Asteroid Wiped Out ‘Highly Advanced’ Civilization 13,000 Years Ago, Will Happen Again

Asteroid Wiped Out ‘Highly Advanced’ Civilization 13,000 Years Ago, Will Happen Again

Hi it’s Mike Chen! You guys know I know talking about prehistoric civilizations on this channel, And I do personally believe that very advanced societies have existed before. Of course, I’m not the only one. In 2015, A famous archaeologist and best-selling
author Graham Hancock published a book called Magicians of the Gods, in which he talked
about his belief that around 13,000 years ago, there was a previous human civilization
that was tragically wiped out by a comet, leaving only a small amount of people behind
to carry on the knowledge and traditions of the destroyed civilization. His book, in this day and age, was met with a ton of criticism People called him a fantasist and an amateur,
and it didn’t help that he promoted hallucinogenic drugs as “intellectual stimulants” either. Although, like I mentioned before, his book was dismissed by many, One of the most convincing pieces of evidence
Hancock provided in his book was found at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, where he supposedly
found the “most ancient work of monumental architecture on earth”. It was a pillar known as th e vulture stone,
and what’s strange about that particular piece of architecture is that it was TWICE as old
as stonehenge and seemed to be much more complex There were strange astronomical as well as
animal carvings and inscriptions on it, which seemed to tell stories of past civilizations. What’s really interesting is that one of the carvings
looked like a comet that fell and wiped out everything on earth. There was even a pillar that showed a headless
man, symbolizing the mass killing of people by the comet thousands of years ago. But since there was no proof, that piece of
architecture was pretty weak evidence for a past human civilizatio n. For 20 years, people refused to acknowledge
Hancock’s beliefs and findings until recently. Earlier this month, researchers and experts at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering confirmed that the carvings
at Gobekli Tepe were indeed of a comet strike in around 10,950 BC. But how were researchers able to find out
the exact date? Well, the stars inscripted on the pillar in
Gobekli were actually represented as they were in 10,950 BC, which means that whoever
created the pillars somehow knew how to backdate constellations. That shows extreme sophistication, which isn’t
something that humans, who were thought to be hunter-gatherers not much better than cavemen,
were capable of. And if they were just a bunch of people living in caves, running around scared of fire, how were they able to build Gobekli Tepe? Another curious thing is that experts have
long agreed that a huge event happened right after 11,000 BC that caused a huge change
in climate. This event resulted in a 1500 year long chill
called the Younger Dryas, where the world turned into a cold glacial place. Although there have been many explanations
as what caused the abrupt climate change during that period of time, Hancock believed that
there was only one explanation: The earth was hit by a huge comet. According to Hancock, there must be a reason
why myths and legends from all across the world have common stories about human civilizations
being destroyed by floods or other natural disasters. Not only that, there was also evidence around
the world such as huge boulders, platinum deposits and tiny diamonds found across north
america. All of these led him to believe that they
were the waste, or leftovers of a huge impact that hit earth. He believes that a huge asteroid hit earth
and wiped out animal species like the mammoth and sloth bear, and wiped out all except a
very small group of humans. He thinks that some of the people who survived
include the ancestor of the Ojibwa tribe of the Canadian grasslands, who still tell the story of a long-tailed heavenly climbing star that came from the sky and scorched
the earth. How were the primitive people of
the time able to use complex math and have such advanced architectural and stone-working
skills? Hancock thinks that all the knowledge already
existed. He thinks that there was a human civilization
that existed before the comet strike, and that civilization was much, much more advanced
than we are today. That is the only reason why such complex structures
originate from thousands of years ago even though the cavemen-like people at the time
were definitely incapable of building such things. Finally, Hancock goes on to state that not
only did a comet hit some 11,000 years ago, there will also be another comet that will
hit earth very soon. He says that the gobekli stones weren’t
just describing something that happened in history; they were also describing an event
of the future. He thinks the comet that hit the earth
in 10,950 BC was a piece of debris from the Taurid meteor stream, a belt that holds millions
upon millions of space rocks. Inside that belt, according to astrophysicists,
lies a superheated rock, and inside that rock is boiling tar that is slowly building up
pressure until it explodes. One it explodes, the impact will be big enough
to destroy every living thing on earth. Since we are due to cross the Taurid stream
in 13 years, Hancock believes that earth will only survive until then before it gets destroyed. Was there really a smarter, more advanced
civilization before us that left all of these complex architectural works behind? Is a tar-filled, superheat ed rock going to
explode on us in 13 years?

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Asteroid Wiped Out ‘Highly Advanced’ Civilization 13,000 Years Ago, Will Happen Again

  1. @beyindscience

    I think 13000 years might be a bit short. 25-50000 years maybe.

    Interesting thought bubble. Goto your favourite global flood simulator and bring in the tide around 1km

    Resulting land mass looks alot like Herodotus map.

    Just saying

  2. Why have I been seeing more rockets in the sky lately? Or some thing that leaves trails of smoke in the sky lately, but moving objects.

  3. I am going to construct an underground survival bunker and take refuge when news of large asteroids approaches Earth.

  4. You would think super advanced civs would do more to record about themselves and their knowledge than carving some silly animals on pillars.

  5. The evidence of Antarctica of the surviving peri res map is a 1700s composite made from maps in ancient times before ice ingulfed Antarctica !
    Who could make a whole continent size map back then ,accurately done we find using sonar and seismic sounding thru the ice it was spot on !

    You would need a high flying aircraft for that !
    Virmana craft were written about in India !
    Flying cities that were imitated by the designs of India Temples are telling us the past technology was kept to who ever had it and not widely shared at all but isolated like Atlantis !
    However the idea of pyramids are all over the world , Easter Islands ect:

  6. Graham Hancock is not an archaeologist he is an author. I do believe something cataclysmic will happen in the near future. We aren't meant to be living like working slaves anyway. I hope there will be a huge reset.

  7. How can any reasonable person with even the slightest hint of intellectual integrity ever give this utter garbage a second thought?

  8. I took a lot of Acid (Shrooms, Microdots etc….) from about 15-18yrs old and occasionally after that for maybe a year or two, and it actually does open up your mind a bit. It gets you looking at many different perspectives, especially if you're not normally open to objective thought the majority of the time….. At least that's how I look at it. I've always had an open mind, but the Acid definitely opened it up some more.

  9. I don't think that the civilizations were more advanced than today, but I do believe they were more advanced than those that came afterwards once we began to get back to understanding the world a bit more a few thousand years down the line…. I think what happened was a major set back and I believe that we would be about 2K years to possibly even 5K years ahead of where we are now if that comet had not struck. And I also think that the people of that time may have been smarter than us in terms of IQ, or at least those who were probably thought of as the thinkers, architects, and maybe engineers of the time…. Going through hard times and having to struggle helps a person grow smarter and helps evolution along, and in today's world most people especially in the West have much less to deal with in terms of engineering etc….

  10. Anyone watch “The 100”? Maybe that’s what happened… we became so advanced that we destroyed ourselves. I heard that if we started a nuclear war right now, the earth could explode several times. Maybe they made the mistake were close to making…?

  11. There were many that were destroyed.some of this knowledge is hidden.but exist.
    I think is in the basement of the vatican. Along with the arc of the covenant.the real one! The holey grail im thinkin to.

  12. I think it's obvious we're not the first. In fact, I thought that was common knowledge nowadays.

    Egypt, Peru, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia etc. All with the ancient megalithic structures. It's all there in plain site, and that's just what we can see.

    It may be high time we become reacquainted with the Ant people.

  13. i think they could have shot it down dnt you with all the lazer technology they had … dnt think they would let it get close .. they were more advanced than us

  14. Ice comet caused the fault lines called the fountains of the deep And the firmament came down as well, more like 6-7k, or less. Chek grand canyons surface elevation, rivers dnt flow uphill. clams ontop everest, more oil coal then poeple plants ect alive today could produce!!! Everything had to die at once and then be buried by mud ect. Flood like ecery major cultures legends. Kent hovind age of the earth will help if Truth you seek.

  15. Why did they build everything out of stone? If they were so advanced, why do we not find any steel, iron, concrete or anything else of that nature? I wonder about this a lot.

  16. My civilzation lived back then, but it was an error in time travel and they go stuck, and even with their tech they couldnt stop the comet, lack of technology available at that time. Just wait a few hundred more years and the truth will be seen………. (shhhh, dont hate on it)…… LOL

  17. I think that there is something to this, but the ancient civilization would be advanced "for it's time". There were the Dark Ages after the Roman empire fell, and it's quite likley that this type of thing could have happened many times throughout human history.

  18. I think it's very possible that this isn't our first Rodeo here on Earth… I do think an advanced civilization lived before ours and was wiped out… I also think that they were advanced enough to see it coming… We all are desendants of those who went through that and survived…

  19. I think your pretty cool!!! Seems like you like to think kinda off center fron the norm!!! However it's. Nice to know that there are those who do…..if you follow the "crumbs " the pic. Becomes alot more clear stepping back and looking with an open mind, so many have a theorie already and can't get past that until faced with a fact or logic tells them so…one could say that all things play out albeit in parallel realities like every choice plays out, so who's to say that everything you heard as a kid like vampires fairys all of it at one time wasn't real….maybe in a fight for dominance humans wiped all others out of existence?!?!? I can't say right but……

  20. If the asteroid did kill off “advanced civilizations”, then why didn’t they blow the asteroid before it hits Earth in the first place!?

  21. definately on to something… but, maybe the earth exploded from pressure

    "…and i saw a new heaven and a new earth… for the old heaven and the old earth had passed away… behold, all things have become new!"

  22. Besides considering known evidence to postulate a theory, we must make predictions of what we should find if the theory is credible. In the case of advanced ancient technology, we should ask what else should we find besides megaliths. We should find evidence of manufactured materials that can last several thousand years. Certainly, we should expect to see technology that utilized petroleum, like plastics and rubber. Today we have several materials that can actually last many thousands of years. Yet, we find absolutely no evidence of such coming from past civilizations. Until such evidence is found, it is difficult to believe more advanced civilications existed in the past.

  23. The wight man has a small history and mind!they've only been here for a small amount of time but have caused the most damage for profit

  24. I'm also a fan of Graham Hancock, but everyone should know that Graham is not an archeologist. He is a journalist

  25. Well it’s probably a subconscious development in my mind due to watching all of these type of YouTube vids, I have been having a general feeling that the earth is nearing something bad. I’m no doomsdayer either!

  26. Hallucinogenic drugs used properly can do amazing things but using micro doses with terminally ill patients to help them cope

  27. The general belief among mainstream evolutionary scientists is that there have been more than one episode of 99 percent of life having been wiped out in the earth's past. This isn't anything new. What is interesting is that atheists as well as religious scholars believe that there will be heavenly disasters, even JPL confirmed it's just a matter of time before a comet or asteroid hit. Astronomers are well aware of thousands of impact craters on earth, some of which are actually gigantic lakes now. As an amateur astronomer I understand that we will pass through the cosmic debris field in the future.

  28. Yeah the comet planet or ship, is coming back again, please get with our Savior Jesus Christ.Its coming because we are NOT listening to GOD, or his father in heaven, we are refusing to give our sins up,laughing at the Lord Jesus Christ,he will not allow us to be happy in our Wickedness.

  29. I believe that an astaroid did hit the Earth- we've found the crater impacts. I truly believe there was an advanced civilization here & maybe they went off planet. When the asteroid hit, most things were wiped out, much knowledge was lost. They would be taking all of their smartest people them to escape. I don't believe in the "tar filled rock" theory…lots of questions about what makes you think that? What kind of evidence points to that?

  30. I'm 49 years old I have been interested in these types of things since I was 13 call me a nerd I don't care I play sports have lots of friends dated you name it but I love history and I love science and I absolutely believe there have been many civilizations that were highly intelligent on this planet before hours today some even more intelligent sadly some have been wiped out by natural disasters others I firmly believe have died out because of a cycle the cycle is similar to the theory behind ice ages where comes and goes every so many thousands of years so what is going on is you have let's say a thousand years fan or five hundred years fan where humans or a fair portion of them become more intelligent then the rest start inventing things furthering along the civilization create a generally safe and functioning well-mannered Society however it gets to a point where the intelligent people either nearly stop or completely stop having children and the I'll politely say not as intelligent people have lots of children to the point where you eventually the civilization is mainly full of stupid people who lack common sense aren't freethinkers and start acting in a way and pushing for things that will destroy the civilization and proof of that is happening right now in America and all Western civilizations as the masses are voting for today's and I specify today's democratic political Representatives and their corruption, propaganda and complete lack of values-morals

  31. At 5:15 you say we are due to cross the taurid meteor stream in 13 years. This is incorrect as we pass through the debris stream every year.

  32. If the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx are not enough evidence of a much more intelligent race, I dont know what is. The people that did survive must have had low IQs, because what we are today is the evidence.

  33. I do think something is off and something big is going to happen i do feel the same my friend, and also believe that there is a intelligent civilization around somewhere

  34. I was hopping that you might have attended the Contact In The Desert conference the past weekend, May, 30 to June 3 2019 at Indian Wells California. This and other topics were covered at the conference.

  35. I think there have been smarter more advanced civilizations on this earth over and over for millions of years. We getting nearly wiped out and start all over again.

  36. I don't believe Graham Hankock is an archaeologist. He is a writer who came up with the phrase, "humans are a species with amnesia. " Apt concept for an ancient civilization for which we have lost knowledge. Which i believe to be a rehash of cyclical timeline (or if you prefer a confrmation). At any rate, there is a vast amount of time to be accounted for in the human timeline and some evidence for catastrophes in the human timeline which may have wiped out human endeavors. As far as high tech, there is very little to show anything more than the ability to work stone well and an advanced knowledge of astronomy / precession.

  37. I think a planetary reset is the best thing that can happen to us at this point. Humans are a cancer to this planet, and have done immeasurable damage.

  38. I strongly believe this. Those who rule and run the worl (media, politics, economy) know and hide the truth so that they can be able to rule the slaves(everyday people) world

  39. I think that people were around for at least 1billion years ago and there were many civilisations some may have been even more advanced than this current civilisation but cataclysmic events wiped out those civilisations and in between each civilisation people lived as hunters and gatherers some evidence are there but other evidence got destroyed.

  40. I think that people were around for at least 1billion years ago and there were many civilisations some may have been even more advanced than this current civilisation but cataclysmic events wiped out those civilisations and in between each civilisation people lived as hunters and gatherers some evidence are there but other evidence got destroyed.

  41. I think that people were around for at least 1billion years ago and there were many civilisations some may have been even more advanced than this current civilisation but cataclysmic events wiped out those civilisations and in between each civilisation people lived as hunters and gatherers some evidence are there but other evidence got destroyed.

  42. No, we are the lowes outgrowth of any so called civilization that walked the earth. We are a bunch of have-nots and dependent consumers, that's all. Ask anybody how a toilet-flushing or how a transistor-radio works, let alone how an ancient telephone functions, I mean a telephone from the twenties. I am happy to be wiped out. It is lovely. The planet will recover and after only 1 million years, the fauna with its rivers, lakes and seas will be pristine again. So… bring it on! I can't wait.

  43. Polygonal masonry across the earth is circumstantial evidence that there is much we don't know about the history of our planet …

  44. Some archeological sites suggest that there was a cilivization with huge astronomical knowledge 12000 years ago, but I don't think they were more advanced that we are. If they were we would found some advanced tools they used.

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