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(upbeat music) – [Zander] Astrology is having a moment. Memes abound, Instagram let’s
you pick a zodiac filter, and dating apps like Bumble let you sort according to someone’s sign. Astrology is even starting to make its way into work culture. – [Interviewer] Do you
partake in Astrology? – Somewhat, yeah. – No. – I like learning about other signs and I know all the cut-offs. Like, if someone tells me their birthday I’m like, “Oh, so you’re a whatever.” – No. – I follow it, to be honest. I mean, a lot of the ancient civilizations used to look at the stars for answers. So, there’s some truth to that. – It’s more of like an
entertainment thing. Occasionally, it is eerily accurate. – Usually, I’ll read them on days when I feel like I need advice. – [Interviewer] So, you’re an astrologer or how would you? – I am an astrologer. – [Interviewer] Seems as though astrology is kind of being embraced, you can say, by the millennial generation. – I do speak to young
people, and I see that there’s a great interest in it, but, at the same time,
it’s kinda superficial. For instance, like, people come up to me and they say, “Why do
I need an astrologer? “Because I can just go on the internet and look up where my
signs are and everything.” Not realizing that it’s a much deeper study involving planetary cycles and psychology and myth and history. – [Interviewer] The
interesting thing is astrology is creeping into people’s
work channels on Slack. There’s the start-up Girlboss, which is the LinkedIn for millennials and they include your
zodiac sign in your profile. – [Interviewer] How would you feel if someone asked you what your
sign was in a job interview? – I think I would think it was a joke. – I wouldn’t necessarily be mad about it, because it’s something
I like talking about. – I wouldn’t think anything
about it, to be honest. – I’ve been in a
professional meeting before and I was like, “Yeah, I’m a Leo.” And they were like, “Oh my
god, you’re such a Leo.” – [Interviewer] How
did that make you feel? – I don’t know if being a Leo is a positive or negative thing. I’m just gonna take it as a positive. – I just went to a
conference of astrologers, but there were a few people who practice financial astrology and they
use that in the business world. It’s not so well-known,
but you can imagine that the people who do use it, don’t want it to be so well known. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever had your sign come up in a romantic or dating scenario? – Yes, actually, I did once. I can’t remember what her sign was. She’s like this is a bad
idea, it’s not gonna work. But, then we dated anyway and then it didn’t work, so she was right. – [Interviewer] You think it’s strange that Bumble lets you sort
people according to sign? – I don’t necessarily think it’s strange, but I personally wouldn’t. (laughing loudly) – I don’t pay attention to it at all, cause I have no idea what the traits are. – [Interviewer] So you
have no idea what it means? Yeah. I know people hate Pisces,
but I don’t know why. – [Interviewer] I’m a Pisces. – Why, what’s wrong with you?

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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