100 thoughts on “BEWARE! HER WAILS BRING DEATH – Irish Banshee Urban Legend Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled


  2. my friend: omg this is so scary
    video: little b* you think your to good
    Me: XDDDDDD LMAOOOO the banshee is a savage gangter
    Me: im so proud of mt culter (im irish)

  3. When she started screaming I was almost about to freaking I was so happy that I dont live in Scotland or Ireland that women was terrifying

  4. I am concerned that my house is haunted cause when you said something like” the water in the bathroom would turn itself on” and “music box would play when no one is around it” and about the water turning itself on has happened so many times,maybe like once a day and my family says it is just one of us but I am slightly confused about it cause often it happens when no one is home or not near. And with the music box has happened twice around 11 pm and more other things. Just me and my brother are considered the house is haunted but others don’t believe me

  5. L I T T L E B I T CH

    W H A T T Y P E O F F U C K I N G W O M A N A R E Y O U

    God: You truly are the lowest scum in history.

  6. ..i was 5 when it was 1am. I’m now 18 but I remember it like it was yesterday, I was sleeping until banging awoke me. I started crying . My mom came in with my sister and she grabbed me and locked us in her room with my dad as the banshi was mocking us it knew we where home. It keept banging until morning. My great grandma had died a month later.

  7. Mom- ok guys I can’t by you anything today but we will tomorrow ok 👌🏼
    Kids- what kinda fucking women are you
    Mom- nope time to get a divorce you all are bitchs

  8. I


    I ttttt tttt

    T t to
    T. T to

    The vtttttttttt. To t t. I ttt5555555. T. Cc ttt. C v. Vic. Fc+. I just got to the point really rerl

  9. Idk if I have but a woman with the same look but wearing a white wedding dress came to my door and said plz let me in I ignored the same thing happend my dog died grandfather mom grandmother they died …. so I'dont think that was a face to face meet with banshe and other than that I can here giggling and my doll Anna has been creeping me out lately sooo idk if I have seen banshe or not since I live near the woods

  10. Man i hated when there's a jump scare. But what i hate the most is my stupid headphones being stuck to my ears as i try to yank them off while screaming at 3 O' clock in the morning….

  11. Me:*hears small scratch*
    Me:*looks and sees banchee*
    takes a BB gun
    points bb gun in the banchee

  12. It was a good story, but you did make one mistake. Banshee are in the hills and moutains of Ireland, not beside rivers. I'm Irish and my Irish family go back centuries.

  13. When I was in my teens in Dublin I use to listen FM104 a lot. Hundreds of people phoned up saying they could hear the keen of Banshee howling up the Dublin Mountains. Someone recorded the noise and the radio station played. It was a late night talk show so they talked about for most of that night on the station. I was about 16/17 at the time and use to listen to it going to bed before getting up for the next morning.

  14. if the banshee was there with me i woud get a pan and open the door and wack with the pan and say WHAT KIND OF FUCKING BICTH ARE YOU

  15. Damnit- I gotta move. *Y E S T E R D A Y*. there was a girl my age with purple dyed hair asking if I had any salt she could use for dinner. So I have her some. (I was home alone). THEN a old lady Was trying to give me mail

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