Ben Shapiro Steamrolls Social Justice

Ben Shapiro Steamrolls Social Justice

(off screen) hi! so you spoke a bit about the sort of on the boost and the negation of the SAT scores that blacks applicants may receive with comparison to Asian people or in comparison to whites (Shapiro) Yeah I spoke about this study correct (O-S) right and you also spoke about like how there is not an equality of outcome in this nation so with regard to this… (Shapiro) no there is inequality of outcome (Shapiro off screen) there’s no inequality of opportunity yes (off screen) in the sense there’s no government obstacles there are inequalities just to clarify before you finish the quote I promise i’ll let finish it when i say there’s no inequalities of opportunity i obviously don’t mean that we are all equally situated i will never be an NBA basketball player it’s never going to happen other than i could probably make the Lakers roster there that bad but… go ahead (student) given that you contend that there is an equality of opportunity in this nation do you think it is right for the government to pursue or like for federal cases to say that in some cases policies like affermative action targeting certain ethnic groups are correct and doing this, does it acknowledge white privilege? or do we just shoot them? just leave the sort of policies totally out? even though there is inequality of outcome? (Shapiro) no! my answer about affirmative action and government policies that are meant to rectify these inequalities of outcome no! I’m very much opposed to those if you have two people who are who have equal SAT scores and one of them happens to have had a bad childhood with obstacles to overcome and one happens to have grown up in a very rich household the that’s an actual factor that has to be taken into account but if somebody gets an SAT score that’s 200 points below somebody else and the only differentiating factor the only differentiating factor is their race that’s racism! I remember a few years back there’s a story in The Wall Street Journal about an Asian kid who got like a 1510 on his SATs and when he was out got 1600 he grew up extremely poor, single mother, rough neighborhoods, he had to study in his closet for fear of gunshots and all this stuff and he applied to Yale, didn’t get in. and he didn’t get in because he was asian he’d been black he would’ve gotten in I mean that sort of stuff is just racism pure and simple I don’t understand why a Cohen Powell’s kid is not worse off that asian kid was and we’re all differently situated so let’s look at each other as individuals there’s some black people who have it really bad in this country there are some people black people who have a really great in this country there’s a lot of white people who have it really bad in this country there are more white people on food stamps than black people by a large margin there are more white people are welfare than black people by a large margin which is not to suggest that black people are not on average poorer than white people because they are! but we’re going to be in a much better position to do justice when we stop focusing so much on the perversion that’s known as social justice social justice stands in direct contravention and opposition to justice justice is about… you take action, you get what you deserve social justice is about… you take action, and we may or may not give you what you deserve based on what we think your social group deserves and that’s evil! that really is! I mean the idea that we’re going to not judge the individual we’re instead going to judge what is most apropos for society based on the group to which you belong and in some cases to which we arbitrarily place you that’s actually that’s actually evil! the social justice is is another word for redistribution of outcome and unfairness justice is word that doesn’t need a modifier like the word good doesn’t need a modifier justice doesn’t need to modifier you add social to it your detracting from the original word

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. There IS inequality of opportunity in the government sphere. It's called Affirmative Action. He doesn't seem to make the connection even after speaking of them.

  2. "I could probably make the Lakers roster, they're that bad." xD hahaha that's why I watch this guy

  3. Affirmative action is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral on literally every level! Advantage to those with more melanin in their skin! literally, the antithesis of everything this country stands for.

  4. There are more white people than black people therefore there are more white people on food stamps.

  5. Yale is a social group advancing itself in society based on ghosts vs. merit. Lefty students are in many ways simple minded folk and easily out maneuvered in discussions due free thinking individuals.

  6. Wait…..all white folks aren't filthy rich? Living it up in their yachts and country clubs? And all black folks aren't dirt poor? Living in the ghetto and fighting for bread crumbs??

    Those crazy leftists lied to me!

  7. Im still amazed how many "educated" people believe white privilege is real. Its the most debunkable racist slogan today

  8. Social Justice is EVIL…YEAH BEN!!!! FN enough of these fascist people…30 years from now our children will read about these clowns and how America bounced back from their juvenile early millennials misplaced rage.

  9. the Indian guy speaks about "white privilege", as he goes to an Ivy League school, probably taking an Asian or white applicant.

  10. ben needs to say all this all over again in the family courts system. because its so lopsided, not because of stupid entitled women but because of the system thats profiting from the mess its making of it. not just the usa, any country that keeps the system lopsided can only be doing it out of greed, bigger budgets are easier to skim off the top of.

  11. People like Ben think the Government hurts the average person and does not help – that is the opposite of the truth. Unless you're very wealthy (top 1%) the Government does more good than bad. His lie should be attacked as much as possible! The Government does more good than bad all in all. EVEN some in the top 1% vote Democrat because they care about the best interests as America as a whole and not just about themselves!

  12. Affirmative action is sickening, especially in a public university. Private universities that don't receive public assistance monies can do as they wish, I believe. Sickening and unfair.

  13. It's funny how these people who come from another country, themselves being wealthy complain about whites having power in their own country

  14. Why are almost all the males who are considered SJWs or leftists turn out to be small framed, skinny, and have a paranoid insecure demeanor?

  15. I agree with Ben here but I think the problem is with definitions.

    I think that, in the example he gives about considering a rich kid and poor kid with the same grades, and implies that the poor kid deserves more credit because of his crappy background, then he is talking about a justice that you could describe as being related to social position, so you could call that "social justice".

    The example of the Asian kid who got 1510 his SATs under tough conditions. Again, comparing him to a rich kid with easy access to resources implies additional merit in the kid that got there against social headwinds. So you could say there is a "social" element to the justice of giving him a place at college ahead of someone who had it rich and easy.

    I think the unacceptable type of action that he is talking about would be better called "collective social justice". Just like "collective punishment" this terminology would make it stand out as unfair right off the bat. Then their could be a much more discrete debate about "collective social justice" in which I think moderates on both left and right would be happy to side with Ben as it is just so plainly an affront to justice on a personal level and a fair society in general.

    And by not making this distinction, the supporters of collective social justice get to implicitly and surreptitiously co-opt in examples of (personal) social justice (like the poor kid in the first example) into their argument when they have no place there. I.e. They try to blur the lines between one thing and the other. Having a hard defined and named distinction would prevent that.

  16. Wow..these fucking ivy league schools are nothing but social justice garbage heaps…rendering nothing but liberal loons onto the world…and to think we once considered them as institutions of "higher learning" 😐 smh

  17. Oh my goodness! The actual bulldog from the picture of William F. Buckley Jr. is sitting behind the kid asking the question

  18. The majority of white people are not rich. They are workers, elderly, students, nurses, construction workers, postal workers, Walmart workers, fast food workers. These white people are not rich. They work for a living as best as they can. Not saying blacks are not workers only addressing the question of rich white people.

  19. I'm white and it caused me to NOT get the job…so, this bullshit white privilege thing is just that. Bullshit. (Better yet, if I only had a vagina I'd be retiring from the place right now)

  20. Here's how you can differentiate the two equalities:
    There is a race with 8 contestants. They are all racing for a $1M prize. They all start at the same point (equality of opportunity).
    In capitalism, the fastest racer wins the race and receives the prize.
    In socialism, the referees takes the winning and equally distributes them across the contestants.

  21. It's not hard to see why the snowflakes try to block him from speaking. He totally destroys their quest for the leftist utopia.

  22. This "White Privilege", where can I pick up some???? I've been LILY WHITE my entire life, like buckets of sunscreen white… I still had to WORK to get good grades in school, still had to WORK (my ASS OFF) to get ahead in the job market, and when I joined the military to SERVE my country; best I can tell NO ONE bothered to inform our enemies not to shoot at my LILY WHITE ASS based on the color of my skin… and now that I'm a Disabled Combat Veteran WORKING once again, this time through a severe spinal injury to hopefully complete an Engineering Degree, NO ONE has said "Good Job White Guy, let me do that FOR YOU!".

    Perhaps, it's up to ALL OF US, to WORK towards the goals, dreams, and end of life grave state we DESERVE, based SOLELY on the fact WE EARNED IT? I see far too many people willing only to play the fucking VICTIM CARD in whatever variant (Race Card, Economic Status Card, Lactose Intolerant Card, etc…) they think will get them that "Privilege" they feel soooooooo cheated out of, rather than get off that LAZY ASS and actually WORK FOR IT, which by the way is the ONLY tried, tested and TRUE way to get there.

    Mike Drop.

  23. You have rookies, intermediates, champion, ultimate, mega level

    Pretty sure Shapiro fits the mega level only

  24. You moron. When black people were shoved into ghettos with astoundingly low property value during segregation and the taxes from the same property were used to pay for their education, they would not be better off than white people by any means. Just because we illegalized segregation doesn't mean that it still doesn't exist. The cycle has continued and that's the reason why there is an inequality of opportunity directly correlated with race. Just think for yourselves a little bit before you listen to this scummy conservative propoganda. Stop hailing this fool as your master. Actually FUCKING THINK

  25. Is all I have to say about this stupid argument. I went to a university in a bigger city and the kids from the inner city are not even close to prepared to go to school and compete with me with my rich, suburban education or any of the rich, smart foreign kids who paid a fortune to go there.

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