then regular army. They hoping about nuclear war, they will survive it, and most of people wouldn't which would make them safer. Also nuclear winter can help about global warming.

    Most americans are born and raised in dogma, we are best in the world, we are super-rich and super-strong, nothing happening through the world can't happen here. It wasn't truth then, isn't now. Burst will happen soon, but then wouldn't be possible to run out of situation how UK did it by World Wars, nor be possible to organize another New Deal, or bailout of 2008. It was possible before thirty years, now is too late.Things goes too far. Stories about democracy and human rights are not subject anymore, subject is surviving.

  10. UN High Commissioner Philip Alston details [ thanks to you embedded on my site] the ways US keeps our citizens desperately poor and powerless. Rep. Jodey Arrington's contribution to the 2018 farm billl reflects his contribution to America’s role as the country with the worst poverty in the developed world.

  11. I can eliminate poverty tomorrow …crime tomorrow…by asking and answering ONE QUESTION…..whats the educational level of most poor people…what percentage of people with doctrines and PhDs commit the vast amount of petty crimes….EXACTLY….its a quick fix but there is way more of a MONETARY benefit to not curing the sickness….there's no money in a cure……if you treat it for decades, centuries, or millennia….you make windfall profits and establish a subservient control over the masses.

  12. The monetization of Human Rights, soak the poor to keep them under control and feed their money always upward!

  13. The UN has a lot to learn about human rights!

  14. This is their plan. To just let the poor die off. That's their jobs plan. They're focused on ruling the world! The super rich consider themselves citizens of the world.

  15. even if you got rid of all the immigrants in America, there will still be millions of poor Americans. so immigration is a scapegoat design to keep the poor from blaming the american government and target the unsuspecting immigrants.

  16. Come let us chant on Babylon one more time 🦁. It's matter off time the US will be totally bankrupt… JAH bless you all…


  18. Maybot the Malevolent, here in the UK is in cahoots with Trump & his administration but the stupid R.Soles over here been so brainwashed against our one 'out', Jeremy Corbyn – they would rather die in exteme poverty under a heartless establishment than vote for the rights of society (Socialism), the dumb fucks! God help us all!

  19. What are we to do when the resources of the world don't go to the masses and you're not allowed to criticize the "capitalistic" system responsible for this widespread and untenable inequality?

  20. This when ignorant people elect a rich, racist, lying, stealing, child abuser, women abusing, Malignant Narcissist, Sociopathic, wife cheating, election loosing ASS for the highest office in the land. Charge, indict, convict, incarcerate, execute, incinerate than flush Trump.

  21. While Trump is a fumbling, bumbling President. You give him too much credit. Remember President Clinton in the 90's changed welfare as we know it. President Dubya Bush giving tax breaks during a time of War and President Obama making those Tax Breaks permanent. Bailing out Wall Street while Main Street lose their homes and President Obama had the chance to have a universal health care but chose a Republican Health care plan. So the demise of this Country was a group effort by both Parties.

  22. The GREAT news: Trump's economy is booming, ISIS is being crushed. The VA has been reformed. America is energy independent. We have deal with NOKO to DENUKE. Jobless claims are at 44 tr/low Unemployment is at a 20 yr low.
    Companies are moving back to America. Tax Cuts. Wages are growing. Black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows.
    Guess who wins the Nobel Peace Prize soon? Guess who gets re-elected in 2020? Now who is laughing?

  23. Why doesn't anyone talk about Trump's Mentor Roy Cohn why are we so surprised. Why is everyone ignoring this.

  24. Why are people even accepting his policies and presidency? The election was sabotaged by a foreign power and shouldn't be accepted as legitimate.

  25. Maybe our representatives would wake the fuck up after we kill a few of them. If not, kill a lot of them?

  26. Have they also looked at some of the reservations?? They are 3rd world right inside the US. I have friends there.

  27. trump says if he can live with spurs on his arms and leg and suffer from premature ejaculation ( 2 min) then the poor can tough it out on less than 10k per yr.

  28. I do not think they understand the number of actual human beings, that are poor in this nation. if they are pushed to drastic measures will be taken. they do not want the poor of every city spilling out & having to fight. Do they really want to start a social war a class war? because the odds are far against them. there are far more poor folks out there in the U.S. the population is growing daily. Look at the Women's marches, those were just the people that could travel that could take the day off. now, think, double to triple those crowds, Angry, hungry, scared, worn thin. The actions of this administration in the long term are going to ignite violence. None of this chaos makes any sense? Why? What is the Motivation to attack the American People? Who are these people working for, Because if it is not, the American people? If it is not the American Voters? Who is it? Who Are They Working For? Riddle me this, Batman?

  29. How come no one it talking about this? This is just what Trump and all the ritch want to stay ritch can't no one see this!!!!

  30. Americans are all Foxed up in the head. There is a coast to coast propaganda campaign to keep it that way and to make it more so. They are blinded by people who pretend to be patriotic and God fearing. These people deceive them into voting against their own interests. The emperor who has no clothes is actually the American voter. The American people are swindled.

  31. i have been presenting a few ideas to help fix that and more since 06 titled OPM-Our Planet Peace People Matter 1 alternative powered farming resources combo of solar wind and vertical farming tackle poverty water and energy in one 2 a non social pro network for public gov andbusiness that was taken turned into teaparty twitter crowdrise and much more we have seen since and 3 Public Options what right dubbed obamacare for the healthcare part but a bundle like net phone cable but house power car and nessesities for those who need the help get trumps and top5% to pay there fairshare instead of getting the tax breaks handouts subsidies then turn around and do 9/11 to crash of 08 for there own profit which trump stated was just good business?

  32. Why would trump care, he got his tax cuts for the rich. Anything more is just gravy. He's swimming in riches while more than 90% of America do not.

  33. They're depopulating us all with GMO'S food fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwave radiation .

  34. D E M O C R A T S died in 2016 why do people still mention them 'sell-out backstabbers the best the strongest brightest dems falking
    sold-out! their DEAD ! ! I would of nevverr imagine dems being more despicable than scum republicans so what name is worse than scum not fecal I know!… democrat⚰☠🕳💩🖕🏾😡

  35. How are 18.5 million Americans living in extreme poverty if the minimum wage is over 7 bucks and only ~3% (~10 million) are unemployed?

  36. Monk C from www.newworldpeacemovmemt.com The New Alternative (N W O)
    It’s going to take Trump two terms in office to sort out all the mess and stupidity of the democrats and all the failings of the last President. And as regards the U N they should put their own house in order before they criticise anyone on human rights.

  37. I'm doing great! I have food and a nice apartment and a good job and a dog and love in my life.

  38. Be Thankful and stop being a Materialistic Slave. We Americans think we have to have everything we see being advertised.
    Our income is to low to buy all this crap they are selling us; and getting Credit Cards is a Debt Trap.
    Peace Love and Understanding.

  39. The failure of the mainstream media in the US, this report will not be presented to the general public.

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